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  1. axtrimaitex

    My Final Suggestion

    I'm waiting for other players to come and comment as well, since there is a lot more out there. To really know what the community thinks, not only 3 or 4 players.
  2. axtrimaitex

    My Final Suggestion

    Well, idk where the loading screen stuff came but, i think this is not the place to talk about it. But since you are talking about that i must defend myself: First, i commented to MOTHER that i had created a school for AOS(called back in time Master Challenge) and it could help a lot to the new players, and a lot of people know about this cos i used to invite player to join this school, old and new players. , this was the message(copy-paste) with no editing: "Hello, I have an idea. I would like to create a School of AOS(in the form of a StarCraft 2 group) for any player who wants to take the short way to learn this game. I can do it by myself, but I think it could be a great idea have the support of the AOS developers to give rewards to the player who are able to complete the school. This school could minimize the time to become a decent player and increase our community members. So my idea is create an official AOS school for any player, new or old, who wants to learn the basics concepts of this game and also give rewards to the player who complete the school. I already have the group created and I have been using it to recruitment of members for my clan. If you like the idea I can invite you to the group to let you see who the process works." After this, you offered to me to put the info about the School in the loading screen and you never did it. I don't care about that, i dont need to be there, i never asked for recognition of any type or asked to put my name in color with out a reason. And you never did what you said you would do, so. Even so, i never asked you why you didnt do it, cos i undestand that maybe you changed you mind. And Jeha is also witness of all this, since we were both commited to continue with this new school. But, as i said, im talking cos of the love i have for this game, but i think this subject is over. It's clear that you dont share my position and it's ok. And also im surprised the low number of replies, just like 3 people talking about this. This seems very weird to me, but it's ok, i give up on this. In the last instance maybe you should make a forum question to the community, to see what they really think about this and make a vote, to bring the old map back or keep this one.
  3. axtrimaitex

    My Final Suggestion

    Problems with the map: - Too big: Go from bottom to top is a imposible mission, the map is just way too big. - Early Farming: You cant jugle early game anymore cos the neutrals aret oo strong, also they sometimes they attack you even if you dont attack them. DPS heroes need a huge mineral income, and jungle is the safe place to get it. In the old map you could do this just geting Hunter Hatcher - Sould Engine and Machette and was like that for many years. Now is not longer an option. If you want to jungle you better get some big items to do it, other way you can not. This 2 problems are huge and change the game completely. I still don't think the old map was one of the AOS problems. That is why i keep asking why to make such a drastical desition to change it. But, whatever, you have the last word on this. But you should know that is not only me who thinks this way, there are other players who dosn't like the map but they wont tell his opinion here. Also im not trying to be rude with MOTHER or making negative comments, im speaking with honestly, i have tried the new map and i cant understand why the developers made the map change, i cant understand why, i just cant. Also, maybe now there are new players, but why the oldests ones are leaving then?. Maybe becose we all know that become a master with a categorie of heroes takes a lot of time, hours of practice and thinking, takes years to understand the game. And if you change the game we wont try to learn all over again, learn how to farm again, try to understand how avoid the backdoors with this huge map, change all the team strategies again. I dont know how the others old players feel about this, but im kind of hurt with all this changes. You are not considering all the hours it took me to create a lot of items combinations to all my heroes and the team strategies i had created, It took me months, you can ask Jeha, he knows about all this. Now i have to change it all, test all my heroes again?. I dont think so. If you, developers continue with this acttitude of making whatever you want, there is no one of us to who can make you change your mind, but i'm starting to see that you guys dont care about losing us as players. Even when i have supported this game this seems to dont matter to you guys and that is sad. But whatever, the people who thinks like me wont speak here like i'm doing it, they just will leave.
  4. axtrimaitex

