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  1. Matatron

    Going Back in time!!

    AOS was the best MOBO I have played
  2. Matatron

    Where is AoS?

    Honestly AOS was the best MOBA I have ever played. By a long shot. I wish it could be imported to a newer game
  3. Matatron

    Changelog v1.174 - v1.175

    A Tychus Or Drake Or Balrog Bumrushing You Aint Fun When You Literally Cant Even Damage Them
  4. Matatron

    Changelog v1.174 - v1.175

    I Have Mained Egon For The Majority Of The Last Year And Truly Think He Is Fine Right Now. He Was Always Able To Wreck Squishy Carries Which They Totally Deserve. Most Of Pubs Are Dominated By Teams Of Carries Anyways And They Have Gotten So Much Buffs From The New Items And Splitpush Meta. They Deserve To Be Taken Down A Notch And If Egon Helps So Be It. Against Good Teamcomp I.e. With Tanks Who Inititate And Soak He Really Cant Do Anything Since Top Tier Intel Items Were Nerfed By Putting Them All Into Just Grav Edge. My Phone Autocaps, Idk Why
  5. Matatron

    Changelog v1.172 - v1.173

    were hit boxes enlarged to fit new hero Sizes?
  6. Matatron

    Changelog v1.172 - v1.173

    could we get more info on exactly what changes were made to egon?
  7. Matatron

    ideas on rating system

    We should just show ranking on the lobby screen who cares if people quit before game starts bc of noobs. Also under ten game players should start at below bronze rank
  8. Matatron

    Changelog v1.168 - v1.171

    what were the old turrets?
  9. Matatron


    Wanna balance egon? Fix his bugged heal and open his targeting to all creeps wow done
  10. Matatron

    Egon spells

    Just fyi geneva can heal and shield lane supers but not egon ;)
  11. Matatron

    Egon spells

    ok sheep, im trying to say i think it is not right that he is one of the few characters that can't use any of his spells on the large lane creeps...
  12. Matatron

    Egon spells

    It has been said before but can we please make egon able to target super creeps and aeon with his spells. He already has terrible farm and basically has to use his spells constantly to jungle but not being able to cast on supers in lane really doesnt make sense when basically every other character can cast on them. For example why can Darpa dmg amplify and tracking spider them but not egon. Sure they are unique type so MK can't claim them but I really think egon has been overnerfed and the changes to the lane creeps really puts it over the top. Basically he gets stopped in his tracks when a super wave comes along.
  13. Matatron

    Changelog v1.157 - v1.167

    Ok so something with the UI definitely changed, attack move is all janky now and targeting spells on heros and creeps is somehow different. How are these changes not reflected in the patch notes... Overall the game feels a lot more "wobbly" now, like things dont feel as crisp. What the hell did you do. like i feel like pressing attack move then canceling it by targeting a hero with a spell somehow glitches or pauses now...
  14. Matatron

    Changelog v1.142 - 1.143

    still waiting on: 1. sunflare fix- plz set a max dmg 2. darpa random tower aggro fix 3. fix rancor's recloak speed which is now almost instant after reveal due to the gamespeed changes 4. fix brines ulti connect which is glitchy as hell from always being horrible to now even worse with gamespeed changes 5. fix drakes pull to connect like it used to and not be super glitchy / jack just pops right out of a pull etc. wtf
  15. Matatron

    Egon worthless in latest set of patches

    i played egon as my main till this recent patch totally put the nail in his coffin. unplayable now. the biggest hit was when they nerfed all spellcasters by removing multiple top tear caster items like being able to have gravity + argus down to just one item (not counting sunflare) while leaving dps and tanks with multiple top tier items. Thus dps is currently OP as well as new backdoor problems become big issues. all of this stems from repeat changes starting with the new items