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  1. When you pick it up/consume it that is...

    how to fix tetra

    We usually try to do IHs on Saturdays and Sundays as that is when traffic peaks and we can get 2 and sometimes even 3 games going simultaneously. Bnet App Chat Group https://blizzard.com/invite/nvRY0uobv

    AoS 2019: The Storm Rages On...

    June 2019...

    [v1.351] Hero Database

    Yes, it would be helpful but it's only me at this time and I honestly don't have that kind of time. What time I do have I dedicate to the game itself. If members of the community want to rise up and help update this and the wiki database I will gladly try to facilitate everything they need. Until then the best and most updated source of information on heroes can be found in the game and in patchnotes.

    how to fix tetra

    The idea is that the item has its place, purpose and drawbacks. It’s only spell immunity, which can be countered by other types of damage at best or baiting the active out prematurely at worst, leaving the item in cooldown for the rest of the team fight. Team comps should be balanced so that you have ranged and melee, different types of damage coming from different roles. If you are all spell damage that’s on you not Tetra for example. In AoS, you have the advantage of seeing what items the enemy is purchasing in real time with a click of a button, this should not be underestimated as you can infer what the enemy plan is and counter it before it reaches fruition. On the other end, Tetra is finally being recognized by players after being in the game for a long time. If it gets out of hand, we can revisit its price, active duration, and/or silence penalty.

    how to fix tetra

    Depends who you ask. /boros

    how to fix tetra

    What do you mean by “fix”?

    Jakk Mines

    ^True story. Controller wards have 18u radius and can give you radar over Jakk mines.

    how to fix tetra

    What are we trying to do again?
  10. MOTHER

    Jakk Mines

    Dream suggested something like this. I will look into it. Right now your best way to counter the Construct is a ranged hero with Eye of Amon or Flares. Scout area before engaging always. The construct is too slow so that one you find it, you should be able to take it down fast. Easy money.
  11. MOTHER

    Jakk Mines

    No. Hunter's Knife' active has a much longer cooldown and was designed with the intent on being used to jungle. Hatchet's active is designed purely to deward (and de-mine) quickly and especially by melee heroes unable to reach and destroy said "structures". The financial and tactical burden Jakk places on you and your team to try to counter him is part of his design, but the tools are all there to almost completely suppress him once you decide to do it.
  12. MOTHER

    [Database] Matriarch.Vorazun

    You are correct. And I found the source of this problem and fixed it thanks to this discussion. But now I am concerned of how strong Vorazun will be without this bug handicapping her. I may have to revise the Shadow Clones' damage potential in the next patch.
  13. MOTHER

    Jakk Mines

    You can destroy mines and wards using Hunter's Hatchet active.
  14. MOTHER

    [Database] Matriarch.Vorazun

    The bug was caused by completely unrelated thing and was fixed in the most recent patch. As mentioned in the tooltip, Shadow Clones proc PASSIVE on-hit unique effects from items such as Hunter's Hatchet/Knife, Shard of Ruin, Cauterizer, Sliptide, Pyre, FoE, Cerebro, and Darwin's Might. General stats like Lifesteal and Crit also proc. On the flipside, it also means that Shadows will proc DST from the enemy. The exceptions to the rule are Everthirst and Explosive Retrofit. It will not proc active on-hit effects such as the powerstrike family of effects or activated effects such as Naix Claw, Energy Saber, and Time Splitter. The heroic passive only procs against enemy heroes and only if the enemy hero is isolated from other enemy heroes (alone in 12u radius). You can test this passive and its interactions in Single player against the Test Obelisk in the forest, which is isolated. The ones in the base are too close together to proc.