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  1. Name: Abysmal. Ravager Type: - Tank Support / Pusher Starting Stats: Starting Health – 579 Movement Speed – 2.75 Attack Range – 4 Attack Speed – 2.1 Starting Damage – 62 Base Armor.Resist – 18.4% [20] Base Spell Armor/Resist – 18.5% Strength – 33 + [8]*** Agility – 25 + [3] Intelligence – 32 + [4] __________________________________________________ [Heroic Active] - [Denizen of the Abyss] Burrow, losing the ability to move or attack, but gaining 1 stack of Abyss per second up to 5x. Does not cloak Ravager. Each stack of Abyss regenerates +0.35% Maximum Energy and 5% STR Health per second, and Enhances Abilities. __________________________________________________ [Q] - [Bile Storm] Target Area, 2.75 AoE After .25s, unleash waves of corrosive bile over 3 seconds, dealing Spell Damage and Applying Corrosion. Corrosion lasts 2s, Reduces Armor & Spell Armor, and deals 3% Target Max Health True Damage per second. Allied Basic Attacks refresh the duration. Abyss Bonus per stack: +3.5 range, -3s CD Total Spell Damage: 125 / 200 / 275 / 350 (+70% STR) (+70% Weapon Damage) Armor/Spell Armor Reduction: 8 / 16 / 24 / 32 Energy Cost: - 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 Cooldown: - 21 / 20 / 19 / 18 seconds (3s at Max Abyss) Range: 5.5u (23u at Max Abyss) __________________________________________________ [W] - [Devil's Tongue] Target Area, 4u Slow AoE, 2.5u AoE Pillar After 0.65s, Spawn an Impassable Pillar for 6s at Target location, briefly Knocking Up enemies hit and Slowing enemies' movement around it for the duration. Abyss Bonus per stack: +1s duration, +1.5 range, +0.3 Slow AoE Movespeed Slow: 24% / 32% / 40% / 48% Energy Cost: 100 Cooldown: - 35 / 30 / 25 / 20 seconds Range: - 5.5u (13u at Max Abyss) __________________________________________________ [E] - [Insufferable Presence] Passive, 12u AoE Nearby enemies Lose 10% Weapon Damage. If a Hero dies under this effect Ravager and her Allied Heroes gain Bonus Weapon Damage, stacking infinitely but not refreshing. Non-heroic deaths grant Bonus Weapon Damage for 45s, stacking up to 10x but not refreshing. Abyss Bonus per stack: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% Weapon Damage Reduction (20% / 30% / 40% / 50% at Max Abyss) Non-heroic Weapon Damage Death Bonus: +4 Heroic Weapon Damage Death Bonus: +12 / +18 / +24 / +30 Heroic Bonus Duration: 60-120s (Based on Ravager's Level) __________________________________________________ [R] - [Stare of the Abyss] Activate, 6u AoE For the next 6s, Store a percentage of Incoming Damage. After this time or when reactivated, deal the Stored Damage around you as Damage Type(s) Received. Enemies hit are forced to run away from you in Fear. Doubles Health & Energy Regeneration from Abyss stacks. Stored Damage Ratio: 50% / 75% / 100% Fear Duration: 1.75s / 2.25s / 2.75s Energy Cost: 150 / 200 /250 Cooldown: 130 / 110 / 90 seconds
  2. Taking inspiration from other mobas was never beneath AoS. We're not evening trying to hide it. HotS has a lot of great ideas (many of which it itself took from other games) and Blizzard's IPs are a great selling point, but as a whole I didn't personally find it to be an attractive gaming experience.
  3. 1- Girl obviously. 2- So much feeling. 3- I wasn't asking permission. Merely building on what Whale said that HotS is boring. But... 4- ...Knock yourselves out. Cheers old man.
  4. HotS is bottom of the barrel as far as the Moba experience goes. But that’s just me.
  5. Govno

    Play however way you enjoy Fell. It's easy to misunderstand your intentions (and no it's not necessarily because of a language barrier), so people will react badly to you. Still kicking people out of lobbies because they are don't meet the standards of the host or even majority in the lobby is a recipe for disaster. I just spent a few minutes going over the most recent reviews of the game, and complaints from new players about the community's toxic behavior were a recurring theme unfortunately. This is human behavior. There's a limit to what we can do as devs, but if there is something we can to make people feel more welcome and enjoy their investment of time then we will. Gavno is a nice guy btw, and i know you are beneath that layer of insanity, so I think it's an honest misunderstanding.
  6. Changelog v2.19

    Don't hate on it until you try it. "Warning: May cause discoloration of the urine or feces."
