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    Old Faces

    i like peas, my favorite can veg 🙂
  2. That is really good idea imo. Making topic about ih problems. But main thing is: Will it result in anything? Will it be done anything to make it happen? Towards fixing some problems making inhousing not being popular/attractive? Because most reasons are pretty simple and straightforward to say. And also not derail the topic further I agree.
  3. SayMyName

    The Future of Mobility in AoS

    In dota shrines are op cause they just op - mostly they are on highground and give too high regen to fight it off. Its almost like fighting base. I like the idea of being something unique. As for playing i didnt saw anybody on fl for years. Never see anybody online so i gaveup. Also i dont play that much anyway. I would need to basically stop dota for aos. I could for African or some old friends if they really wanted to. But i don't think its the case. Btw. did tournament already had place? who won? Im so clueless sorry for offtop
  4. SayMyName

    AoS 2017 Terrain Preview & Feedback Thread

    ok cool, thats nice
  5. SayMyName

    AoS 2017 Terrain Preview & Feedback Thread

    IS this a boss on a protoss side of a map? Or are there two same bosses on map on each side? (river)
  6. SayMyName

    The Future of Mobility in AoS

    I don't know who given me the right to make my opinions on forum? I don't know. Maybe because my mom born me and IT IS A FORUM? I made plenty of arguments. You on the other hand just bash me for no reason, basically saying "don't write here on this forum" which for me is a warning worthy and im surprised no mod even responded/act. Its just ridiciulous. Adding to the level of hyprocriticism in your sentence i would not even speak about. I read your post and understood what is wrote there. But it makes no sense whatssoever. Maybe you just didn't wrote it properly and described what you want to do and this can be a problem. Because you wrote you want to: a) increase map size to hinder mobility, increase ratting, less reactive measures b) increase mobility, introduce tps (you say options but it is the same, items- esp when said cheap cost effective, teleports whatever), not decrease amount of teamfights and not slow down the game (in another post). Your posts just deny each other. I explain. If it comes to movespeed items they either most of time are: a) good (overall item is good) and are a must or almost a must buy (esp on big map) b) weak (too low stats) almost never bought its very hard to balance it. If you increase map size and increase movespeed (taking aside tower spots, jungle camp spots etc etc just talking about this two aspects) you basically just make everything faster in terms of "feeling of gameplay" - reaction time, respond human time (which many people were against, not all , but lets say majority). Ecko did get rid of boots (i think it was good move) and removed teleports (several cons and pros, makes game diffrent by a huge margin) If you introduce teleports (and with strong towers) it becomes almost impossible to gank heroes near towers (if enemy team actually have proper team, awarness players). To offset that dota have increased cooldowns (better said teleport spawn) for every next tp near that building, so multiple heroes cant insta tp, react. There is huge correletion to distance, space between towers (allies towers, and ally vs enemy towers) to consider. Btw. shrines in dota are op. As it comes to increase ratting, not decrease teamfights i don't even know how to write it. Cause its super straight forward. its either more rattting or more teamfights. More teamfights = less ratting, more ratting = less teamfights. Thats how it works. There are obviously more stuff to talk about but i will just cut it. Try to make as short and simple as possible
  7. SayMyName

    AoS 2017 Terrain Preview & Feedback Thread

    QUESTION: If the map isnt symetrical and in addition there are boss heroes on map how do you intend to balance things out (protoss vs zerg)? I mean dota couldnt help and figure it out for like several years/patches? You have any solutions in mind?
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    Toxic Players

    I always wanted to be an evil tyrant :(
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    The Future of Mobility in AoS

    Movespeed items are not solution. Movespeed affects many diffrent aspects in the game, including in major : fighting, ganking, teamfights, overall speed of game and again in major farming speed. To accelerate farm you need a) higher dmg b) more aoe dmg c) higher mobility Increasing movespeed you increase jungling. I wont even talk about other aspects. For me it looks like you are trying to take care of stuff you dont understand by high degree. No offense. Obviously is good and proper you write your thoughts and ask for opinion. As i said before and wrote. Thing about aos is that there are low to non-existent proper polished tp mechanics Increasing speed by a little maybe not a bad thing. Its about balance. But too high speed makes game not enjoyable and frustrating.
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    IH now

    ? I dont see any people whenever i log in
  11. SayMyName

    IH now

    Ready for what?
  12. haha, very funny, really :/
  13. SayMyName

    Is it only me or lifesteal items for AA suck?

