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  1. Greetings, With the Fall season coming to a close, and Aeon of Storms well on its way to its 10th anniversary next year. I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who keeps playing and supporting this great game. Juggling AoS and real life projects and responsibilities isn't easy, and it has begun to impact my time with you guys. The time I do have for AoS, I spend on working on the game rather than playing with you. Even though AoS is a labor of love to me, I will be taking a short break from development early next year to catch up on things. Before this hiatus however, I will make good on my promise to you and deliver the second, and final part of the Blue Gene "Perfect Mutations" project in January. Ensuring every hero has something new, different, and fun (also possibly ridiculously OP) in their bag of tricks. When development of AoS resumes again in Spring 2020, you can look forward to more content, new mechanics and definitely some intriguing, if not crazy new heroes to follow such as the chilling Cryo.Smith... ...Dakrun. the destroyer... ...And the great unclean one - Defiler.Thakras. Thanks again, and wishing you all a happy new year.

    The Promise of Spring...

    I am referring to in-game bans not here.

    Changelog v2.64-2.73

    v2.64-2.73 General Game - Addressed various bugs (2.65-2.73). Terrain - Added several minor cliffs in the jungles. Neutrals Soul Gem (Aeon) - Grants +15 Health Regeneration for its duration. Items Aegis Reflector - Intelligence reduced to 35 from 40. - Armor reduced to 20 from 22. (Rework!) - 'Reflect' active now reflects 80% of all Physical and Spell Damage back to its source as Spell Damage from 85% of only Spell Damage. - Reduced active duration to 4.5 seconds from 6. Blue Gene - Added a 'Perfect Mutation' Unique upgrade to the remaining heroes. Darksteel Titan - Parry 3 now procs on and reduces Physical Damage with Penetration from Enemy Heroes (Fix). Cauterizer - Trauma 2 now reduces target Weapon Damage and Armor by 8 and 6 respectively, but steals only half that amount for 4 seconds (from full amount). Electric Mantle (Rework!) - 'Electric Current' active now procs on any Single Target Physical and/or Spell Damage; stunning for 1.65s and dealing back 150 (+25% Triggering Damage Attempted) Spell Damage. Can only proc once per enemy hero per cast. Galactic Defender - Replaced 2x Sledgehammer components with 1 Hyperion Incinerator; Now grants 55 Weapon Damage from 50. - Price increased to 3900 from 3850. Isomorphic Pyre - Unique has no effect on Map Bosses. Nitrogen Retrofit (3000; NEW!) Components: Stabilizer, Storm Pauldrons +15 Strength +15 Agility +45 Intelligence [Active - Flash Freeze; 7.5u Range] Roots the target enemy unit for 2.5 seconds, and Disables most Mobility abilities. 60 second cooldown; Cost 75 Energy. (Note: The following 'Mobility' abilities are all disabled by Nitrogen Retrofit: Warp Shard Active, Vergil E/R, Darpa R, Avenger E, Dehaka Q, Penthos W, Fenix Q, Vorpal Q, Biotron W [before he burrows], Crackling Q, Viron W/R, Khyrak Q/R, Alarak Q/E, Cyprus E, Anthrax R, Boros R (Salsa), Leo V, Artanis Q, Vorazun Q, Zeratul Q, Shadow Q, Starscream E [before activation], Balrog Q, Turraneth E, Pyro E, Rob Q, Greelus V (Teleport), and Warfield E.) Parallax Generator - 'Endo Parallaxis' Unique cooldown reduced to 20 from 25. - 'Exo Parallaxis' Unique cooldown reduced to 40 from 50. Phantom Menace - 'Phantasm' Unique bonus damage reduced to 20% from 25%. Predator Tusk - Replaced Sledgehammer component with 1 Quantum Spade; Now grants 15 Weapon Damage from 25. - Price decreased to 1600 from 1750. Retribution's Edge - Parry 2 now procs on and reduces Physical Damage with Penetration from Enemy Heroes (Fix). Smoldering Incisor - Unique has no effect on Map Bosses. Space Gem - Cooldown reduced to 75 from 90. Symphonic Seed - 'Bloom' unique max stacks reduced to 4 from 5. - Energy regen per second increased to 3.5% Max Energy from 3%. Tenderizer - Replaced Sledgehammer component with 2x Quantum Spade. - Trauma 1 now reduces target Weapon Damage and Armor by 6 and 4 respectively, but steals only half that amount for 4 seconds (from full amount). - Max Stack count increased to 4 from 2. Tetragrammaton - Primary Attribute reduced to 50 from 60. - Weapon Damage reduced to 25 from 30. Heroes Akasha W (Blue Gene) - AoE increased to 3.5u radius from 3. Alarak R - Cooldown rescaled to 70/50/30 from 70. - Energy cost rescaled to 125/175/225 from 175/200/225. Axiom Q - Cooldown rescaled to 18/16/14/12 from 18/15/12/9. Brine HP/Q (Acid Spit) - Cooldown increased to 12 from 8. - Updated visuals. R - Using your Q and E abilities while burrowed will now temporarily reveal Brine to enemies. - Whenever Brine uses Acid Spit (Q) on a target enemy unit under the effect of Nether Assassin, he will automatically attack the target unit after. Greelus W - Now gains Shields and Energy equal to 75% of the Energy absorbed from 100%. Grunty Q - Energy cost increased to 45/50/55/65 from 25/35/45/55. R (Blue Gene) - Reduced Health Regeneration bonus to +20 from +30. - No longer grants +30% Physical Resistance. - Puddle duration reduced to 18s from 25s. Khyrak Q (Blue Gene) - Stun Duration increases to 2s, and deals +25% Bonus Damage if the enemy is bleeding. Nova E - Ability cooldown is now disabled while it is active. Queen Q (Blue Gene) - Despotic Banelings now deal an additional 15 (+2.5% INT) Spell Damage at all levels. Rancor R (Blue Gene) - Charge count increases to 6 from 5. Ravager Q/R/AA (Blue Gene) - Corrosion duration increases to 3s from 2. W - Cooldown rescaled to 29/26/23/20 from 20. Raynor V (Blue Gene) - Cast time reduced to 0.75s from 1s. Shadow HP - Shadow now also gains +10% Evasion during nighttime. R - Evasion rescaled to 30/40/50% from 40/50/60%. Summers V (Self-detonation) - Countdown reduced to 1.5s from 2.5s. - Summers gains +3 Movement Speed during the countdown. E (Proximity Mine; Blue Gene) - Increases base Spell Damage by 100 at all levels. R (Blue Gene) - Increases base Spell Damage by 125 at all levels. Stukov E - Armor reduced to 6/10/14/18 from 10/16/22/28. - Energy cost increased to 100 at all levels from 60/70/80/90. Tassadar W - No longer procs of any Mercenary Unique (Moebius Coil/Perpetual Engine/Bandit's Artifice) Terminus E - Can no longer target Massive Allied or Enemy Units. Vergil Q/R - Judgement Cuts can only damage visible enemies now. Yig (Rework!) HP - Q replenishes 10% Max Energy per hero. - W Replenishes 20% Max Energy from 25%. Q - Now costs 15% Current Health from 30/40/50/60 + (10% Max Energy) - No longer heals Yig. W - Now costs 20% Max Energy instead of 30% Current Health - Scaling Spell Damage changed to (+50% INT) (+15% Missing Health) from (+60% INT). - Heals you for half Spell Damage dealt to non-heroic targets, and 2x the amount for Enemy Heroes. E - Now provides target with 12/24/36/48 STR instead of 10/14/18/22 Armor and Spell Armor. - Buff duration increased to 10s from 6s. R - Now costs 30% Max Energy instead of 30% Current Health. Zeratul Q (Blue Gene) - Now applies 1 additional Unfolding Fate stack from +2 (Fix). W - Scaling True Damage per stack reduced to 3% Target Missing Health from 3.75%.