  7. Changelog v2.18

    v2.18 General - Updated Battle.net Map 'Guide' Tab. (Special thanks to Fell & Ridz for submitting screenshots!) - New Loading Screen. - Fix: Addressed bug that caused certain models (Protoss cursor, Craters) to stay for the rest of the match rather than deleting after they play out their animation. - The 'True Cloak' mechanic now suppresses Radar vision to set it further apart from the standard 'Cloak' mechanic. - Fix: Addressed bug that caused Heroes to receive disproportionate XP bounties from hero kills. Now heroes receive the intended XP from killing other heroes. - Added "-Alt2" command; Some heroes have gained access to a second alternative skin that can be toggled on/off by typing "-alt2" if your rating is 1300 or more. Check below to see who are the lucky heroes this time! - The ‘[Primary]’ and ‘Secondary’ stats gained from the Agility, Strength, and Intelligence attributes have been modified (Note: Heroes only gain the primary stats from their primary attribute. Heroes will not gain both primary and secondary stats from their primary attribute). New Attributes Old Attributes Neutrals - Removed and replaced Thor Camps between mid and safelane T2 towers with the Hellion Camps immediately adjacent to the Imperial Sanctums in the Safelane jungle; Total number of Neutral Camps reduced by 1 on each side of the map. - Increased Thor base bounty from 65 to 75. - Fix: Addressed bug that caused Hellion Camp Cyclones (next to Protoss Safelane Imperial Sanctum) to keep chasing rather than return to their starting positions. Structures - Towers now deal 17.5% Target Max Health True Damage to Enemy creeps; Kills creeps in approximately 5 to 6 shots from 3 to 4. - Side Shops now have a minimap icon. Runes - Hydranium crystals now grant 35/35 Minerals/XP from 100/50 Minerals/XP. - Minerals/XP growth per minute increased to 15/10 from 10/5. - Hydranium crystals now grant the Mineral/XP bonus to each player on the collector's team instead of only the collector. - Hydranium crystals now spawn every 5 minutes from every 4. Items General - Renamed the "Lifesteal" tab under Offense menu in the Shop UI to "LS + Vamp"; Will now include all Spell Leech/Vamp items. Adamantium Alloy - Fusion Unique now grants energy equal to 25% of incoming damage from 20%. - Fission Unique Heal scaling increased to 25% Current Energy from 20%. - Fission Unique cooldown decreased from 240s to 100s. Ancient Rune - Intelligence increased to 80 from 75. - Price increased to 3950 from 3750. Argus Crystal - Price increased to 4100 from 4000. Asura's Guise - Intelligence reduced to 55 from 80. - Devourer 2 unique Spell Leech increased to 25% from 20%. - Price decreased to 3600 from 4100. Black Hole Magnum - Weapon Damage decreased to 50 from 55. - Price increased to 3250 from 3050. Chilling Artifact - Updated active visuals to make it distinct from Sword Breaker - Cooldown increased to 70s from 60s. - Forged Metals Unique replaced with Forged Metals 3; Reduces incoming weapon damage by 12% (from 9%) and Enemies that attack you lose 20% Weapon Speed for 3s. Overrides Darksteel Titan and Newtonian Armor's Forged Metal uniques. - Disarm 2 active Weapon Speed reduction decreased to 60% from 80%. Cauterizer - Removed Sledgehammer Component; Added Psionic Ravager. - Now grants 30 Weapon Damage, 30 Agility, and 24 Armor from 50 Weapon Damage and 24 Armor. - Unique stack count increased to 4 from 3. Controller - Now provides Radar vision in a 18-unit radius area. - 'Control' AoE reduced to 18-unit radius from 24. Darksteel Titan - Strength increased to 35 from 30. - Agility increased to 20 from 15. - Forged Metals Unique replaced with Forged Metals 2; Reduces incoming Weapon Damage by 10% (from 9%). Overridden by Chilling Artifact's Forged Metals 3. Electric Mantle - Active Single Target Spell Damage increased to 150 from 100. - Spell Damage reflect increased to 70% from 35%. Eternity - Lifesteal/Spell Vamp unique renamed and repositioned as 'Sadism 2'; overrides Sunflare Gun's 'Sadism 1'. Force of Entropy - Removed Emerald Lotus Component; Added Sword Breaker. - Now grants 35 Weapon