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  1. Spaghett


    So what is the value of this replay????
  2. Spaghett

    Shadow.Geminus in Dota 2?

    Learn how to play viper. Rush mekanism then anghs (after bottle and pt) auto win.
  3. Nitrogen before gravity etd
  4. Spaghett

    Clan SLP looking for challengers

    David picks shadow backdoors all game
  5. Spaghett

    Shadow Changes Debate

    I see what you did there.
  6. Spaghett

    can't controll clones/spectres/etc.

  7. Spaghett

    OP, needs nerf

    You know phantom menace is a broken item qq...
  8. It gives you extra income on top of his easy farm, gives a lot bang for ths buck on heros who farm easily.
  9. Have you tried opening with lost treasure then an ihan?
  10. Spaghett

    Pub experience

    Carrying pubs is where the real challenge is at in this game.
  11. Spaghett

    Best Hero to learn with?

    Crowd control, refers to jakks e when he has grenades out.
  12. Spaghett

    Showcasing solidus supreme

    http://sc2share.com/BGD http://sc2share.com/BGE
  13. Spaghett

    under valued items etc...

    Lost treasure is an incredibly strong opening item like residente said, especially on a jungler (kitty grunty and ling really get a massive boost from it).
  14. Spaghett

    Beta Testing 8/19

    Dutch this can cannon can save, late game if you get hit by his q while has sheilds up its gg. Also, sashi #1 immortal NA
  15. Sooooooooooo the new items have been out for a while now, obviously some items are seen commonly (crits, shadowmourne is now pretty much a must have on any aa carry, foe is ok now, bhm, cerebro, etc...) but what do you guys like and feel is a good but not commonly used item? For example HoM, the unique can allow for effective counter pushing strategys and if purchased team wide its a game changer late game with the right team comp.