    Bile is not admin.

    The Promise of Spring...

    All previously banned accounts have been unbanned in 2020. (Ya'll behave now though)

    Changelog v2.58-2.63

    v2.58-2.63 General Game - Addressed various bugs (2.59-2.63). - Updated Aeon of Storms (EU). Items Blue Gene - Added a 'Perfect Mutation' Unique upgrade to the following heroes: Artanis, Alarak, Balrog, Crackling, Immortal, Geneva, Jackson, Maar, Turraneth, Kuradel, Tychus, Vorpal, Darpa, Egon, Terminus, Khyrak, Nemesis, Avenger, Null, Leo, Cain, Fenix, and Corona. Heroes Darpa W - Now consumes all Vendetta stacks on the target, dealing an additional (15/20/25/30% Weapon Damage) Physical Damage per stack consumed. - Base Bonus Physical Damage reduced to 50/75/100/125% from 50/100/150/200% Weapon Damage. Fenix Q - Physical Damage now also scales with +15% Current Shields R - Target Scaling Physical Damage reduced to +25% Current Shields from +50%. Overlord E - Movement Speed Slow reduced to 20% from 25%. - Energy cost rescaled to 50/80/110/130 from 50/70/90/110. R - Cast time can no longer be cancelled once it starts. V (Oversight; Blue Gene) - Cooldown increased to 60 seconds from 40. - Energy cost increased to 150 from 125. - Herald now requires 5 hits from 6 hits to kill. - Herald basic attack no longer scales with 25% Weapon Damage. - Now has a base mineral bounty of 72. - Timed Life reduced to 30s from 35s. - Only one Herald at a time. Rancor R (Blue Gene) - Cast range bonus increased to 75% from 50% at all levels. Shadow R - Energy cost set to 200 at all levels from 150/175/200. Tassadar R (Blue Gene) - Cast time is now also improved to 0.25s from 0.75s. Terminus Q - Cooldown increased to 20 from 15. W - Now is disabled while active. R - Scaling energy cost increased to 2% Max Energy from 1.5%. Zyrkhan R (Blue Gene) - While active, allied units and structures gain +50 Health Regeneration per second.

