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  1. The following apply to all participants in our Battle.net Social Group and Discord Server. Failure to adhere to these will result in a ban for a selected period of time depending on what rules were broken. With each repeat offense, the ban duration will increase, stacking to a maximum. At max stacks, you will be permanently banned from AoS Social Groups. Ignores Debuff Immunity. B) General Rules & Guidelines 1- Flaming and personal attacks of any kind, or inciting others to engage in the aforementioned is not allowed. This especially includes harassment on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease. If this does occur please local mute the offending party and immediately report to a moderator, and let the moderator take charge. If this occurs during an inhouse, local mute the player and finish the inhouse. Once done, report the incident to a moderator. NOTE: Raging at a player or friendly banter between players isn't regarded as an offense (as this is a game and mistakes happen, and people get angry). However, continuing to rage at a specific player throughout the game and even after is regarded abuse and you will be banned. 2- Spamming multiple channels, or coming into a channel and spamming chat or stream during an inhouse and/or discussion will result in a 1 day ban. This includes using the "@" function to tag people with the intent of spamming or irritating said people. NOTE: If you need to convey a message to a player and you are not sure if the player is inh'ing or not coming into the channel - ask "are you busy?", and wait for the response. do not come into the channel and start spamming players' names you want to get hold of until they answer. 3- Playing music or any other sounds constantly while people are talking/ingame, basically irritating them, will result in you being kicked from the server, if you constantly rejoin and continue to play music or other sounds, will result in a ban of 1 day. NOTE: Yes, people troll and it is funny at appropriate times, and this is allowed, but if any person in the channel finds the music offensive or irritating, this will result in a kick or ban from the server. 4- Trolling and joking is permitted but only to the extent that other participants are not getting offended by it. Once a person is offended, the offending person will be asked to stop. If they do not stop, report them to a mod and they will be kicked from the server. If this behavior continues, they will be banned. 5- Do not post violent, hateful, or pornographic images/memes/animated gifs. Our playerbase is made up of a variety of age groups and come from different backgrounds, so please use common sense when posting. Such images will be deleted on sight and the offending person will be warned. If this behavior continues, they will be banned. 6- Use the designated channels for your discussions (e.g. Do not discuss world affairs in the Bug Reports channel). Stay on topic. Repeat offenders will be kicked, and subsequently banned. B) Discord Inhouse Rules & Etiquette: Do not intentionally AFK or throw an inhouse game, you will get banned from games. Do not ragequit an inhouse or leave before one team surrenders/loses, you will get banned from games. Do not deafen yourself during an inhouse game, you will get banned from games. Do not shout at or verbally abuse other players over the mic, you will get banned from games. If you have a personal grievance with another player, do not make it a public problem for other players. Mute each other, and do not play on the same team. Keep it civil, or you both may get banned from games. DO use a push-to-talk function on your mic when playing. DO check your connection always and to the best of your ability make sure you are good to go for games. If not for yourself, then for the 9 other human beings who are playing with you!

    A Maternity Leave

    I don't think that's a likely scenario from what I gather, but I would only trust Adam to know what to do with this game at this stage since we made AoS 7 together. A lot has changed internally. September isn't far off. We shall see how this hiatus unfolds. 🙂

    A Maternity Leave

    Greetings, Having fulfilled the Promise of Spring, do note that I will be taking a leave from development until September to focus on other projects. I will still be around for inhouse games when I can on our newly refurnished (and fabulous!) Discord server, and you can always reach me on this forum if needs be. This month is a very special month for us by the way. Our 7th iteration turns 3 years old 100 patches later. More importantly, AoS itself is celebrating its 10th anniversary! How time flies (when you're having fun). Thank you to everyone who supported and continues to support this game and its community throughout its long life. When development resumes in September focus will shift towards improving balance after the barrage of new content in the last 6+ months. You can also look forward to a new feature, and maybe another "Mother Hero" or two before year's end. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Stay safe, and enjoy your summer!

    Changelog v2.98-2.100

    It's 2.100 actually and we'll find out very soon. 3.0 = AoS 8?

    Aegis active graphics

    It should reflect any damage you receive except damage that has already been reflected. So Rancor's nukes should reflect back to Rancor. Otherwise it's a bug if verified that needs to be addressed.

