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  1. Francuz


    Could you give me the build for that Gara? Thanks :) I would like to use it ;d Well gara can be countered, raynor can work on him pretty well in 1v1 mid lane.
  2. Francuz


    I don't know much about cyprus but I can agree on Seismin Wave range buff because 7,5 is only 0,5 more than raynor range and I belive this skill should be able to hit enemies without [almost] entering their aa range.
  3. What I mean is that I want all heroes to have impact in the game. Damage is important but it doesn't bring as much fun as instant vortex or stepping strikes. Yeah my fav hero shadow, the old shadow ^^ I don't know what is fun? Come on, who else went full tank shadow or 5 int composition xD I did block cain with scv's and he died to the tower, it was so funny. Where is this garamond 'that pushes the tower- no matter if you are there or not'. If the team feeds are your are not fat yourself I find it uterrly hard to come back whereas before it was possible. Not playing pubs as much so I might not know how it actually is right now.
  4. Francuz

    Darpa R buff

    Not so fast but rather closer to that speed. Indeed, along with e slowing he is not so bad allaround. His ulti [speed, utility] on the other hand is a different matter. I would like darpa to have insta attack but jump as it is now is my concern for now. That is a very good question. If Darpa would have jumps with savage speed his ulti would be more usefull during teamfights therfore better. Of course I belive some nerfing would be necessary in terms of perhaps mana, cd and even a little range and a little less speed than savage jump or a limit to up +2 charges only so that he could only get to the ranks behind but not escape. Two charges suicide wouldn't be suicide if the team would follow, therfore this supports the teamplay factor of AoS. How about adc with total spell immunity and debuff immunity, does that seem right to you? I belive having reduced damage while being in the air (you can't deal dmg while flying) works great for escaping & charging forward but is not overpowered. Edit{ Right, excuse me. Your comment about only improving jump is one if not the most spot on in this thread. Could you elaborate your point? } Well I think I can't stress how much attacking time and potential damage Darpa is losing while performing his jump. I do not belive usage of the ulti is recompensated well enough nor is it usefull enough as it stands now. Shorter flight time is needed. Much much more resistance during jump is needed if speed is not buffed. Both % resistance and gaining shields.
  5. Francuz

    Darpa R buff

    He doesn't have insta AA now? Oh well that reduces his strenght furthemore. Can you elaborate what darpa jump clumsiness and bulkyness is bringing to the table of AoS? I belive that boros can crush raynor (support) with atom smasher, woah, he will even slay you with his ulti after you tried to escape with warpshard. His silence is a pain, if darpa would get stun knife and taser any caster will struggle. His range combined with ulti is a problem. Considering 1v1 gihts before you used to be able to jump(by surprise) to your arch enemy - nova silence her and starts working on her then finish with q in a blink of an eye. Now any nova will hardly be surprised. I died from raynor aa while jumping away from him so I think that you can also be attacked when jumping forward and nova, or any other enmy carry, can start working on you even before you land. Correct me if I am wrong. I also agree that new viable strategies for him can be made. Well what I want is for Darpa jump to be viable and good ultimate. He is good in lane and still a good late game carry but he clearly lacks his ultimate during teamfights. Jump is way too slow, too easy to spot. Just look at let's say salsa-slash and then Darpa jump. Vagabond R is clearly underpowered. Dresden, thanks for your very valuable feedback.
  6. Francuz