    Changelog v2.52-2.57

    v2.52-2.57 General Game - Added Overlord.Azathoth - Added Neutral Sanctums (See below) - Fixed several missing visuals at the lowest graphics setting. - Bug fixes (v2.53-v2.57) Help (F12) - Updated. Miscellaneous - New Loading Screen. Terrain - Some lanes and most jungle areas of the map have been reworked. Talents Fortify - Damage Resistance now applies to all incoming damage types (Fix). Runes Hydranium Crystals - No longer grant any XP bonus to your team upon collecting them. Structures Neutral Sanctums (New!) - Added 2 capturable Neutral Sanctums to the map (adjacent to the side shops). The Northwest and Southeast Sanctums present a new bonus objective for your team after the 5 minute (game-time) mark. You can capture a neutral sanctum by left-clicking on the structure while your hero is nearby to start channeling. Neutral Sanctums can be recaptured from you by the enemy in the same way. Capturing a Sanctum will provide your team with vision of the immediate area as well the ability to teleport to them using Space Gems or the Transport talent. For every 5 minutes your team maintains its control over a Neutral Sanctum, your team will be a rewarded a bonus worth (6*Minutes of Game time) XP. If an enemy captures a Neutral Sanctum from you before this 5 minute interval, the countdown is reset for your team. Towers - All lane towers no longer have flying vision (i.e. cannot see elevated terrain or through bushes). Buffers - Protoss' Prime Pylons and Zerg' Hivemind Eggs health increased to 5000 from 4000 each. Items General - Most items with active abilities now have an energy cost associated with their active (25-150). Aegis Reflector - Cooldown increased to 50 from 40. Blue Gene (Rework!) - 'Natural Selection' Unique removed. - Price increased to 4100 from 3600. - Added second Stabilizer component. - Added 'Perfect Mutation' Unique; Upgrades one of your hero's abilities (For reference; see here). [Note: Your hero's Perfect Mutations are highlighted in the learn ability 'T' menu tooltips only.] Cerebro - Chain Lightning 2 Unique Spell Damage changed to 60 (+50% INT) from 50 (+75% INT). Controller - You can no longer teleport to Controllers. - Price reduced to 120 from 140. Everthirst - Unique now regenerates 4% Missing Energy on Basic Attack, and 6% Missing Health on Ability Use from 6% and 10% respectively. Flares - Price reduced to 120 from 140. Ghosting Garb - Spell Amp increased to 35% from 25%. - Fixed bug that removes the disarm on certain heroes (Jakk, Tosh) - Updated visuals. Hunter's Knife - You can now use the active 'Knife Toss' ability on Marine King's Bribed units and all Jakk's Wards and Mines. Ihan Crystal - Price reduced to 2750 from 2850. Lightning Rod - Chain Lightning 1 Unique Spell Damage changed to 30 (+25% INT) from 25 (+50% INT). Nightstalker - Unique INT scaling reduced to 35% from 50%. Onslaught Scimitar - Chain Lightning 3 Unique Base Spell Damage increased to 60 from 50. Schrodinger's Lockbox - Now removes tower aggro. - Cast range reduced to 4u from 4.5u. Sentry Ward - Price reduced to 70 from 80. - Removed from Side Shop. Shrink Ray - Movement Speed slow reduced to 50% from 70%. - Cooldown increased to 85 from 75. Heroes Avenger R - Cooldown increased to 120 from 70. Artanis Q - No longer passively grants 9/12/15/18% Spell Penetration. W - Damage resistance reduced to 15/30/45/60% from 50/60/70/80% - Cooldown rescaled to 26/23/20/17 from 26/24/22/20. E - While active, grants 6/9/12/15% Spell Penetration. - Cooldown rescaled to 15/11/7/3 from 10/8/6/4. - Energy cost rescaled to 30/50/70/90 from 40/50/60/70. Boros W - Energy cost increased by +2.5% Max Energy at all levels. - Scaling Spell Damage per second reduced to 25% INT from 50% INT. Brine W - Scaling Health Regeneration reduced to 50% STR from 100% STR. - Now gives 12/14/16/18% Cooldown Reduction instead of 10/12/14/16% Movement Speed. - Cooldown set to 26 from 30/28/26/24 E - Scaling Spell Damage decreased to 10% Max Health from 12.5%. R - Now grants +15% Movement Speed for its duration. Egon Q - Max Charges reduced from 2 to 0. - Cooldown rescaled to 11/9/7/5 from 9/8/7/6. R - Time Scale bonus at Level 1 and 2 now applies the correct amount as listed in the tooltip (Fix). Fenix W - Duration increased to 5 seconds from 4. - Whirlwind is now deactivated by Banishing effects (e.g. Lockbox active, Overlord W) Greelus E - Silencer Drones now deal 15/20/25/30 (+20% INT) Spell Damage per attack from 25. R - No longer applies a Damage amp debuff. - Cooldown rescaled to 110/90/70 from 140/120/100/. Grunty E - Swamp Trap now lasts 2 minutes from 6. Jakk V (Remote Detonation) - If Jakk is within the target area of this ability, he will now detonate himself (2.5 second countdown), dealing 50% Max Health True Damage to himself. Enemies are dealt current level Remote Mine (R) area Spell Damage. 30 second internal cooldown. (Note: Jakk can kill himself, but cannot deny enemies the kill credit.) W - Cooldown rescaled to 210/150/90/30 from 300/220/140/60. - Max number of Spyder Wards set at 3 (from no limit). Karax W/E - Energy cost rescaled to 60/80/100/120 from 80/100/120/140. R - Energy cost rescaled to 200/250/300 from 200/225/250. - No longer affects Map Bosses. Khyrak Base movement speed reduced to 2.75 from 2.85 HP - Movement Speed bonus reduced to 10% from 15%. King Q - Physical Damage Amp rescaled to 9/12/15/18% from 12/14/16/18%. E (Drug Frenzy) - Cooldown increased to 30 from 12. R - Damage bonus decreased to 50/75/100% from 50/100/150%. - Damage resistance bonus decreased to 20/35/50% from 30/45/60%. Maar W/E - Energy cost reduced to 30/40/50/60 + 2% Max Energy from 40/50/60/70 +3% Max Energy. - While invoked, each blue orb of Power of Creation now passively grants Maar 4 Health Regeneration, 5% Movement Speed, and 5% Damage Resistance. - While invoked, each red orb of Power of Destruction now passively grants Maar 6 (+3% Physical Damage) Attack Damage, 0.5 Attack Range, and 8% Attack Speed. Nemesis Q - No longer slows attack speed. R - Fixed bug that causes the main target to also receive the reflected damage. Queen - Attack range reduced to 5 from 5.5 W - Cast time increased to 0.75s from 0.5s. Shadow HP - Nighttime Movement Speed bonus reduced to 10% from 15%. Q - Energy cost rescaled to 40/80/120/160 from 50/80/110/140. - Damage bonus during Nighttime and The Shadow Walk (R) decreased to 20% from 30%. Vega - Updated '-Alt2' skin. HP - Now provides chosen ally with +6 Health Regen when their health drops below the threshold. - Threshold decreased to 70% from 66%. - Vega now gains +3 Energy Regen while cloaked and near her chosen ally. - Movement Speed Bonus reduced to 10% from 20%. - Ally Heal Bonus reduced to 20% from 40%. Q - Projectile speed increased slightly. - Now instantly kills non-massive creeps on hit. W - Duration rescaled to 3.5/4/4.5/5 from 4/4.75/5.5/6.25 - Cooldown increased to 32/30/28/26 from 30/28/26/24. R - Energy cost reduced to 40/60/80 (+2.5% Max Energy) from 50/75/100 (+5% Max Energy). - Base Physical Damage increased to 75/125/175 from 50/100/150. - Cooldown rescaled to 8/7/6 from 10/8/6. - 3x stack Bonus effect buff/debuff duration increased to 3s from 2s. - Cast time increased to 0.85 from 0.75. Viron R - Now removes tower aggro while reconstituting. Warfield R - Cast range reduced to 5.5 from 6. - Cooldown rescaled to 80/60/40 from 70/55/40. - Debuff duration reduced to 8 seconds from 12.

