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  1. Quistmann

    How does one find a game around here?

    I know the forums are mostly dead, but is the game dead too?
  2. Hi there, if there were an individual looking to play games of AoS, when and where would be the best place to look? Are there any organized games anymore or is everything just pubs now?
  3. Quistmann

    Alternate AoS Idealog

    So I was perusing the idea log, and I know that many of these things arent in the game but are just ideas but the following sounded a little ridicules if im reading it right. What this sounds like is 4 seconds of invincibility every 100 seconds. I dont play much anymore, but this just sounds plain broken. put this on any range aa carry and watch them kill the whole team whilst you stand there and watch. This may have already been talked about (didnt feel like reading through 12 pages), so if this is super old news just ignore this post :)
  4. Quistmann


    but do you eat your vegetables?
  5. Quistmann

    Talent Tree Rework

    Of course, or they could be slightly less specific and there could be 10-20 or so and each character could choose one between 2-3 of them. So they would match with a role or something. :)
  6. Quistmann

    Talent Tree Rework

    I havent played DotA, but HotS talent system (which is a little more deep becuase it replaces items) might be worth looking into. Not to totally copy them but to take a a little and add it to what we have. Maybe a choice between a couple hero specific talents for each hero that might slightly change how they are played. Example, Rancor either choosing to increased int damage on his snipe to turn him into more of a damage dealer, or choose increase stun duration to make him more support. Or talents to make some of the bruisers more of a tank or more damagy
  7. Quistmann

    What is your Internet speed?

    The Dl speed is supposed to be on par with the upload speed but my wife was interneting at the time and I had stuff running as well. Normally it sits closer to 80-90 up and down.
  8. Quistmann

    Forum Upkeep

    it might make people more inclined to get on to talk. I also have been using Discord recently for HotS and I like it.
  9. Quistmann

    What is your Internet speed?

    I can make all the burritos
  10. Quistmann

    Game Speed

    I really liked this. AoS has taken initiation and made it ez mode. Just wait for your puller to pull and kill they guy, no real initiation, may the best pull win. In lol or HotS this isnt a thing And I think it might be better. People as it is just dont really know how to initiate. Also because of this lack of knowing how to initiate without a pull poke heroes have all been nerfed to the ground (Dustin rockets, Kerri Ult just as two examples that I can come up with off the top of my head) because people didnt know how to deal with it. On Another note, if you were to decrease game speed something would have to be done about game duration which already can take over an hour. On a third note, after playing HotS There might be something to making the team-fights last a little longer (maybe not DotA level long but longer) so things dont happen so fast.
  11. Quistmann

    Gladiator here

    I havent played in over a year.
  12. Quistmann

    Changelog v1.352-1.355

    Tried and approve of the Rancor changes. also NA pubs are a joke. walked in after not playing for over a year and wrecked face.
  13. Quistmann

    Gladiator here

    yes people want to get hyly playing again and my name hasnt even been mentioned. I am hurt.
  14. Quistmann

    The flob is up with the mumble server capped at 15

    If you want to pay for it go ahead, but nobody uses it anymore so why pay for more.
  15. I need the version where rancors snipe did 150% bonus int scaling when cloaked :)