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  1. Maxwell

    Beta Changelogs

    and where nerf boros? hes retardly strong, also all heroes get forfify now, except casters, cuz haste and recover useless
  2. Maxwell

    Beta Changelogs

    Do something with darpa Q, cuz he can harass and win lane vs almost all except some heroes like null
  3. there no lag for me, get good pc. no counter play? LOL Now u made all mid-late game DPS(esp nova and darpa) and Casters(with insta dmg) dominate the game Its was good balance before changes, except boros and lz and cow and yig, but now its just bs
  4. Maxwell

    Salsa is a little too spicy for my stomach.

    +. Boros now retardly strong with his salsa, add internal cd like 4 sec on atom, just for proc passive not more than 2 times in his ult, but problem is - its will affect on other heroes
  5. Maxwell

    Changelog v1.262-1.263

    add delay on cow also then, cuz for now cow more retarded than it was. OR just bring back old SB, cuz its useless now vs insta dmg like cyprus cow dustin
  6. Maxwell

    AoS Tournament 1.0

    Sure, u dont need ask me. I cant stream today because we will play vs Mobile Sentry Ward Team
  7. Maxwell

    AoS Tournament 1.0

    http://www.twitch.tv/maxwellaos - DarKS vs HFP Darks - HFP - 1:2, finished
  8. Maxwell

    Changelog v1.259-1.261

    First godlike in more than four year career in aos! it should be celebrated as a second birthday!
  9. Maxwell

    AoS Tournament 1.0

    Nice, tournament will be without troll's and mood ruiners
  10. Maxwell

    Changelog v1.259-1.261

  11. Maxwell

    AoS Tournament 1.0

    Mannered. Spec maybe can ghosting/no?
  12. Maxwell

    AoS Tournament 1.0

    EPIC dodge, NEWB