    Making Narud less clunky to play

    The new rangefinder on Q should still help in this case still.

    Making Narud less clunky to play

    It should go off now. Narud will move to get into range to cast it if it is outside his reach. I also added a rangefinder for when casting Q so you can quickly identify your limits. Pretty much. That's just the attack animation looking weird. All heroes experience it, but it's not as visible because their models actually have an attack animation. I've considered doing a slight remake of Narud, to make him feel less clunky and awkward, but what stops me is the same reason I haven't touched Lurker with his 5 actives. Players who are used to playing those heroes (mechanically speaking) may not like the simplification of his gameplay.
  10. Name: Overlord.Azathoth Type: - Caster / Carry   Starting Stats: Starting Health – 523 Movement Speed – 3.67 Attack Range – 6.5 Attack Speed – 1.85 Starting Damage – 58 Base Armor.Resist – 10.6% Base Spell Armor/Resist – 21.7% Strength – 26 + [4] Agility – 28 + [4] Intelligence – 36` + [7]*** __________________________________________________ [Heroic Passive] - [The Thing That Should Not Be] Overlord has unobstructed Flying Vision. __________________________________________________ [Q] - [Overkill] Toggle Overlord splits his basic attack, losing attack speed but damaging up to 4 enemies in a 3.5u-radius area, applying on hit effects, and stealing Intelligence from them if they are heroes. Stolen Intelligence stacks infinitely but does not refresh. Attack Speed Loss: 30% / 25% / 20% / 15% Intelligence Steal per Enemy Hero: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 Steal Duration: 60 seconds Energy Cost per Target: 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 (+2% Max Energy) __________________________________________________ [W] - [Brane Schism] Target Unit Banishes the target ally or enemy unit from the game for 4 seconds. While Banished, targets are invulnerable, untargetable, and uncommandable. Upon their return, deals Spell Damage in a 3.5u-radius area. If the target is an enemy hero, they are dealt the area damage and Intelligence is stolen from them for a duration. Stolen Intelligence stacks infinitely but does not refresh. Spell Damage: 100 / 160 / 220 / 280 (+50% INT) Intelligence Steal: 8 / 16 / 24 / 32 Steal Duration: 60 seconds Energy Cost: - 110 / 135 / 160 / 185 Cooldown: - 27 / 24 / 21 / 18 seconds Range: - 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6 __________________________________________________ [E] - [Malignant Cesspit] Target Point; 3.5u radius AoE Overlord spawns a hellish pit at a target location for a duration that Slows Enemy Movement Speed and Mutes their Item Abilities. Enemies under the effects of Malignant Cesspit take bonus True Damage from Overlord's abilities. Duration: 16 seconds Movement Speed Slow: 25% Ability Bonus True Damage: 6% / 10% 14% / 18% (Current Energy) Energy Cost: - 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 Cooldown: - 24 / 18 / 12 / 6 seconds Range: - 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 __________________________________________________ [R] - [Final Annihilation] Activate After a short cast time, Overlord deals Spell Damage to every Enemy Hero on the map and Reveals them for a duration. Enemy units currently banished by Brane Schism (W) take full damage. Cast Time: 3s / 2.25s / 1.5s Spell Damage: 200 / 325 / 450 (+50% INT) Reveal Duration: 8s Energy Cost: 200 / 350 / 500 Cooldown: 120 seconds Range: Global
  11. MOTHER

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    This thread is to keep track of all the changes that the AoS 7 Beta map is undergoing and give you everything you need to know. Please continue helping with the testing and submit your feedback/suggestions. You can find the beta map on NA and EU under the working title "Aeon of Storms 7 Beta". Everything in this changelog is not final and is subject to change. Items in red are works in progress and/or attempts to address them are currently underway ------------------------------------------------------------- AS LIVE!
  12. MOTHER

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    This Sunday IH first playtest!
  13. MOTHER

    It's time for Aeon's Fall...

    The final annihilation was merely delayed.... It could not be stopped...
  14. ...RELEASE SCHEDULE! First of all, I'd like to wish everyone in the community a Happy 9th anniversary for Aeon of Storms (NINE!?). Thank you everyone who played and everyone who still plays for keeping this great game going for so long. To celebrate this happening, I'd like to share with you plans for Aeon's Fall... September - We kick off with the release of one of the biggest patches of the year, complete with an item overhaul and the mighty Praetor.Fenix. October - The seductive Phantom.Vega will start sneaking around soon. More ghosts just in time for Halloween! November - A cosmic horror the likes of which the forest of the Imperial Sanctums has never seen; Overlord.Azathoth descends this November. In addition to the above for this season, Blue Gene will finally evolve into its true form and will gradually introduce a "Perfect Evolution" for every hero in Aeon of Storms. Thanks for the read, and looking forward to another season together!
  15. MOTHER

    Making Narud less clunky to play

    First time reading this. Also since Narud is a rare sighting, there aren't many people who speak on his behalf. Will give these suggestions a look.
  16. MOTHER

