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  1. peppers

    Changelog v1.259-1.261

    I think the changes for Immo is over the top he is borderline useless now, i can see some minor adjustment in either the way he cast or the damage but the current change is really bad. He needs a re-think either maintain the % mana use but up his damage to compensate, or adjust his walk speed etc. At the moment: - He hardly do any damage - Hard for him to escape, he has very low resistance, this coupled with the change in shield cooldown, means instant death when ganked by dps. - Creeping is also harder Overall as usual another fun hero trashed because people didn't know how to dodge his ulti. Now that people do know, he is further nerfed, this game is really going down the shapters, no new hero is fun because people just boii and complain about it. With the last change I found immo was nearly balanced, good support but cant push the game without DPS or tank in team. Now he is utterly useless cant even support properly anymore, cant farm easily, he falls behind immediately. I hope he gets updated again.
  2. peppers


    Keep up the good work guys. Just donated :-), had more fun with this map mod than Blizzards actual SC2 campaigns..