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  1. Skydie

    Beta Changelog!

    Should have been fixed as soon as it was noticed, game breaking.
  2. Skydie

    Draft mode coming ​Soon....

    Yeh. That approach is 'accidental' winnar.
  3. Skydie


    Brown card would be worse. Pretty sure anyone called Muhammad is going to be forced to go on a long term pilgrimage.
  4. What is the timer like for draft mode? I've been AFK in 95% of drafts I've played during the last 2 years; as have a lot of EU players.
  5. Skydie

    Dat Boros

    Ssh Bronzie. The only reason Nautilus works is because he is built tank/bruiser. The logic that Boros should 'pull' himself to enemies is dumb. Melee carries doing that in any decent ELO game would get decimated.
  6. Skydie

    AoS should be FIXED!

    Should consider becoming a mod.
  7. Skydie

    Changelog v1.319-1.330

    As I've said before, the balancers in this game suck. Instead of taking time to balance properly, heroes are repeatedly nerfed. Every. Single. Patch.
  8. Skydie

    AoS should be FIXED!

    Rip AoS, AoS is dead.
  9. Skydie

    Changelog v1.319-1.330

    Story of every AoS developer since 2012.
  10. Skydie

    Aeon of Storms In-house League 2016

    How can you tell which NA server you're connected to?
  11. Skydie

    Aeon of Storms In-house League 2016

    100 ping is bad. Not EU's fault we do not live in a backwards continent and consider it reasonable. FYI: 10-40 ping on LoL crew. 150 on AoS.
  12. This is a message from Allah; Iblis's work will not be tolerated in any aspect of the dunya. Just as AIDS was introduced to purge the sodomites among us, this Blizzard plague is a deterrent against mischief.
  13. Skydie

    New Rating System

    Who is this Shoopman? Man speaks the truth, nice profile pic.
  14. Skydie

    Lets talk about Phantom menace.

    You think they don't do that already? SLP have donated to Admins for ages in return for kick backs, such as favourable balance changes and inexplicable nerfs to EU favourites (such as Tass) and item changes. NA players historically had access to the beta prior to EU players and had a head-start learning the meta in return.