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Beta map updated.
  17. Abysmal.Ravager Q - Basic Attacks and R apply Corrosion to enemies. Corrosion duration increases to 3 seconds. Alexei.Stukov Q - Reduces cooldown to 0.25s at all levels. Alpha.Crackling R - Allied heroes in a 12u-radius gain Feeding Frenzy for half the current level Lifesteal, Movement Speed, and Weapon Speed bonuses. Anthrax. R - Debuff duration increases to 22. Axiom. R - Halves cooldown and doubles the range. Balrog.Brutalizer R - Health per stack increased by 100 and reduces cooldown by 15s at all levels, BioTron.Tyrannitus R - Spawns 16 Civilians and they are now also spell immune while active. Chuck.TBone E - Deals 30 (+15% INT) Spell Damage per echo. Doctor.Geneva Q - Initial base heal increased by 30 and base heal/s increased by 10 at all levels. Whenever Geneva channels this ability on another ally hero, she gains 'Noncombatant Immunity', granting her 60% Damage Resistance. When Empowered, Damage Resistance increases to 80% and Geneva gains Debuff Immunity while channeling. Dustin.Brawler R - Resets all talent cooldowns. Egon.Stetmann Q - Gains 2 charges. W - Gains 2 charges. E - Gains 2 charges. Emil.Narud HP - Upon death, Narud's True Form now also reduces all his ability cooldowns by 75%, and doubles their cast range. Duration increases to 25 seconds. EnTaro.Tassadar R - Cast time reduced to 0.25s and when used on your Astral Projection, Tass switches health with his Projection if his current health is less than the Projection's. Astral Projection's (V) cooldown is also halved. (Note: Does not work if the Astral Projection uses Aether Swap on Tass.) Ephemeral.Corona R - Coronal Discharge releases a massive Ionic Pulse on impact, slowing and applying 2 Ionize stacks to all enemies in an 18u-radius. The Ionic Pulse will also temporarily unfog the impact area. Erekul.Sartonis E - Cooldown of Erekul's Vengeance (R) reduced by 4/6/8/10 seconds when attacked by an enemy hero. Executrix.Artanis W - AoE increased to 6u-radius, and Damage Resistance increased to 80% at all levels. Feral.Terminus HP - Increases armor to 20 and attack range to 9. Fine.Brine HP/Q (Acid Spit) - Increases cast range and reduces cooldown by 50%. Acid Spit now also reduces Spell Resistance by 20%, and provides Detection and Vision of the target. Duration increases to 6 seconds. Gabriel.Tosh W - +2 Max Spectres at all levels. Garamond.Singsprocket E - Hit points increased to 6 at all levels, and Level 4 Homing Missiles cooldown reduced to 3 from 6. Geminus.Boros W - Psionic Bola has no cooldown and can be used as soon as its back. General.Warfield R - Upgrades to 'The Bigger One'; Deals its damage to enemies in a 3.5u-radius around the target unit, knocking them back and marking them all to be revealed and take additional on-hit True Damage. Greelus.Humankind R - Damage type changes to True Damage from AoE Spell Damage. Huntress.Acral R - Base execution threshold increased to 15%. Hybrid.Maar Upgrades all Creation and Destruction spells: W - Increases base Spell Damage by 30 at all levels. WW - Increases base Spell Damage by 20 at all levels. WWW - Increases base Spell Damage by 50 and cast range by 4u at all levels. E - Increases base Shields by 50 at all levels. EE - Slows Attack Speed by the same amount as Movement Speed (80%). EEE - Deals Spell Damage equal to 50% of Energy Burned. WE - Cooldown reduced by 4.5s. WWE - Cooldown reduced by 10s. EEW - Cooldown reduced by 10s. Immortal.Solidus R - Increases cast range by 2u and creates 2 rings, dealing -33% less damage each. Infernal.Mandrake HP - Permanently +8 STR per hero kill or assist (Note: Stacks remain even after selling Blue Gene). Ironhide.Cain E - Attack counter Doubled at all levels; 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 attacks. Jakk.Summers W - Spyder Wards now emit 'Scrambler' aura; making Remote and Proximity mines within 4u radius undetectable and unradarable. Does not apply to self or other Spyder Wards. E (Proximity Mine) - Increases base Spell Damage by 100 at all levels. R - Increases base Spell Damage by 125 at all levels. Jim.Raynor V - Unlocks 'Hyperion’s Descent' ability; After 0.75 seconds cast time, Raynor summons the Hyperion Battlecruiser to bombard a 5u area for 8 seconds, dealing 25 + (2*LVL) (+15% INT) Spell Damage per attack and slowing targets' movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds. 90 second cooldown (Note: Jim's Heroic Passive reduces the cooldown of this ability). Justicar.Akasha W - Applies effects to all enemies in a 3.5u AoE around you along with the target unit. Khyrak. Q - Doubles cast range at all levels. Stun Duration increases to 2 seconds, and damage dealt increases by 25% if the enemy is bleeding. Koramund.Karax R - Heal/Damage increased by 25 (+1% Target Max Health) at all levels and removes debuffs from allies. Lord.Zyrkhan R - Global range; now also affects allied creeps and buildings. While active, allies also gain +50 Health Regeneration per second. Marine.King R - Max Bribed Units increased to 2. Matriarch.Vorazun AA/HP - Your autoattacks generate a Shadow Clone that attacks your target. 5 second internal cooldown. Micro.Gravitus W - Can store up to 3 charges. Molgloo.Grunty W - River Racer bonus duration increases to 6 seconds. E - Gains 'Aquatic Payload'; Striking an enemy outside the river, creates a 8u-radius Puddle for 18s that grants current level River Racer bonus for 6s. R - River bonus grants Grunty +20 Health Regeneration per second. Null.Disruptor R - While active, applies 'Chrono Mastery' on Null, increasing Cooldown Reduction by 150% and Attack Speed by 75% for the duration of this ability. Omega.Starscream R - +1 Option Drone, and Option Drones deal double damage to non-massive creeps. Overlord.Azathoth V - Unlocks 'Oversight' ability; Overlord spawns his Herald anywhere on the map to randomly attack multiple enemy units in an area around itself, dealing 25 (+25% INT) Spell Damage and applying current level Overkill (Q) effects to targets. Azathoth's Herald is uncommandable, and has 5 Hit Points, 6u-radius Flying Vision, 6u-radius Detection over enemy units, and lasts 30 seconds. 60 second cooldown. Penthos. R - Cooldown set to 25 (from 150/100/50). Phantom.Vega W - Now affects all ally heroes in 4u AoE around target. Praetor.Fenix W - Area of effect increased to 3.5u-radius, and Movement Speed bonus increased to 25%. Prelate.Zeratul Q/E - Q and E apply 1 additional 'Unfolding Fate' stack to enemies Zeratul strikes. Unfolding Fate stacks also apply 'Chronolock' debuff when they expire, reducing timescale by 100% for 0.45 seconds. Primal.Dehaka R - Doubles cast range. Evolved Tunneled Strike grants Spell Immunity for 4 seconds. Psionic.Turraneth R - Cooldown reduced by 15s and base Spell Damage increased by 50 at all levels. Deus Ex Cooldown reduced to 6s at all levels. Pyro.Maniac Q - Reduces cooldown to 4 and removes energy cost. Queen.Imperius Q - Unlocks 'Despotic Strain'; Despotic Banelings deal an additional 15 (+2.5% INT) Spell Damage at all levels, move 50% faster, have no collision, can cliff jump, and pounce towards target. Rob.Boswell R - Health regenerated increased to 60/80/100% Max Health and cooldown reduced by 90 seconds at all levels. Rory.Swann R - Increases Flaming Stevie's attack Splash Damage AoE to 2u (from 0.6u) at all levels. Roulette.Jackson R - AoE increased by 50%. Salacious.Yig R - Increases duration to 8 seconds, and enemies be may knocked up once every 4 seconds. Sarah.Kerrigan HP - Health and Energy recovered increases to 20% Target Max Health. Savage.Avenger R - Halves cooldown and increases base true damage by 100 at all levels. Shadow.Geminus R - Increases duration to 14 seconds. System.Cyprus W - Stone Pillars become 'Magnetized', exploding after 2.5 seconds of being Pushed, and each dealing additional 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 (+20% INT) Spell Damage in a 2.5u radius area. Terra.Nova V - Unlocks 'Monomolecular Blade' ability; After a 0.5s channel time, Nova switches her basic weapon to a melee plasma sword; Gaining (+25% Weapon Damage) Physical Damage, +25% Attack Speed, and +15% Movement Speed. HP - While Monomolecular Blade is equipped, the distance condition is removed and bonus Physical Damage is increased to +15%. Tiberius.Rancor R - Increases cast range by 75% (45u / 59u / 73u) and charge count to 6 at all levels. Toximancer.Vespus R - Increases Tornado duration to 12 seconds, and applies its Deadly Toxin stacks twice as fast. Tychus.Findlay R - Reduces cooldown by 40s at all levels and while active, you gain max RnT stacks for the full duration. Subterran.Unix R - +40 Base Spell Damage/S at all levels, and Brain Sap gives Unix Debuff Immunity for its duration. Vagabond.Darpa R - +1 Charge and all cooldowns halved at all levels. Dispels debuffs on cast. Vergil.Nerazim R - Vergil will disappear and move to a target location and then move back and re-appear at his cast location, unleashing 20 Judgment Cuts in the area between the two locations. Enemies can be struck a maximum of 4 times per cast. Viler.Nemesis W - Halves cooldown, Doubles max channel time, and simultaneously Drains target' life as Spell Damage per second for 2x the current level Energy/S Absorption. Vindicator.Alarak R - Upon receiving and blocking damage, Alarak unleashes destructive waves towards all enemies in an 8u-radius around him. Viron.Volkov R - Scaling Spell Damage doubled to 16% Max Health and ultimate triggers on death regardless of current cooldown or energy cost (Note: On death Compton Special does not reconstitute Viron). VoidBearer.Kuradel HP - Doubles INT gain from kills (Note: Maximum INT cap unchanged). E - Increases the damage multiplier by 0.1 at all levels. Voltron.Leo W - Unlocks 'Galvanic Dive' ability; Leo pounces up to 7.5u towards a target unit, applying on-hit effects, dealing (5*LVL) (+25% INT) (+25% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage and knocking up each enemy he passes through for 0.4s. 70 Energy / 22 second cooldown. Cooldown is reduced by 0.5s with each basic attack. (Note: On-hit effects include Leo's Ultimate ability - Lightning Claw.) Vorpal.Valedict E - Heals nearby allies for 22.5/30/37.5/45% of Physical and Spell Damage taken. Does not heal self.
  18. MOTHER

