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  1. Indo


    rip laeker my inferior fellow, ursist is going to stay alive in my heart 4ever well i did try to just play and went for maar only to notice that his skills got a complete remodeling and I'd need 3 games on him to get how they actually work machnic wise...
  2. Indo


    can someone patch me up regarding the major changes since 2013? I'd like to rejoin the inh scene once again but so many things changed since back then and i don't rly want to look into all the mechanics myself... :/
  3. Indo

    defensive tips

    Don't get lured out, freeze the lane close to your tower, block your waves if necessary if you don't want to spend money on wards. Depending on your hero harass your lane oponent to the point where he wouldn't move in to the gankfight
  4. Indo

    Stukov too strong

    @sourdiesel Sigh. Don't you get to the point that he might be op becaus he has the only viable dot becaus it scales with max hp lleaving egon out. Is there another hero that scales with %of maxhp on his attacks? Oh right kyhrak with 12sec duration? Stukov op but that is fine? Stukovs dots are strong at anytime but earlygame what is unusual for a caster and he can melt down tanks and people that see stacking hp and armor as tanky. However having a darpa mostly flobs him even with the changes on him or your dps with vibraniumshields
  5. Indo

    Stukov too strong

    How come there was the banhammer on him? Also whenever i had stukov on my team it won and stukov went like 25-6
  6. Indo

    Another QQ Thread (April)

    Still saying gara is op? Keh make him lurker like. You can still do very good with hm but any more nerfs aren't necessary becaus you can be good with any hero. Unix... I agree his infested are by far the hardest ones to kill besides mks ulti. 50% sr? Seriously? And that dmg is retrded while they can be placed from far away and barely need energy. Also the most spamable minions. (Gara turrets might be "tankier" but can't move at all and have a slower attack animation). Just becaus they ar slow shouldn't mean you should have to gtfo as soon as possible or loose 30-60% hp
  7. Indo

    Stukov too strong

    Stukov was op even before. But the problem isn't how his skills scale atm but that people don't even have a slight idea of how to counter it or didn't succed with their standart good for everypub build.
  8. Get it on raynor? Naaaahhh better 2-2-2 weapondmg+speed health armor and movespeed cdr. + pendant and you are fine. That was my standart build for him long ago and still proved worth doing when you want to hardcore dominate your lane
  9. Indo

    Stukov too strong

    "The mighty rancor-raynor lane"... Best ...thing ...ever! But nah I don't think that stukov+cain would win vs them. Mark stun silence and marauders slowzoning out them is one of the most nasty things ever
  10. Indo

    Burst Battle Royale: Chuck Vs Cyprus

    @ jessika yes cyprus needs to be in 5u radius for fulldmg, but he can also pick at the enemies from way farther while tbones w is what? 2u range? With cyprus you can annoy the enemie team before they can actually do something which cow can only do with his ulti Cows ulti should do less dmg, have a higher cd but still global aswell as a bigger radius and actually hit exactly the spot you point on, sothat it works better with echo matrix ( decrease dmg but increase range to k thx)
  11. Indo

    Stukov too strong

    He can win in any lane? No. Garamont can own him, raynor can own him jakk can own him ( depending on the item choice thou, pendant helps vs him) maar has an advantage due to the shields. If we don't talk about mid heroes like boros or balrog give an advantage over him, micro etc (egon in any situation lol, i think his aoe heal is 1% stronger then poison :3)
  12. Indo

    Burst Battle Royale: Chuck Vs Cyprus

    Well tbones q+w does more dmg then cyprus but cyprus doesn't need to be close, also did you consider cyprus passiv 20% cdr? Cyprus blink is only affected by silence while tbone is affected by any root or slow to. Cows toileet has a huge advantage vs tight sticking teams while cyprus has a advantage over 2-3 people outside a creepwave so much flaming... Calculating cyprus ulti twice? Becaus you can obviously use it twice during a teamfight while it does 20% more int dmg when you use it twice? Obviously better. Just becaus it rapes better against people that stick stupidlyclose to each other.
  13. Indo

    Death Spiral?

    Have any of you ever considered fury for an carry to counter casters? O_o
  14. No. I just try to wide the variability on most heroes for their item choices. Atm you can choose between khali and arcbound for nova. Timesplitter is a must. Pyre taken by most people. This all leaves you with 3 more spots for items on a dps hero ( shinobi foe, tanky stuff like galactic and leech) so there is not much of a choice to vary. For casters its even worse since you got the same build on most of them. You can't choose synergie, it is a must on some heroes while on others the item is totally uslss becaus it doesn't synergice thus the amount of items to pick from is even smaller
  15. What I mean is that boros passiv >critchance bonus( critdmg bonus) should be higher then khalis. Or poison higher then ancientrune ( which doesn't stack either becaus op imo) but things like toxis q or ulti are pretty nasty even without rune and heroes like jackson should have a better use for it.