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  1. Changelog v2.5-2.7

    Well Drake W doesn't work with Organic in combat anymore if that's any consolation. STR heroes still have an edge from what I gather so there will likely be a few more tweaks. Probably buffs to their counters rather than direct nerfs. Nobody likes hard nerfs and Drake is loved by many.
  2. Cyprus

    Ah that explains it. Combined with the heroic, we're looking at almost 50% CDR (not to mention timescale) and IIRC the talent and Cyp's heroic break CDR cap. We can't nerf you though.
  3. Cyprus

    What were his items?
  4. Boros the buster of all the magic heroes

    Boros currently is very strong but not stupid strong in the hands of a skilled player. His abilities are stronger late game but weaker earlier, but that's only because his "timing" was shifted to that of a carry or semi-carry.
  5. They've re-added autostart but with a 5 second delay. Still can remove annoying trolls. Still no specs. :(
  6. Changelog v2.5-2.7

    Well his energy costs went way up to be in line with everyone else, so he can't just be full tank if he wants to spam his abilities.
  7. it has its advantages and disadvantages but I think ultimately the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. If a host is AFK, it's better he is AFK in the lobby than when the game starts. Also players will have the opportunity to recognize AFK hosts and avoid their lobbies completely. Starting a second lobby and inviting players is easier than ever now. Removing autostart also means that you can actually control who the 10th player in your game is, meaning you don't have to deal with unwanted bm players force joining your game. Eventually, players that are consistently good hosts will gain a reputation for it and people will join their lobbies instead of others.
  8. It makes sense in the context of them allowing and displaying multiple lobbies. When the game ends, you go back to the landing page "Map Info" and there you will find all the currently available lobbies to choose from rather than automatically enter one or make one. It's 2 clicks instead of one and you get to ensure your next game is what you want it to be.
  9. This is great news for AoS!!!! Take note of the parts in red and bold. And don't forget to "pin" AoS!!! Source http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/21048080/patch-319-preview-arcade-improvements-10-9-2017
  10. Changelog v2.5-2.7

    Both. But physical DPS have it easier against tanks. Caster Carries can still melt tanks, but they need one or two more items to do it, but it's still definitely possible. But what I was trying to say was that of the several types of carries - DPS, Caster, and even Bruiser carries. DPS carries tend to be more naturally suited for destroying tanks.
  11. Changelog v2.5-2.7

    Most casters should not be able to burst down tanks so easily. This was intentionally made more difficult. That's why they are tanks. Plenty of casters, especially the INT carries when fully itemized can still destroy tanks. But those are more situationally possible now. You bring up Rune, which is meant to stop healing primarily. When compounded with other INT items like Gravity, Argus, and/or Yamato, it can still deal intense damage to tanks like I said but there is a steep economic price for this. You should balance your teams accordingly to ensure all roles are represented, and/or your enemy draft is countered. Rely mostly on your carry to destroy tanks instead of insisting that your INT caster build should.
  12. Changelog v2.5-2.7

    There is more magic penetration since mask still gives you bonus spell damage AND every point of int amps your spell damage by tiny amounts.
  13. Aeon of Storms BETA-Test Games

    IH!!! + 3
  14. Changelog v2.5-2.7

    32% actually. Since the second and third projectile deal 50% less damage anyway. W was one shotting squishy heroes too fast with only a one or two INT items. Still obscenely powerful.
  15. Proper gaming pc = runs AoS fantastically. :D