    T*()+== *New Player Guide* ()+==*T

    I recommend going through the ingame help section which covers much of what you are trying to convey. If you think it needs to be expanded, I will happily add your contributions.
  19. Name: Viler.Nemesis Type: - Caster / Support   Starting Stats: Starting Health – 495 Movement Speed – 3.61 Attack Range – 6 Attack Speed – 1.85 Starting Damage – 64 Base Armor.Resist – 10.6% Base Spell Armor/Resist – 21.7% Strength – 30 + [5] Agility – 22 + [3] Intelligence – 38` + [7]*** __________________________________________________ [Heroic Passive] - [Despair] Enemy Units and Structures around Nemesis have their Sight range reduced by 3-unit radius. Enemy Heroes that die under this effect will cause all other Enemy Heroes within 10-unit radius of them to become Silenced for 3 seconds. Refreshes but does not stack. Energy Cost: - Cooldown: - Range: 14u AoE __________________________________________________ [Q] - [Rampage Burst] Target Unit, 5.5u AoE Launches a ball of void energy that travels over 1.75 seconds towards a target enemy unit or structure, or a Player-owned unit or structure. The projectile bursts on impact but leaves the primary target completely Unaffected, while hurling fragments of void energy that home in onto nearby enemy units in a radius around the target. Each fragment deals Spell Damage and Slows Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Spell Damage: 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 (+65% INT) (+25% Target Missing Energy) Movement Speed Slow: 40% Energy Cost: - 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 Cooldown: - 13 / 11 / 9 / 7 seconds Range: 14u __________________________________________________ [W] - [Void Reintegration] Target Unit/Channel Nemesis channels a beam at a target unit for up to 10 seconds, absorbing Energy per second, and Slowing their Movement Speed. If Nemesis has Full Energy, Void Reintegration will Restore Health equal to the Energy absorption instead. Reactivate to cancel. Allies' basic attacks against the target during this time will Leech Energy equal to a percentage of damage they deal to the target. Energy/S Absorption: 20 / 45 / 70 / 90 (+6% Target Max Energy) Allied Energy Absorption: 20% of Damage Dealt Movement Speed Slow: 40% Energy Cost: - 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 Cooldown: - 24 / 22 / 20 / 18 seconds Range: - 8u (14u Leash Range) __________________________________________________ [E] - [Harbinger of Oblivion] Target Point Summons a mobile flying Oblivion Construct onto the battlefield for 90 seconds. Oblivion Constructs have 750 (+150% INT) Health, and passively emit the Oblivion Aura. Enemy Heroes that Cast abilities within the Oblivion Aura Lose Health and Energy instantly (Non-lethal), and grant Nemesis 1 stack of Oblivion. Each Oblivion stack Amplifies the Spell Damage Nemesis deals. Up to 4 stacks. Refreshes. Vitals Lost per Enemy Ability Cast: 5% / 11% / 17% / 23% (Current Health & Energy) Spell Damage Amp per Stack: +2% / +4% / +6% / +8% Stack Duration: 15 seconds Energy Cost: - 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 Cooldown: - 120 / 100 / 80 / 60 seconds Range: - 10 (16u Aura AoE) __________________________________________________ [R] - [Nightmare Torment] Target Unit Nemesis Curses an Enemy Hero for a duration, causing a percentage of any damage dealt to them to be Reflected to all enemies in an area around them as Spell Damage. If the target dies under this effect, their Respawn Time will increase on their next respawn. Ignores Debuff Immunity. Damage Reflected: 40% / 52% / 64% Respawn Time Increase: +33% Duration: 10s / 14s / 18s Energy Cost: 200 / 250 / 300 Cooldown: 130 / 110 / 90 seconds Range: 10u (6u Reflect Aura AoE)
  20. MOTHER

