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  1. Hello, how's it going...

    Hi guys :( you don't play anymore Jaysi? Shame... ;-( Do IH still occur as frequently as it used to? Looking to download SC2 again tomorrow~
  2. Hello, how's it going...

    What was your old IGN? I don't recognise 'Mother'
  3. So what's new guys? Been away give or take 3 years? Ahahahahah... Game still active as it was? Anyone I would recognise still play? Grunty yet to get a buff?
  4. As a self-proclaimed god at Nova 8 months ago, I approve of this guide.
  5. 'fficial faking bm

    Enough. Take a few days off. User was banned for this post.
  6. 3 word never-ending story revived

    New Mods Please
  7. What to watch after death note?

    He called all his devs a character(seven deadly sins) from FMA
  8. 'fficial faking bm

    Congratulations! and Welcome to the forums
  9. 3 word never-ending story revived

    Bowl of Cereal
  10. Hero Counters Game

    You can play Vergil and I will play Tass I will show you it doesn't work
  11. 3 word never-ending story revived

    of HYLY's love
  12. 3 word never-ending story revived

  13. Quidditch's Monthly Scavenger Hunt

    Can we request a different color name? I would like pink... We should complete some together next time
  14. 3 word never-ending story revived

    Like Moo's singing.
  15. Hero Counters Game

    Vergil does not counter Tass because you build tanks with burst int and Vergil gets one shot