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  1. I don't know what makes you think I don't regularly play AoS already.
  2. Aellectris

    LOL ranked 5's

    Erm i think I can't play now. I might be diamond but I play like I'm silver elo when I'm on a team with whale.
  3. Aellectris

    Adding Emojis to Forum?

    That just sounds obnoxious imo.
  4. Aellectris


    That's kind of the point
  5. Aellectris

    LOL ranked 5's

  6. Aellectris

    Random Heros

    Here's my main issue with this. While you may have some valid points for why it could be a benefit to someone such as yourself, it would without a doubt have more of a negative impact to the community as a whole than it would a positive impact. There are a few reasons for this: 1. As addressed before: people leaving if they don't random a hero that they want. In addition, even if we have the capacity to create a blacklist, I'd rather not do so since it would cause even more harm to the game. Lastly, I think you vastly overstate the degree to which the community has changed. I guarantee it would still be a big problem. 2. I think that giving a reward for choosing a random hero is a bad mechanic in and of itself. It immediately imbalances the game from the moment someone chooses their hero, something that I would prefer not to do. 3. Honestly, if someone is unwilling to try playing a new hero without having an advantage going in, I think they're not likely to have been playing a game with such a high skill floor for very long in the first place. I also think it makes the game extremely imbalanced if one gets that boost on a hero that they're familiar with already. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I acknowledge that you've got some justification for requesting this feature, but while it may be the case that you yourself won't abuse it - can you truly say that you think it would be a net benefit to the community as a whole to implement a change like this? If so, why?
  7. Aellectris

    Support Heroes assists

    Atomik: Would that change cause towers and Neutral creeps to aggro on anyone who heals an ally?
  8. Aellectris

    Where is our Q and A forum?

    We call it aeonofstorms.invisionzone.com
  9. Aellectris

    Consistent Laggers

    I think I also recall it being against Blizzard's terms of use to blacklist people from the game.
  10. Aellectris

    Possible Adjustment to Kill Bounty???

    Honestly I think you are all overlooking a huge problem here. If you have such an advantage that you have all T1 and T2 towers before the enemy team, you have an absolutely MASSIVE advantage in both gold and map pressure. If you're unable to close out a game where you're that far ahead before the other team can end the game in one push, it's very clearly your fault and you deserve to lose that game. A lot of the time I see people just running around the map without any plan and not working together. When teams follow a shotcaller, (what Sphyx refers to as a general, and said that only Whale and I really act as) most games where we get a decent lead early on snowball out of control pretty fast and games where we're behind can be turned around via vision control, picks, and map transitions. Most people just don't do that. I think it's one thing to argue that it's impossible to do something like that in a given scenario, but from what I've seen (and I admit maybe there just aren't very high quality inhouses any more) people just don't play the game well anymore which it what I attribute that to.
  11. Aellectris

    AOS Individual Inhousing ELO-Rating System

    This is also something to keep in mind. Whale's changes a bit back to bounties can create bounties of 800 minerals for someone on a killstreak versus like 80 minerals on someone dying like crazy.
  12. Aellectris

    AOS Individual Inhousing ELO-Rating System

    That's a silly discussion. It took half a second to see that Tychus should have the most money by virtue of that absolutely massive cs lead.
  13. Aellectris

    An Item Database that actually has the items

    Give me a heads up before sharing those things. When you posted it anyone could still edit it. Has since been changed.
  14. Aellectris

    Beta Changelog!

    That said, we were talking about reducing the damage by quite a bit and giving Psionic more orbs to control so Psionic players would need to position them more effectively to maximize damage output.