    [Database] Viler.Nemesis

    Autoban him!
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    v2.51 Tiers

    FYR (incase you dont remember the portraits): S -Avenger, Brine, Chuck, Micro, Dehaka, Null, Mandrake, Dustin, Egon, Khyrak, Geneva, Feral, Nova, Vega, Warfield A - Akasha, Alarak, Anthrax, Boros, Cain, Turraneth, Crackling, Cyprus, Darpa, Grunty, Maar, Fenix, Huntress, Immortal, Rory, Karax, Kuradel, King, Narud, Queen, Rancor, Boswell, Tassadar, Tosh, Tychus, Vergil, Vorazun, Vorpal, Yig B - Artanis, Balrog, Axiom, Biotron, Erekul, Garamond, Nemesis, Pyro, Leo, Kerrigan, Corona, Jackson, Ravager, Raynor, Shadow, Starscream, Stukov, Toxi, Viron, Zyrkhan, Penthos C - Greelus, Jakk, Unix, Zeratul
  22. MOTHER

    v2.51 Tiers

    Thank you for the effort of putting this together. People can make their own tier lists using your template at this link btw: https://tiermaker.com/create/aos-champ-tierlist-v251-169480
  23. MOTHER

    Changelog v2.49-2.51

    You have to see the bigger picture. Talents and Attributes changes just buffed most everyone. And Blue Gene soon is also about to buff everyone. 🙂
  24. MOTHER