    Problems with high lifesteal is that it not only buffs physicall aa carry, but it just makes then snowball - after 1-2 kills in fight they just make monster or luda kills (if they have enough chase, because they are immortal by that point)
  14. I didnt read entire topic (only fast reading), but overall the debate is quite good and topic quite important, imo. There was/are (i dont know if there still are, but i quess yes) problems with splitpushing in the aos for quite large amount of time. This comes from mechanics (1st place, this includes map design) and engine of the game (which some could not think of, cause the reasons are more "blur and fuzzy") And from what i heard- with the future plans with increasing the map lenght, size will only increase the problem (If this happens there should be some more counter mechanics added- that is correct answer and most easy to fix the problem. Targeted directly and only to splitpush, not "also affecting something else" example: increasing tower strenght also increases difficulty of overall pushing - 5 man together with pushing highground, base which can result even in increased and more rewarding splitpushing - longer games-> more focus on lategame - easier to take undefended tower. So the solution is to increase difficulty of taking towers solo/solo undefended - which is one of main aspects of splitpush - aside from farming- increasing efficiency of farm in a team ) COUNTERING SPLITPUSH - POSSIBLE CHANGES IN GAME So to counter splitpush you can take direct (1) and indirect (2) approach (changes overall playstyle and game itself in way higher degree) 1a) decrease damage taken from lower number of enemy heroes around towers (this can affect only hero dmg to towers or hero and creeps dmg to towers, depends on the approach). Obviously 1 hero does less dmg then his entire team, but this is about further additional penalty depending on number of heroes. This suggestion was already made quite some time ago i remember, to give something like an aura around the heroes. 1b) decrease time to react to splitpush - better transportation in game to/through buildings, better teleports, possible teleport system from tower/building to tower/building, example tunnels mechanics 1c) increase time needed to achieve tower damage - increased resistance of creeps, time of creeps needed to be around enemy tower to be able to damage them- via natural timer example 15 seconds near tower to be able to take dmg from heroes or by glypth/fortification mechanics (dota solution)- this also includes area of how close creeps need to be near tower, no creeps near tower no dmg or very low damage. 1d) increase respawn times - (i remember in aos when i played respawn times were super short, which was one of main aspects that lead to so many problems like this, this should be always strictly correleted to map size in terms of balance), even in further approach, more harsh nerf to splitpush and emphasize in teamfight its possible to decrease respawn time of deaths near allies (teamfights- again emphasizes teamfights, punishes solo splitpushing solo farming- direct nerf to splitpush) 2a) decrease map size, jungle size, creeps gold income, increase jungle creeps strenght (watch out mk like heroes, balance needed to those kind of hereos at same time with changes like that), kills/assist gold income - less efficient/rewarding farming, increased focus on fighting 2b) map design (this is hard to explain and describe for me it would require longer post)- amount of paths (less paths weaker splitpush), amount of juke spots on map (this highly depends how they are made, but mostly more juke spots - stronger splitpush), amount of possible trap spots (how easy is to gank hero in certain crucial areas of map, that splitpushers walk the most. There can be even trap mechanics buildings added in certain map locations for defending team to activate once per set of timer) - but honestly i think it would be just too frustrating. 2c) amount of disables in game, catch in game (example via specific heroes) to escape possibility, survivability of some heroes- just how easy it is to gank (solo)/cordinate a gank (like with 2-3 heroes), strenght of defensive/get out of jail free card items 2d) game lenght - how much you need/how long you need to wait to push highground, take towers- longer game- more rewarding farming- better splitpushing, its correleted again to respawn times (after pickoffs/won teamfights) 2e) skillset of heroes (pushers mostly, anti-pushers). Have in mind that too strong anti-push controversially leads to not being able to push tower ever unless not defended tower - which leads to splitpush. REASONS OF STRONG SPLITPUSH IN AOS a) short respawn times b) big map size c) high game lenght d) high farming income, lot of jungle camps (also counts as map design) d) very short amount of disables in game e) high damage of solo heroes (again its the result - need because lack of stuns/disables- to be able to achieve kills in game) f) weak transportation system through map for defending team (in dota sudden tps of 5 like it was used to in sotis to a tower becoming an instant teamfight - resulting in complete negatation any splitpush is solved with increased tp time of following tping heroes) g) high amount of aoe and aoe spell dmg in game (strong clearing waves possiblities- easier,faster to push, harder to push against defended towers- again no stuns, high dmg needed, high scalling of every hero in game and spells) h) again high scalling of every hero in game - focuses on farming, getting advantage by gold- splitpushing I could find propably more, but its already complicated enough as for the ENGINE OF THE GAME LIMITS what i meant is that its more enjoyable and easier to play solo and splitpush not even by mentality aspects of some of the people and ego but simply because teamfights in aos are laggy and clusterfak as mentioned mulitple times. If teamfights were more clearer (both by timings, amount of effects and animations) SPLITPUSH YES OR NOT? Answer is yes, but to some degree. Its like everything with balancing it should be experimented, tweaked, working on values. Simply put by one of categorization of playstyles in moba you can describe it as: a) 5 man b) splitpush c) gank oriented where a>c>b>a and this is one of the basics what gives advantage (is solution) to what you and enemy have. Still strong 5 man should win over weak splitpush. (obviously most of time lineups are not one dimentional but a mix in some degrees of one and another) Problem is where for example SPLITPUSH > ALL no matter what and games becoming boring and one dimentional. From my experience the heavy splitpush oriented meta in mobas is boring or even hated the most not only by observators but also players. People like more gank oriented or teamfight oriented game to watch and play. Second worse is heavy deathball 5 man snowball win in 15 minutes you can do nothing about meta. If splitpush is non-existent, game becomes too much 5 man oriented.