Damage, 20 STR, 20 Armor, and 350 Health from 35 Weapon Damage, 16 STR, and 480 Health - Price increased to 3900 from 3200. - Now has 'Disarm 3' Active ability; Enemy Heroes in a 3u radius Target Area become Disarmed and are Prevented from Attacking for 3s. Cast range 7u; 70s cooldown (Shared with Chilling Artifact & Sword Breaker). Hunter's Knife - Fix: Active now deals the intended damage to Bosses (Matches tooltip). Impact Dial - Active cooldown reduced to 40s from 45s. Kura's Deathmask - Intelligence reduced to 70 from 75. - Price increased to 3850 from 3750. Lifetech Nanosuit - Unique now also grants Debuff Immunity and 50% Damage Reduction for 1.5s upon activation. - Cooldown increased to 60s from 45s. - Updated sound & visuals. Newtonian Armor - Forged Metals Unique now reduces incoming weapon damage by 8% from 9%; Overridden by Forged Metals 2. Nitrogen Retrofit - Intelligence reduced to 60 from 70. Parallax Generator - Price reduced to 3400 from 3600. - Unique Primary Attribute bonus decreased to 32 from 40. Phantom Menace - True Cloak now suppresses Radar vision. Photodeviator - Added Cell Regenerator Component; Now grants +6 Health Regeneration - Active duration increased to 8s from 6s. - Fix: Active now correctly applies the intended damage resistance. - Price increased to 1950 from 1900. - True Cloak now suppresses Radar vision. Retribution's Edge - Weapon Damage increased to 60 from 55. Scavenger's Veil - Price increased to 800 from 750. - Fix: Stats now give the intended amount of CDR (Matches tooltip). - Resourcefulness unique now refunds 40% of the cost of consumables from 25%. Shinobi Style - Weapon Damage reduced to 40 from 50. - Active Damage bonus changed to 100 (+25% AGI) (+12.5% Target Max Health) Physical Damage from 150 (+25% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage. - Cooldown increased to 60 from 45. Soul Engine - Reap active now restores 15 Health and 15 Energy from 20 Health and 10 Energy. Spirit Containment Vessel - Hunt 3 Unique now deals +35% Increased True Damage against Neutrals from +15%. - Harvest 2 Unique max charges from 15 to 20. - Reap active now restores 15 Health and 15 Energy from 20 Health and 10 Energy. Star's Fury - Weapon Damage increased to 30 from 25. - Drain Unique energy leech increased to 12% Current Energy from 6%. - Drain Unique threshold for ineffectiveness increased to 15% Target Max Energy from 20%. Sunflare Gun - 'Sun Burn' Active scaling spell damage decreased to (+110% INT) from (+150% INT). - Energy cost increased from 100 to 100 (+8% Max Energy). - 'Absorb' Lifesteal/Spell Leech Unique repositioned as 'Sadism 1'; Overridden by Eternity's 'Sadism 2'. Sword Breaker - Updated active visuals to make it distinct from Chilling Artifact. - Cooldown increased to 70s from 60s. Symphonic Seed - Intelligence reduced to 50 from 55. Tenderizer - Fix: Tooltip now correctly displays the intended Weapon Damage stat (25). - Unique stack count reduced to 2 from 3. Tetragrammaton - Primary Attribute increased to 70 from 55. - Fix: Debuff Reduction Time unique now correctly applies. - Active now grants 7s Spell Immunity from 12s. - A 3.5s Silence is now applied at the end of the active duration instead of being Silenced throughout. - Active cooldown decreased to 100s from 140s. Time Splitter* (5500; NEW!) Components: Nerazim Dagger, Hyperion Incinerator, Graviton Booster +70 Agility +70 Weapon Damage +20% Weapon Speed [Unique - Time Distortion] Your attacks slow target's Cooldowns by -30% for 6s, up to -90%. [Active - The Split] Your next 2 attacks will Stun the target for 0.6s and deal 125 (+75% AGI) Spell Damage. Stun duration and Spell Damage reduced by 30% if you are ranged. Lasts 10 seconds or 2 attacks. 