    Changelog v2.49-2.51

    v2.49-2.51 General Game - Added Phantom.Vega - Leaver bonus reduced to 4% from 5%. - Various minor bug fixes. Talents General - The cooldowns of active talents are no longer affected by Time Scale or Cooldown Reduction. Might (Offense) - Now grants 10 (+0.5*LVL) Weapon Damage from 10 Fitness (Defense) - Now grants 110 (+5*LVL) Health from 100 Health. Discipline (Defense) - Now grants 7 Armor and 7 Spell Armor from 10 Spell Armor. Integrity (Defense) - Now grants +9% Increased Healing and Shielding Taken from 10 Armor. Youth (Utility) - Now grants 110 (+5*LVL) Energy from 100 Energy. Overlord (Utility) - Allied non-heroic non-massive creeps now gain +45% AoE Damage Resistance from +40% Spell Damage Resistance. Neutral Creeps General - All base mineral bounties reduced by 10% (except Siege Tank, Imperial Thor, and Map Bosses). Structures Imperial Sanctums - Now have +70% Damage Resistance. Primary Creeps Melee Creeps - Base mineral bounty reduced to 24 from 30. - Base attack speed reduced by 25%. Ranged Creeps - Base mineral bounty increased to 36 from 28. - Base attack speed reduced by 25%. - Now die to 3-4 Tower shots from 4-5. Siege Creeps - Base mineral bounty increased to 68 from 58. - Base Damage reduced to 50 from 100. - Damage bonus against structures and massive units increased to +500% and +200% from 250% and 0% respectively. - Now have 40% Physical Resistance and 80% Spell Resistance from 30% and 60% respectively. - Now die to 3-4 Tower shots from 4-5. Super Creeps - Base mineral bounty reduced to 24 from 56. - Now die to 3-4 Tower shots from 4-5. Items General - Addressed an issue where items such as Space Gem and Controller won't stack additional charges in their item slots when inventory is full. Moebius Coil - Unique no longer procs on DoT damage types. Naix Claw - Cooldown reduced to 60 from 70. Night Stalker - Unique no longer procs on DoT damage types. Perpetual Engine - Unique no longer procs on DoT damage types. Scavenger’s Veil - Resourcefulness unique refund amount reduced to 25% from 33%. Sentinel's Safeguard - Sentinel Construct Max Health set to 1000 (+100*LVL) from 1800 (+50*LVL). Shinobi Style - Active bonus damage reduced to 75 (+50% AGI) (+10% Target Max Health) from 100 (+50% AGI) (+12.5% Target Max Health). Space Gem - Max charges per inventory slot increased to 5 from 3. Syrus Codex - Will now be auto-consumed if your inventory is full when purchased. - Shared cooldown reduced to 8 minutes from 10 minutes. Time Gem - Will now be auto-consumed if your inventory is full when purchased. Heroes  General - Heroic Attribute point bonuses have been simplified to the following: New Attributes One point of Strength grants 8 Health, 0.06 Health Regeneration, and 0.02% Spell Resistance. If Strength is your primary attribute, then it also grants 0.5 Weapon Damage. One point of Agility grants 0.2% Weapon Speed, 0.02% Movement Speed and 0.02% Physical Resistance. If Agility is your primary attribute, then it also grants 0.5 Weapon Damage. One point of Intelligence grants 2 Energy, 0.02 Energy Regeneration, and 0.02% Spell Damage. If Intelligence is your primary attribute, then it also grants 0.5 Weapon Damage. Old Attributes One point of Strength grants 6 Health, 0.04 Health Regeneration, and 0.02% Spell Resistance. If Strength is your primary attribute, then it grants 8 Health, 0.08 Health Regeneration, 0.02% Spell Resistance and 0.5 Weapon Damage. One point of Agility grants 0.14% Weapon Speed, 0.02% Movement Speed and 0.02% Physical Resistance. If Agility is your primary attribute, then it grants 0.28% Weapon Speed, 0.02% Movement Speed and 0.02% Physical Resistance and 0.5 Weapon Damage. One point of Intelligence grants 1 Energy, 0.01 Energy Regeneration, and 0.02% Spell Damage. If Intelligence is your primary attribute, then it grants 0.02% Spell Damage, 2 Energy, 0.02 Energy Regeneration, and 0.5 Weapon Damage. ----- Akasha Q - AoE Base Spell Damage reduced to 60/100/140/180 from 60/120/180/240. R - Base True Damage rescaled to 25/50/75 from 30/60/90. Avenger Q - Cooldown between each charge usage increased to 1.5 from 1. E - Cooldown rescaled to 24/22/20/18 from 22/20/18/16. R - Energy cost increased to 175/225/275 from 150/200/250. - Added 0.3s cast time. - Updated visuals. Brine W - Cooldown rescaled to 30/28/26/24 from 20. Cain E - Base Spell Damage per stack reduced to 6/12/18/24 from 10/18/26/34. R - Spell Damage rescaled to 20/40/60 (+25% Weapon Damage) from 25/50/75 (+20% Weapon Damage). Egon R - Cooldown is now disabled while active when used on self. Geneva HP - Movement Speed bonus reduced to 10% from 15%. W - Cooldown rescaled to 24/22/20/18 from 22/20/18/16. - Energy cost increased to 100/120/140/160 from 60/80/100/120. E - Cooldown rescaled to 24/22/20/18 from 22/20/18/16. Grunty W - Updated visuals. Mandrake Q - Updated sound and visuals. Nemesis W - Base Energy leech per second reduced to 10/25/40/55 from 20/45/70/95. - Allies no longer leech target enemy hero when damaging them. E - The Oblivion Construct is now revealed to enemies for 2 seconds every time its aura procs on enemy heroes. Nova W - Stack cooldown increased to 9 from 8. Pyro W - Updated visuals.
  25. Name: Phantom.Vega Type: - Support / Disabler / Nuker Starting Stats: Starting Health – 499 Movement Speed – 2.9 Attack Range – 6.5 Attack Speed – 2 Starting Damage – 50 Base Armor.Resist – 18% [19] Base Spell Armor/Resist – 15% Strength – 23 + [3] Agility – 34 + [6]*** Intelligence – 33 + [6] __________________________________________________ [Heroic] - [Phantom Protector] Active/Passive Vega permanently binds herself to an ally hero for the rest of the match. Whenever Vega is within 24u of her chosen ally she becomes Cloaked and gains Movement Speed, while her ally gains Increased Healing when their Health drops below 2/3rds. Attacking and casting abilities will decloak her for 3 seconds. Ally Increased Healing: +40% Vega Movement Speed: +20% __________________________________________________ [Q] - [Plasmonic Web] Target Direction Vega fires an energetic shot at a target direction, that ensnares the first enemy hero hit for a duration and deals Spell Damage. While ensnared, enemies are slowed and any attempt to move farther than the Web's Leash Range will stun them and deal bonus Spell Damage. Spell Damage: 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 (+50% INT) Bonus Spell Damage: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 (+50% INT) Bonus Stun Duration: 0.65 seonds Movement Speed Slow: 50% Leash Range: 4.5u Leash Duration: 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 seconds Energy Cost: - 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 Cooldown: 22 / 20 / 18 / 16 seconds Range: 10u __________________________________________________ [W] - [Stim Profusion] Target Unit Grants bonus Attack Speed and Cooldown Reduction to single target allied hero for a duration. If the target's health drops below a threshold while under this effect, they become Invulnerable. Attack Speed Bonus: 12% / 20% / 28% / 36% Cooldown Reduction: 50% Invulnerability Threshold: 15% Max Health Duration: 4 / 4.75 / 5.5 / 6.25 seconds. Energy Cost: 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 Cooldown: 32 / 30 / 28 / 26 seconds Range: 6u / 8u / 10u / 12u __________________________________________________ [E] - [Syphon Filter] Passive; 12u AoE Whenever Vega casts an ability, all nearby enemy heroes gain a stack of Syphon Filter. Each stack reduces Armor, up to 4 stacks and refreshes. Ally heroes that attack affected enemies Heal based on a portion of Attack Damage dealt to them. Armor Reduction per Spellcast: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 Max Armor Reduction: 16 / 20 / 24 / 28 Ally Heal from Attack Damage: 15% Stack Duration: 6 seconds __________________________________________________ [R] - [Paradox Munitions] Target Direction Vega fires a penetrating shot at a targeted direction, Healing all allied heroes and dealing Physical Damage to all enemy heroes it passes through, and applying a stack of Paradox for a duration. At 3 stacks, consumes all stacks and applies a bonus effect. Heal: 150 / 225 / 300 (+50% AGI) Physical Damage: 50 / 100 / 150 (+50% AGI) Paradox Bonus (Ally): 10% / 15% / 20% Max Health Regenerated and Debuff Immunity for 2 seconds. Paradox Bonus (Enemy) : 10% / 15% / 20% Missing Health True Damage and 70% Slow for 2 seconds. Stack Duration: 12 seconds Energy Cost: 50 / 75 / 100 + 5% Max Energy Cooldown: 10s / 8s / 6s Charges: 3 Cast Range: 24u