    Darpa R buff

    The strong points of darpa are his: - Utility, mostly silence ulting drake and passive crippling slow so team can catch up along with q revealing the pesky cloaking zera. - Being ranged hero - Having a fast attack animation & quick rotation - Mobility on the map & battlefield However the mobility part was severy crippled some updates ago and I belive it is a bad step for darpa. His ultimate is bulky and slow, it won't surprize anyone if you jump two times to the enemy back to snipe support or raynor and of course it is not so small possibility of being tottaly destroyed during jump. R is not an immunity to me it is like the worst jump ever. Look penthos blink - instant (and it is not an ultimate), zeratul q instant. I belive darpa is an offensive hero and his ultimate best use at the moment is retreat and jump up/down cliffs but it should be very much viable to be used as offensive. Make two charges if it pleases you but make them strong and worth using. Incerase mana, incerase cd or make you take 50% of your weapon damage as true dmg each time you jump but please make them worth using. They should be warp shard speed or pretty damn close. You know why? Look at ladder reaper - he is fast agile and destructive and Darpa could be modeled after his swiftness. Along speed incerase there should be immunity - or damage reduction as high as frotify reduction during and 0,3 s after landing or perhaps shields equal to 2x hp lost for 3 (+ flight duratio) sec. I saw a guy playing darpa and with agi item that gives 20% speed if not attacked he could counter split push of the shadow. I want that mobility back. My point is that due to darpa quite short range he has to faceplant enemies and should be stronger in his mobility options. When I started playing after ladder the game made much sense to me and was very fun and easy to learn because some iconic heroes were modeled after starcraft 2 universe. Imagine playing ladder as terran with fast reapers and then switching to AoS and playing this bulky slow potato. That is not how you bring players what they already know - it's changing it completely. The strong point of AoS is that we can have heroes that resemble ladder units and people might be familiar with them so much and like them so that they enjoy ladder & AoS. Just my 2cents, Francuz
  7. Oh yes, it was pretty fun. I loved the times when you just used vergil R as a blink to escape xD Well it was even funnier to push top & bot lane at the same time with multiple ultralisk while standing in the pool as a queen xD
  8. Why not just make everything OP and then nothing will be op but everything will be strong & fun to play? When did we take the turn into nerfs instead of buffing other heroes so they can stand toe to toe?
  9. Francuz

    Random Heros

    Simply no because of the talents. This could possibly lead to dps having support talents or a tank having dps talents which is a setback.
  10. Francuz

    Support Heroes assists

    Well the logic behind me excluding passives is that they do not require action to be applied. Only the actions that can't be performed while being silenced should be altered in my opinion. On the other hand the idea of applying damage every 10 seconds by passive abilites is a good one.
  11. Francuz

    Random Heros

    Well I would call it a 'feature' if you get a banned hero :P
  12. Francuz

    Support Heroes assists

    Well towers doesn't seem to retarget to me when I laser someone as dustin so aggro doesn't respond to true dmg. On the other hand I am not sure if after hitting someone purely with my laser and then that person dieing to someone else gives me an assist. Something like that happened way way way back if I remember correctly, probably even SotiS times. Well I will list some abilities that are in the no DMG category but can result in bringing the enemy closer to his doom. Shadow vortex Unix slowing slime Garamond oil slick Flare if we would include flare we would also have to make wards do token damage and then they would be easiery to spot Silver soul active, well to be honest all item actives that can be cast on allies including eternal drive & kassia Impact dial both ally and enemy Rancor scan Raynor mark Zeratul planar in some rare cases enemy will die before zera can get a hit off even thought that he did the initation cow toilet cyprus Maar transport Null forcefields Geneva heal & Ulti Egon Q&W Queen Heal Yig transfusion Erekul Q&W Akasha W LZ shields Toshlings stun Cyprus pillars Null heroic Leo heroic it is not an ability Rory heroic
  13. Francuz

    Support Heroes assists

    Well to make the long story short. I was playing a pub as egon and drake who was under my healing killed someone. No assist for me, is this balanced?
  14. Francuz

    List of trash game mechanics

    I am curious since lb was basically used for two abilities. Rory molo and garamond lb e w e r q combo. LB was sometiems abused by boros to bola or drake to make a pluck. So I am curious as to why was it made more expensive to get? What's so op about lb that the price had to be almost doubled? I didn't see it being used often, actually it was barely used at all.
  15. Francuz

    Who is the best drake?

    I agree. I was playing one game with him and he said something like, watch me pluck that guy and then he proceeded to pluck 100% of the time. By seeing him pluck I learned how to pluck properly. Freakish start ulti then impact himself into enemy... it was hailarous.