75 second cooldown. *Side Shop Exclusive! Tyde Pods (110; NEW!) +0.5 Energy Regen [Consume] [3 Charges] Gain 150 Shields for 6 seconds. Charges stack but don't refresh duration. Truesight Ward - No longer provides Radar vision in a 12-unit radius area. Vampiric Amulet - Removed Storm Pauldrons Component; Added Bloodletter. - Intelligence decreased to 25 from 50. - Devourer 1 unique Spell Leech increased to 15% from 12%. - Price reduced to 2200 from 2500. Warp Shard - Cooldown increased to 28s from 25s. Xenomorph Cleaver - Weapon Damage increased to 60 from 50. Yamato Reactor - Price increased to 4450 from 4300. Heroes Anthrax - Added 'Alt2' skin. Avenger - Updated model. - Added 'Alt2' skin. E - Deals Double Damage on next attack if target is under 40% Health. - Renamed to Death Flutter from Flutter. Brine - Added 'Alt2' skin. Cain - Added 'Alt2' skin. W - Max stacks decreased to 5 from 6. R - Spell Damage rescaled to 25/50/75 + (20% Weapon Damage) from 40/60/80 + (15% Weapon Damage). Corona - Updated 'Alt' skin. - Added 'Alt2' skin. Cyprus - Added 'Alt2' skin. Darpa - Added 'Alt2' skin. Erekul - Added 'Alt2' skin. Q - Heal scaling reduced to (+25% INT) from (+50% INT). Feral - Added 'Alt2' skin. Dehaka W - Scaling spell damage decreased to (+5% Current Health) from (+6% Current Health). - Attribute steal duration decreased to 60s from 90s. Dustin - Added 'Alt2' skin. HP - Downtime if damage is taken increased to 8s from 2s. - Radar vision AoE reduced to 18u from 24u. W - Base spell damage rescaled to 50/80/110/140 from 60/80/100/120. - Scaling spell damage decreased to 65% from 75%. - Energy cost decreased to 80/100/120/140 from 80/110/140/170. - Cooldown set to 25s from 30/25/20/15. E - AoE reduced to 3.5u from 4u. - Energy cost increased to 120/135/150/165 from 100/120/140/160. - Cooldown set to 35s from 20s. R - Cast time increased to 3/2/1s from 2/1.5/1s. - Cooldown rescaled to 30/20/10s from 35/30/25s. - Energy cost rescaled to 10/15/20% Max Energy from 100/200/300. Geneva - Base Movement Speed reduced from 3.1 to 2.9. Huntress - Added 'Alt2' skin. Immortal - Added 'Alt2' skin. Q - Cooldown rescaled to 18/16/14/12s from 14s. E - Max Energy Regen rescaled to +0.225% / +0.275% / +0.325% / +0.375% Target Max Energy from 0.25%. Jim HP - Basic attacks, E, and R cooldown reduction increased to 2s, 4s, and 6s respectively from 1s, 2s, and 4s. E - Cooldown rescaled to 22/19/16/13s from 25/22/19/16s. R - Cooldown rescaled to 30/26/22s from 35/30/25s. Karax - True Cloak now suppresses Radar vision. Kerrigan - Updated 'Alt' skin. - Added 'Alt2' skin. HP - Now recovers Health and Energy equal to 4% of killed Unit's Maximum Health from recovering only 2% of killed Unit's Maximum Health. R - Cast range rescaled to 10/12/14u from 13u. - Base energy cost rescaled to 30/40/50 + 5% Max Energy from 35 + 2.5% Max Energy. - Updated visuals (Note: Now they correctly align with the AoE of the spell). Khyrak - Added 'Alt2' skin. R - Debuff no longer causes W to deal True Damage. King - Added 'Alt2' skin. Maar - Added 'Alt2' skin. Micro HP - Base cooldown increased to 15s from 12. E - Base Armor/Spell Armor Bonus reduced to 3/6/9/12 from 9/12/15/18. R - Physical Resistance Bonus reduced to 4/8/12% from 10/15/20%. Psionic - Added 'Alt2' skin. Pyro Q - Updated visuals. E - Spell Damage readjusted to 30/60/90/120 (+10% Current Health) from 40/80/120/140 (+5% Current Health) - Cost changed to 15% Current Health from 80/100/120/140 Energy. Queen - Added 'Alt2' skin (Timmy). Ravager - Added 'Alt2' skin. - Attack range increased to 4u from 3.5u. - Movement speed reduced to 2.75 from 2.9 - STR/AGI/INT growth per level rescaled to 8/3/4 from 7/3/5. - Fix: Abilities now correctly proc all 'On ability use' items/passives. HP - Regen per Abyss stack increased to +5% STR and +0.35% Max Energy Regen, from 4.5% STR and 0.3% Max Energy Regen. Q - Total Spell Damage increased to 125/200/275/350 (+70% STR)(+70% Weapon Damage) from 100/145/190/235 (+50% STR)(+50% Weapon Damage). - Damage intervals increased to 0.6s from 0.33s. Decreased total number of Corrosive Bile waves to 5 from 9. - Corrosion True Damage increased to 3% Max Health per second from 1.5%. - Base cast range reduced to 5.5u from 8u. Cast range bonus per Abyss Stack increased to 3.5u from 3u. - Base cooldown set to 21/20/19/18 from 16/15/14/13. Cooldown reduction per Abyss Stack increased to 3s from 2s. - Energy cost increased to 70/105/140/175 from 70/100/130/160. - Added Team Identifier to target area. W - Cast time from 0.3s to 0.65s (now matches tooltip). - Base cast range reduced to 5.5u from 8u. Cast range bonus per Abyss Stack increased to 1.5u from 1u. - Energy cost set to 100 from 70/80/90/100. - Updated visuals. - Added Team Identifier to Devil's Tongue Pillar. E - Weapon Damage Reduction per Abyss stack adjusted to 2/4/6/8% from 3/4/5/6%; Maximum Total Weapon Damage reduction increased to 50% from 40%. - Non-heroic Death damage stacks now grant +4 Weapon Damage from +5. - Non-heroic Death damage stacks now last 45s from 15s. No longer refresh duration. R - Cooldown rescaled to 130/110/90 from 120/100/80. - Updated visuals (Note: Active duration made more obvious). Stukov HP - Bonus scaling Spell Damage decreased to (+5% Current Health) from (+10% Current Health). R - Energy cost increased to 30% Max Energy from 20%. - 'Septic Sphere' projectile movement speed reduced to 5 from 8. - Updated sound & visuals. Tychus Q - Weapon Damage scaling reduced to 90% from 110%. - Energy cost reduced to 50/60/70/80 from 60/70/80/90. Unix - Added 'Alt2' skin. Q - Updated sound. Vespus - Added 'Alt2' skin. Q - Now also slows Attack Speed by 30%. - Slow duration increased to 2.5 seconds from 2. W - Now grants 4/8/12/16 Armor & Spell Armor instead of 7/10/13/16 Armor and 1.5/2/2.5/3 Health Regen. Lasts 30s from 60s. - Enemies attacking allies with Mephitic Armor on will lose 3/6/9/12 Armor and Spell Armor instead of losing 10/15/20/25% Attack Speed. - Energy cost set to 30 from 25/30/35/40. - Cooldown decreased to 10s from 15s. R - Updated sounds. Yig - Added 'Alt2' skin. Zyrkhan - Added 'Alt2' skin.
  8. AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, it was indeed a great (and close) game to the end. Thanks for playtesting with us. I don’t know who the next hero is gonna be honestly. There are several concepts floating around. Whichever attracts inspiration first will come. But he or she will probably be an agility hero since we just had STR and the one before was INT. I can tell you this though; there are 8 hero slots remaining and that Fenix is absolutely one of them - and he will probably be an Agility hero. :p
  9. AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    New Attributes 100 Agility: Weapon Damage 0 [+50] Weapon Speed +14% [+28%] Movement Speed +2% [+2%] Physical Resistance +2% [+2%] 100 Strength: Weapon Damage 0 [+50] Health +60 [+80] Health Regeneration +4 [+8] Spell Resistance +2% [+2%] 100 Intelligence: Weapon Damage 0 [+50] Spell Damage +2% [+2%] Energy +10 [+20] Energy Regeneration +1.5 [+3] Old Attributes 100 Agility: Weapon Damage 30 [+60] Weapon Speed +14% [+28%] 100 Strength: Weapon Damage 20 [+20] Health +80 [+80] Health Regeneration +4 [+8] 100 Intelligence: Weapon Damage 20 [+20] Energy +10 [+2-] Energy Regeneration +1.5 [+2]
  10. AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Beta Map updated.
  11. Aeon of Storms BETA-Test Games

    Well we usually organized these through bnet and/or here. Zorro was excellent at putting these together. I think we should try for it this weekend, have a full blown IH session.
  12. Changelog v2.13-2.17

    Ok, I had to look up Warwick. For some reason, I thought that was a typo and he meant Warfield. >_<'
  13. Changelog v2.13-2.17

    No, it still works almost exactly like before. Roots and damages over time. But it’s a skill shot now and it has the added passive effect that interacts with his other abilities.
  14. Changelog v2.11

    Nothing changed about Shadow's passive recently. Can you be more specific? Was there an item involved?
  15. Zoom out?

    Higher resolution does not equal more view space. It just means more pixels in a given area. The field of view in SC2 doesn't increase with your resolution or your monitor size. The view area is standardized by Blizzard for SC2 as a whole AFAIK. I think they did this for balance reasons to ensure all players are on equal footing. I think also game performance is negatively affected by zooming out more so that's another reason for the fixed field of view. I'm on a 27' Mac myself, so I get what you're talking about. I recommend sitting farther away from the screen.