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    How does armor penetration works?

    sorry for confusion, armour penetration doesn't lower the damage when you crit just fyi lifesteal works the same as crits however im used to the old true dmg mechanic on AA which did infact lower crit dmg im unsure if this is still true however for casters as argus crystal is true dmg

    How does armor penetration works?

    critical strikes are calculated after mitigation so; 100 damage at 30% armor pen. So 30% of 100 is 30. That 30 is applied directly to the enemy without mitigating damage due to armor. Then you have 70 damage left to apply to the armor. 70 multiplied by 30% from the armor is 21, the 21 is mitigated, so you then do 49 damage which happens to crit, crit dmg is dealt at 150?% of the 49 so =73.5 of the 70. In total doing 79(49+30) damage and leaving the opponent with 921 hp.

    Beta Changelogs

    Then you buy impact dial

    Future Development

    Thanks for all your input, even though some of us may have disagreed about the direction of the game it would still be unplayable if you werent here to fix the bugs :) and goodluck

    Beta Changelogs

    except you buy warpshard or if whale makes electric mantle stun again...


    Pyro roasts marshmallows for him and his nearest ally & giving them a burst of energy, they gain movement speed & HP regen for X seconds

    Beta Changelogs

    yes but will definitely miss the old leo why cant you just slap happy a new hero model in and put abilities on that instead.... or make leo like boros toolkit where you can choose

    Direction of AOS?

    but contam shard reduced someones armour after it was calculated; i.e. 20% + 20% + 20% = 48% resistance -20% = 28% resist yes its a retarted calculation & not mathematically correct but it worked on both high armour heroes & low armour and it had the added bonus of not being TRUE dmg which meant lifesteal & crits became more effective asuras lifesteal is bad, it should work something more along the lines of = dealing spell dmg heals you for X% of health over X seconds with an internal cooldown super hadron collider was ridiculously broken but it was probably the most fun item in the game (maybe it just needs a debuff) remember that next time when you tell someone they died because of bad positioning sight bonus should be on a utility / support item DST is not a replacement for electric mantle; DST reflects damage, not all heroes are tanks Electric mantle stuns, which provides a means of escape for casters etc shrink ray was upon AA only maybe it could be like a powerstrike unique so it has a cdr too or an active item i just miss it for my tass :( we used to have support items Both these items are still in the game.... yes but they are more expensive & dont give effects to lane partners until you upgrade them heaps this used to be a core support item remember when you used to get lightning rod on darpa? I would prefer if it wasn't so much a build path, but rather a "build whatever you need". I think its silly for a player to commit to a specific item build set at the start of the game. Good itemization should adapt freely to the current needs of the player. then why does every AA buy pyre? why arent there more options? like agility based things or timescale etc thats feasable i enjoy rushing BHM & shinobi on nova to 1 shot all the dps no pls no. the 5x lionbane bio builds are alrdy killing me. i dont mean all uniques, clearly there is an issue with so much STR with move speed & CDR stacking i dont find CDR stacking on int heroes is much of an issue as their dmg drops off there must be some kind of middle ground with str + cdr, maybe its just Bio Unique: upon spellcast hero gets 200% timescale for 1 second This is ridiculous and you know it. what, you said you was a Llama... ok yes it would need tweaking maybe .25secs is long enough, i intend it to be an item to make poking more exhilarating & spell cast times decreased especially when you cant move & cast at same time fluently with all things in AoS He can have his swap enemies mechanic back if it had some counterplay... But im pretty busy with otherstuff atm to further rework him Zera bubble? cmon it was fun and you know it, nvm the cry babies (or give it to a new hero)

    Direction of AOS?

    excuse the obnoxious copy pasting / messyness, i hope you can read it

    Direction of AOS?

    Edit: oops meant to quote whale hey whale as per first post you guys have done a great job & we all realise sc2 is dying, however; im pretty sure most people feel the game is dying because its not fun anymore in the last 2 years i have played this game basically every 2nd night & over that time more and more items and mechanics were removed from the game ive been playing LoL for about 3 months now even though it annoys the shap out of me at times it has finally surpassed the"fun" level of AoS due to lack of said mechanics / items yes the game used to be snowbally as flob & really imbalanced at times, but it was fun considering this do you still have access to previous versions of AOS? i would really like to see the patch just before the item overhaul were Masamune, Blue gene, Valors etc were all removed & have it re-uploaded as a playable map i believe at this point in time was when AoS took its biggest dive in a long time, so many new items broke the game and it needed alot of balancing and its in that period to now which has made the game alot less fun, it was still fairly well balanced before then so if you can for some of us dying fans please re-upload that version i would come back to play i wonder how many others would? but if not i guess you will only see me when nothing will satisfy my moba needs enough besides playing boros

    Zeal rework?

    considering it sits under defensive talents still makes it a very poor defensive mechanic no one is trying to defend with a chasing mechanic

    How long should draft picks be?

    ty for reposting my idea, it is good yes? glad you understand me today i was going to add to that that there needs to be a button for people on the hero select screen to change it from "Details" view to just a screen of hero icons 80% of people that inhouse / or have played for a while know every hero & don't need to read them, all you need is a popup name when you mouse over it this should increase selection productivity i agree that a 45 sec is a good time for picks and bans but it should be reduced if possible, see how it feels it can be adjusted, we dont need to piss everyone off if its too quick & adding more things like the above will only improve this

    How long should draft picks be?

    *claps* its about freakin time draft mode was implemented some concerns & ideas that i came up with a while ago though are; it needs to be dynamic & flexible, not everyone uses mumble or has a microphone or wants to sit around organising an In-House for ages. make it so this is normal: replace the starting screen with a simple vote option to make it a draft game or free pick, we have always wanted to encourage better game play and if you can make it an option to do it on a public game it makes it that much easier & teaches people the basics one feature i would like to see is an option for the 4 people sitting there who aren't the captain on each team to be able to highlight their preferred champions / hero's so its easy to visually see what heroes each player can play making the captains job much easier. instead of a wall of text from both teams filled with 80% useless information you have to trowel through to do 1 pick.....

    Old versions of AOS

    what part of bringing back old items / uniques onto new items & balancing them makes no sense? some examples with slight variations; masamune: +30 primary attribute gives 5% timescale for every basic attack up to 25% for 2 secs 100% timescale per spell cast for 0.5 sec 2 sec cdr (gives a good buff to casters or dps with without enhancing damage significantly & should allow for some creative play & poking) (or could separate it into 2 items and give some dmg / spell dmg & a minor debuff like it previously had) aggresors guise; cloak every 5th attack ( i would like to see these become more like team support based items for laning) blue gene; (Unique #1) + 2 stacks per kill or 1 stack per assist +2 int per stack up to 10 stacks maximum per 10 mins caps at 50 stacks (this way its not so snowbally) (Unique #2) spell damaging or debuffing an enemy hero grants +10 gold +10 mana +5 hp to you and half that amount of hp & mana to nearby team members 10 sec cdr valors manifest; (Unique #1) + 2 stacks per kill or 1 stack per assist +2 agi per stack up to 10 stacks maximum per 10 mins caps at 50 stacks (this way its not so snowbally) (Unique #2) damaging or debuffing an enemy hero grants +10% movement speed +5 mana +10 hp to you and half that amount of hp & mana to nearby team members 10 sec cdr olympic torch;