    My Final Suggestion

    Hello guys, i posted a few months ago about the problems of the new map and i wasn't listened. I stoped playing this cos of the new map. Honestly i think the game is not longer good. I don't like to say the same thing twice since if someone don't wanna change his opinion there is no much to do about it, but in honor to the love i have for this game i will make my last suggestion to the actual developers. 1. I think my opinions should count in someway since im one of the oldest players right now, probably from the second generation of players(like 4 or 5 years playing). 2. Every body knows that i have suported this game, not only with feedback, but with videos, i have even helped new players with my clan. I actually created a system of challenges to help to decrease the time of learning for them. A lot of people was part of this system, even if most of them wasn't able to complete it, i think most of them got some good knowledge from it. With this in mind what im about to say is for the good of the game, to improve it. Now if the developers don't care about what i think it's ok, but i think most of the people who don't like the new map, they just will stop playing and they wont say a word in the forum. Aeon of Storms was a game so good that i preferred to play it before Dota 2, LOL and HOTS, even with the continues lags, rq, and other problems. Now, looking back, i can say that what made AOS a great game was the map and the fact that the result of the game doesn't depends only from what heroes you choose, but what items you buy. This could sound simple, but it's actually the big difference between AOS and other MOBA games. This is a Items MOBA oriented game. What minds that you can get a lot of different results using diferente items in different heroes. Now, i can understand why there are changes in the items and the heroes when they are too OP or too weak. I was getting a little mad about the developers making too radical changes in some heroes, because to the oldest players, who dedicated a lot of time to learn how to play properly some hero is no joke to see that same hero get completely changed. Well, that was something i could live with, but the new map was like.....why?. I said this in my last post, why change something that is working nicely?, something that has years of work on it. If you play HOTS you can learn that, IF YOU CHANGE THE MAP, YOU CHANGE THE GAME. Such a huge change has no justification. Even more, we all knew that AOS was in troubles even before the map was changed. The actual map has huge problems, i don't think i have to list them all, since they are too evident. I think you should think more about us guys, the community, the players, since at the end of the day this game is for us, for the players and in a certain way this game belong to us too. As my final argument, if you wanna create a new game, a game similar to dota 2 or LOL you can do it and launch it in the Arcade section, and see how the people respond, but why delete AOS and create a new game?. But im my opinion what we play today is no longer AOS.
  5. axtrimaitex

    Bigger terrain doesn't make sense

    I guess is a set of stuffs. The size mainly, but also the new structure of the map(new paths, new neutrals location, etc.), i think the map needs a lot of work to be enjoyable, maybe years of work, and i don't think we(as comunity) have years to spend trying to fix a map, in the meanwhile the players will stop playing the game and AOS could die. And i don't think i'm melodramatic, i just want to be clear about the risks you are taking with new map. I never post at least i have something real to say and i think i have some authority to say this becouse i have been playing this for years and i post this to improve the game, that my intention.
  6. axtrimaitex

    Bigger terrain doesn't make sense

    Also, we all know that our comunity is very small(around 500 players), and is geting smaller. And even though the idea of keep making change to improve the game is nice, sometimes just does not work. It's important to recognize when the changes does not work, and more important in this case because changing the map is just like change the game. In my opinion if this problem is not fixed, could mean the end of AOS. A lot of players just will stop playing. And as i posted, the map is just not fun anymore.
  7. axtrimaitex

    Bigger terrain doesn't make sense

    Uhm, i think that one of the nice things of AOS was the map. The new map is way too big, less funny to play and just does not feel right. I think you guys should focus on change the things that make AOS a Bad MOBA instead changing the map, that in my opinion was one of the fortitudes of this nice game. Maybe bring back the old map is a good idea. I think this is the feeling of a lot of the old players.
  8. axtrimaitex

    AoS 2017 Terrain Preview & Feedback Thread

    wo, this is looking great
  9. axtrimaitex

    Clan recruitment

    i am recruiting players to join my clan. We are teaching-oriented so you can join us if you are a new player. Just send me a private message if you want to join us.
  10. axtrimaitex

    Starting a Serie on YouTube: How to Play DPS

    ZERATUL, i think i remeber that game, i did it because sometimes can ba a good idea get Taser to stop heroes like Artanis or Penthos. But my basic items for dps are: Lethal(or Shinobi)-Smoldering-Khali-Cauterizer(or Sliptide)-Phantom
  11. axtrimaitex

    Starting a Serie on YouTube: How to Play DPS

    oh, uhm, Atomik, i did it because i wanted to take the jungle with General. If you are focused on jungle the early game and you get the stats first that make you very strong against creeps. This is very effective to jungle, but no so much to lane. Also we have to remember that this videos are for people who is starting to play, to teach them the basics stuffs of this game.
  12. axtrimaitex

    Starting a Serie on YouTube: How to Play DPS

  13. axtrimaitex

    Pokemon GO Series - Starting

    i'm starting a serie about Pokemon go. Here is the first episode. Hope you like it.
  14. axtrimaitex

    Starting a Serie on YouTube: How to Play DPS