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  1. Legacy


    Sigh.. A lion copy? If you are going to make troll hero posts atleast make them properly.
  2. Legacy

    Pub experience

    Sir, I believe you quoted the wrong thing... As I was saying it doesn't work...
  3. Legacy

    Pub experience

    3. Realize he feeds on your teammates 4. Realize he has teammates 5. You lose game Story of most pubs, since people have 0 clue on what they are doing, they will have no idea on how to counter him, and since they have no clue, they will feed and you will still lose... You can try to counter one of their carries, but most of time, multiple people get fed.
  4. Legacy

    Pub experience

    The way to fix this problem which has been going on for ages is make a separate game for ih and pubs. Since there is no ranked, you cant balance around the ih dudes then have the game die because pubs are imbalanced. Just have a few people balance pub games or make ideas, and have community do ih. No tutorial doesn't help the game either. If it stays like this them me like others feel that AoS will die out... And the excuse "Join IH" doesn't work because they take forever to set up and some people don't have time.
  5. Legacy

    Improving Aeon of Storms

    Making the jungle harder to complete is an awesome idea. Most of the time, people just get lifesteal with any hero, and can take out the jungle fairly easy. If it is harder, then we get jungle specific heroes. And with more heroes, we get an overall better game. And who doesn't want a better game? Also, whoever suggested removing talents, its an awesome idea. Heroes are balanced in the early game about having specific limitations. And talents break those, since some heroes are strongly affected by specific talents. Overall, awesome ideas, would be great to see how they are implanted.
  6. Legacy

    sad state of AoS

    This problem can't really be fixed, because with any multiplayer game, there will always be douchebags, there will always be people who are terrible and there will always be fools, you just have to try to have fun and thats about it. Eventually you will find a fun person to play with, then add them, and possibly play a few games with them in the future. There is really no way to control these people because the lack of a ban system/ranking system has not been implemented into sc2 yet.
  7. Legacy


    Just putting this out there, if you check back on the forums, I was the first one to have an aa unix build :3
  8. Legacy

    TI 3: NaVi or Alliance?

    I'm not trying to hate on some of the teams, its just that their performances of late have been under-par to other teams. Which is why I believe they wouldn't win. But it doesn't matter, since nobody has gone into the future and seen ti3. So who knows. We can only hope for who wins, and see what happens.
  9. Legacy

    Banned heroes?

    Story of how everything happens here, to what I understand, and have been told...
  10. Legacy

    TI 3: NaVi or Alliance?

    There is a difference from who will win and who will lose. There is 1 winner and 16 losers (counting the wild card matchup). You can tell from the teams, which of them will be doing the worst, mainly because of recent play. That's why you can tell who probably wont. Does anybody think Fnatic, Liquid, Dignitas, and LGD.INT have any chance? They are the worst of the teams invited, and they have being doing terribly lately, compared to other teams. Keyword "If I had to bet", meaning that I didn't want to bet, but I thought I might as well. I only put them there was because of their china domination earlier this year.
  11. Legacy

    TI 3: NaVi or Alliance?

    It is literally impossible to figure out who will win the international. Its like going to the Olympics and saying "Japan will win x events." Its just a gamble. Who knows the performances of most of these teams, as most of them have been trolling lately in games for fun. Most of them are pure boot camping. You can say who will probably get knocked out, ie, Dignitas, LGD.INT, Liquid, and Fnatic.EU, but you don't know who will win. It will be interesting to see though. But, if I had to bet on it.... I would say Alliance or LGD.CN.
  12. Legacy

    [Hero] Wiliric.Time

    Better then my lore that's for sure! Anyways, cool hero, but the HP may need a starting buff. Say starting with 10% hp, then continueing? Because when you die, you will be dead when you respawn with 5% hp for sure.
  13. Legacy

    Core Gaming

    The problem with trying to introduce them, is that it isn't a free to play game, in the sense that you have to have bought starcraft 2 first. If there was someway to bypass this, it would highly benefit AoS. The other problem, is the lack of a ranking system in AoS, making it hard for people to find an even game in pubs. I wish you the best of luck though, and it shall be interesting to see how this plays out.
  14. Legacy

    Vergil.Noobazim UP

    Well, thing is, Vergil isn't supposed to be a massive end game god. He is a playmaker for his team, if he gets fed enough, then he can steamroll, and because of that, his team has space, gets items and farms, if they are competent. He isn't supposed to get the kills, even if he jumps in and the entire team loses 1/4 of their life or more, that's okay. Since 5 1/4 is 5/4 where as Vergil is just 4/4. Once he jumps in, sure he can try to stay alive, but he has already done his part in the fight mainly. He isn't Op, or UP, before he was slightly OP, but he is still quite viable. Just because you cant stomp late game, you must remember, this is a Team Game and we all play our part, and AoS isn't allowed to have hard carries, because apparently somebody who does amazing past the 50+ minute mark isn't allowed...
  15. Legacy

    Core Gaming

    If you want to expand to Dota 2, the JoinDota open is always a great place to start. Once you win people should see your potential, and you may be invited but for the other tournaments. I don't know much of LoL and Sc2, since I don't follow either of those gaming scenes.