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  1. NmExCrUiSeRz

    3 word never-ending story revived

    a hacked file
  2. NmExCrUiSeRz

    While this investigation takes place, remove guz's mod

    Sorry my friends. but it said suggestion. I will watch my tongue.
  3. User was warned for this post. Spam thread that accomplished nothing.
  4. NmExCrUiSeRz

    'fficial faking bm

    User has been Warned - Flame-io Hotman - Whale
  5. NmExCrUiSeRz

    NmExTaxHaven in 2010 replay

    www.aeonofstorms.com/Cruiserz.rip sorry folks, all I got left of them. RIP CRUISERZ 2007-2014 (Banned by <COOKIES>) This user has been banned for hurting personal feelings and abusive behaviour.
  6. NmExCrUiSeRz

    NmExTaxHaven in 2010 replay

    http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/564501/The-Bio-Lab--2--rar.html some beasts playing ladder. NmEx ftw well i got quite a few more of taxhaven when he was in clan NmEx if you want them jsut ask
  7. NmExCrUiSeRz

    NmExTaxHaven in 2010 replay

    actually may be later, but it is saved as 10th may 2010
  8. NmExCrUiSeRz

    NmExTaxHaven in 2010 replay

    http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/564500/Aeon-of-Storms--87--rar.html Yea all the way back in 2010, look at noob Tax haven try to be good a the game whilst Crazy good Cruiserz plays out of his mind!
  9. NmExCrUiSeRz


  10. NmExCrUiSeRz

    Post a picture of yourself thread

    Ah you guys are so cray, Unique, apparently we look a like. so i must say you look Proper peng.
  11. NmExCrUiSeRz

    Lockbox is underpowered now.

    Your ideas are worse then quid ditch. Seriously, like are you retarded. See you in three days. - martY User was banned for this post (Needlessly inflammatory, but mostly because you were acting like a child on your other account)
  12. NmExCrUiSeRz

    Lockbox is underpowered now.

    No shatap ples, micro is only reliable initiator, brine has speed and invis off ulti, Lz speed. Like all the other initiator has speeds. Jackson skill set is strong so can win or lose team fight if he just gets items. That means give him some farm in lane etc. Micro is t1 hero and don't need him to be a t4 pick because of a item. Warp shard is situational, the stats on it also allow it to be a late game choice for mobility and actually give something, taking away micro blink will destroy hero. No thanks.
  13. NmExCrUiSeRz

    Post a picture of yourself thread

    Duck all of you, cruiser is sexy as, you guys just got small <ducks>. No need to be mean to Turks because they are smelly greasy Middl easterners who are desperate. But cruises is a exception. He is one sexy motherflober. You all just mad cos bad. Especially you tax haven, you like <licking ice cream> errday, metaphorically of course as like that would be <gey> on taxes part, and not cruisers as he is the one getting sucked. That makes cruisers a lad if it was true and tax gey So yea flob you yaldo This user has been warned cuz of this post and he has been aware about to his bad behaviour, Please people stop derailing the topic and used as your personal trolling on, and I am slightly gay#. And now you're slightly banned! - martY edit
  14. NmExCrUiSeRz

    The Chzy Truth

    You called me a dick head after I called you moldy.
  15. NmExCrUiSeRz


    Your idea will run this business to the ground!