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  1. Changelog v 2.8-2.10

    no they started making a bunch of silly names for some of the older players. I thought it was cute. mother: When designing game mechanics, consider the experience on a whole, and why exactly you think the mechanic is valuable. In this case, the mechanic asks the player to avoid interacting with the enemy (as pots are really only useful in lane, where enemies are clustered together (minions are near players) and can easily threaten it), and the mechanic itself lacks intrigue (don't stand within auto-attack range). Thus the two results of this mechanic are: the player does something boring and simple. Are these the qualities you want? This is not to say the mechanic does not have a time and place, or cannot be improved upon. It works great in PvE, where enemies have long cooldowns and delayed attacks (monster hunter, dark souls) - but in AoS, where enemies often do not have these constraints (auto-attacks), you probably want to actually do any thinking at all about it before porting it over.
  2. Changelog v 2.8-2.10

    that has to be the worst designed thing i've ever seen on khyrak
  3. pretty sure scv is just a fucking idiot
  4. Scrubdrater checking in

    no mortgage for me yet. shits expensive in LA yo
  5. Scrubdrater checking in

    is this the old shitters club
  6. Death Penalty

    lol this is just embarassing... i'm sorry. edit: I'VE BEEN BAMBOOZLED
  7. Death Penalty

    LOL that's a hilarious effect. who decided to add that.
  8. Changelog v2.2-2.4

    Whale Breast (NEW; 75) [Consume] Instantly regenerate 150 Health and Energy. Limited to 1 per Item inventory slot. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Shouldn't it be "[Consume] Rage quit the game."
  9. you can join the TS community if you want, lots of ex AoS/Sotis players there playing other games (LoL) and reasonably active (some inhouses etc) nyx.teamspeak3.com password: zeus
  10. AoS 2017 Terrain Preview & Feedback Thread

    love misleading people!
  11. Side Shop Disscusion Thread

    we had to do a LOT of things for RoA's late game to ever actually happen since the map was so large. just be warned. We also didn't have a mid lane though.
  12. AoS 2017 Terrain Preview & Feedback Thread

    Some more notes: Since you didn't respond to this part - i wanted to place heavier emphasis that you should plot out common pathways between points of interest (ie: Jungle Camp A to Mid Lane T1). Often you will find multiple routes - do you actually want those routes competing with each other, and if so, which one should be more dangerous (usually a shorter route should be through the river instead of through your own jungle - but it should be more dangerous!) Can you simplify based on this though process - are there camps that aren't really serving any purpose anymore once you figure out the rough pathways and points of interest (ie: you can have camp A right next to camp B, or your can just have Camp C that is roughly equivalent in value but significantly lowers complexity and streamlines decision making because functionally there isn't a difference in decision making being asked between Camp A and B). The key value of the jungle is that it allows a player to deny enemy team vision of themselves, letting them make un-seen map movements without sacrificing all access to farm - and the jungle layout should be focused around this. If you're increasing map size (you are), think about the game pacing repercussions - how long does it take your average jungler to do a clear? Should they be happy with partial clears - or are you potentially encouraging extensive PvE gameplay by providing too many jungle resources to farm? How long does it take for a jungler to respond to lane pressure in mid lane if he is in Bot jungle? What about Top Lane? Does it take longer for him to take a safe path from lane to lane on one side of the map than the other? Finally, neutrals currently also serve a significant fall-back for weak players or weak laners - if random pub player A is getting stomped in lane and tower dove repeatedly, he can farm some easy camps in safe areas to at least get some income and xp stream - if sub-optimal. This is important for players to feel like they have an action they can take! Very few things can make a player quit faster than a game that holds them hostage and gives them no option towards victory. Game mechanics go a long way here, but a proper map design helps facilitate this as well.
  13. AoS 2017 Terrain Preview & Feedback Thread

    Couple of quick notes - don't have much time to really analyze in depth here: Ramps with Bushes on top are EXTREMELY dangerous to path up - careful where you place them! They are a really good way to make a spot very hard to take aggressive action Ramps up into lanes has a similar effect because not only do you ceed vision, enemy minions are frequently there to spot you out. I notice almost all of your jungle > lane interactions are jungling pathing up a ramp to a lane - this may make aggressive jungle action very difficult and invades exceedingly risky as you can get collapsed on without vision Think about which side jungle you want to be more dangerous to farm or more dangerous to invade - and how the lanes should interract with this! Creates really cool dynamics with the safe/long lane set up. If both sides are extremely risky, you may run into situations where entire categories of jungle champions are unviable due to the existance of heavy invaders Top Down lane matchups are very biased towards one side (your current mid lane) - its much easier to aim upwards than downwards due to the camera angle (you can see more since the camera displays a trapezoidal region due to slant) and screen UI (you can also see more since the UI bar covers the bottom - a non-threatening space if your on the bottom) - I would make mid lane line up diagonally or horizontally instead of vertically, unless you want one side to have significant advantage in mid Bosses on islands in the middle of river are more risky for both sides to attempt - if objectively more fair for both sides. Consider this in their tuning and assess how much action you want around them Would also like to see some thought put into where wards should be placed and where you imagine the heaviest player traffic will be (ie: what routes will be most commonly walked, and by who, and at what game time) Will try to offer more advice when I have more time, but am still at work. Looks exciting though.
  14. AOS DEAD?