    Changelog v2.98-2.100

    v2.98-2.100 (v2.36-2.38 EU) General Game - Added Defiler.Thakras - Sound Alerts for destroying Towers/Suppressors are now distinct based on whether they are ally or enemy buildings. - Addressed an issue where the XP reward from Assists was applying inconsistently to assisting heroes. - Addressed other various bugs (v2.99-2.100). Mechanics - Added 'Dispel': Dispel is a new status effect to Aeon of Storms that removes Temporary Buffs from enemy units. Temporary buffs can be provided by heroic active or passive abilities, or item actives or uniques. Other notable interactions include removal of Slow Immunity, Removal and/or depletion of Shields, and disabling of Increased Healing. Certain buffs such as those provided by Ultimates, Talents, or Buffs such as Debuff Immunity, Cloaking, Powerstrike, Chain Lightning, and Reflects are excluded from Dispel's influence. For the time being, Dispel is available only on Defiler.Thakras' Ultimate ability. Below you will find a list of Buffs provided by Abilities and Items that are removed by Dispel. Ability Buffs: Abysmal E (Stacks), Akasha Q, Alexei E, Anthrax E, Artanis E, Axiom W, Brine Q/W, Cain E, Corona E, Crackling Q, Dakrun E (Stacks), Dehaka HP (Stacks), Egon Q/W, Tassadar W/E, Fenix E, Feral W/E, Tychus HP (Stacks), Geneva HP/Q (Blue Gene), Greelus W, Huntress HP/W, King E, Karax Q/E, Leo Q/W, Maar E/WWE/EEE, Vorazun E, Nemesis E (Stacks), Overlord Q/W (Stacks), Pyro Q, Rory W, Shadow W, Solidus W, Starscream W, Summers Q (Active), Chuck W, Vega HP/W/R (Stacks), Vespus W, Viron HP/E (Stacks), Yig E, and Zyrkhan HP/Q/E (Stacks). Item Buffs: C-48 Gauss Cannon (Active), Contamination Shard (Momentum), Eternal Drive (Active), Ihan Crystal (Active), Everthirst (Passive), Spell Buffer (Active), Naix Claw (Active), Cauterizer (Stacks), Tenderizer (Stacks), Korhal Vanguard (Active), Xenomorph Cleaver (Stacks), Arcbound Ravager (Momentum), Lethal Barb (Active), Schrodinger's Lockbox (Momentum), Sustainer (Active), Space Battery (Active), Galactic Defender (Active/Passive), Phantom Menace (Excludes Cloaking), Silver Soul (Active), Sliptide Scythe (Stacks), Symphonic Seed (Max Buff, excludes stacks), Twin Paradox Isolator (Active), Yamato Reactor (Active), Ghosting Garb (Active), Juggernaut Imperium (Stacks), Time Splitter (Active), Explosive Retrofit (Active), and Tyde Pod (Active). Help (F12) - Updated. Miscellaneous - New loading screen. Terrain General - Added new bushes adjacent to the T1 Mid Towers. - Certain large doodads adjacent to the Offlane Protoss and Zerg Sanctums, as well as adjacent to the Side Shops now appropriately block vision. - Added birthday cake (!). Neutral Creeps General - Map Bosses (Imperial Behemoth, Aeon, and Daggoth) now all have True Strike, rendering their basic attacks resistant to Evasion effects. - Imperial Thor replaced with the new Prototype Enforcer! The Prototype Enforcer shares the same stats such as tier, health, armor, drops, and bounty with Thor but has a unique weapon, the Focus Cannon, that continuously deals 90 Spell Damage per second. (Note: The Emperor called, and demanded his toy back...) Primary Creeps General - All Protoss and Zerg Units now have team colored life bars until their health reaches or drops below 12.5% Max Health, after which their life bars will change to the color red. Structures General - T1/T2/T3 Towers' Base Attack Damage rescaled to 100/150/200 from 150/175/200. - T1/T2/T3 Towers Armor Penetration decreased to 25/50/75% from 50/65/80%. - The Siegemaster Aura provided by Towers now also increases Allied Heroes' Energy regeneration by 0.75. - All Protoss and Zerg Structures now have team colored life bars. If their health reaches or drops below 12.5% Max Health, their life bars will change to the color red. Items General - One point of Intelligence now grants 3 Energy and 0.04 Energy Regeneration from 2 Energy and 0.02 Energy Regeneration. Blue Gene - Priced increased to 4200 from 4100. C-48 Gauss Cannon - Active cooldown reduced to 22 from 24. (v2.100) Cerebro - Intelligence decreased to 70 from 80. Contamination Shard - Contaminator Unique now increases Physical Damage by 11% from 9%, further increasing by 5.5% per stack from 3%. (Total Physical Damage Amplification increases to 22% from 21%.) - Debuff duration reduced to 5 from 6. Chaos Filament - Power Overwhelming 1 Unique now provides 11% Spell Penetration from 7%. Chilling Artifact - Intelligence increased to 65 from 60. Darksteel Titan - Forged Metals 2 Unique now provides 18% Weapon Damage Reduction from 16%. Energy Saber - Energize active now deals 2x Energy Consumed as Spell Damage from 3x. Explosive Retrofit (Rework) - Meteora 2 Unique now deals 45 (+2.5% Target Current Health) (+70% Weapon Damage) Physical Damage from (+60% Weapon Damage). (Note: Still 70% Effective on Ranged Heroes, and 50% Effective against Non-Neutrals. - Heal reduced to 10% of additional Damage dealt from 50%. - Added new 'Maelstrom Rounds' Active: Your next Basic Attack explodes on impact, dealing 90 (+5% Target Current Health) (+100% Weapon Damage) Physical Damage to the target and enemies in a 3-unit radius around your target. Deals 70% Damage on Ranged Heroes. This effect is only 50% effective against Non-Neutral units and has No Effect on Heroic units. Lasts 10s or 1 attack. 25 second cooldown. - Meteora 2 now disabled while Maelstrom Rounds is activated. - Price increased to 3600 from 3400. Eye of Amon - Territorial 1 Unique changed to grant 10% Movement Speed when you are not within 12u of any Enemy Unit. This effect is disabled if you have taken damage from an Enemy Hero in the last 10 seconds. - Survivalist Unique (+10% XP from Non-heroic deaths) removed. Force of Entropy - Disarm 3 active now cannot be removed by Debuff Immunity (however, it will not apply to a target that is currently Debuff Immune.) Gravity Edge - Power Overwhelming 2 Unique now provides 22% Spell Penetration from 20%. Hunter's Hatchet - Hunt 1 Unique now grants 25/35 bonus Physical Damage against Neutrals from 20/30. - Hunt 1 Unique now grants 15 Health Regenerated from attacks against Neutrals from 10. Juggernaut Imperium - Power Overwhelming 2 Unique now provides 22% Spell Penetration from 20%. Khalis Relic - Overcharge 3 Unique now grants temporary 10 Intelligence up to 5x from 5 Intelligence up to 10x. Kura's Deathmask - Enfeeble Unique now only reduces Enemy Spell Damage Resistance from reducing both Physical and Spell Resistance. - Enfeeble duration increased to 5s from 4s. Lethal Barb (v2.100; Rework) - Removed 1 Bladed Collar component; now grants 15% Crit Chance from 20%. - Active now grants +70% Weapon Speed and increases Damage Taken by 15% from +25% Weapon Damage, +25% Weapon Speed, and +12.5% Damage Taken. - Active duration reduced to 6s from 8s. - Cooldown reduced to 24 from 30. - Price reduced to 1900 from 2600. Necrotizer - Price reduced to 575 from 800. Newtonian Armor - Forged Metals 1 Unique now provides 9% Weapon Damage Reduction from 8%. Predator Tusk - Price reduced to 1350 from 1600. - Meteora 1 Unique now deals 30 (+1.5% Target Current Health) (+60% Weapon Damage) Physical Damage from (+60% Weapon Damage). (Note: Still 70% Effective on Ranged Heroes but now has no effect against Non-Neutrals.) - AoE increased to 3u-radius from 2.5u. - Now heals you for 10% of the additional Damage dealt. - Survivalist Unique (+10% XP from Non-heroic deaths) added.. Scavenger's Veil - Scavenger's Way Unique renamed and repositioned as Territorial 1. Silver Soul - Armor and Spell Armor increased back to 18 from 16. Soul Sustainer - Unique now provides 5% Cooldown Reduction, and 5 Energy Regenerated every 5 seconds from 10% Cooldown Reduction. Star's Fury (v2.100) - Removed Storm Pauldrons component; Now grants 40 Intelligence from 60. Sword Breaker - Disarm 1 active now slows Attack Speed by 60% from 40%. Symphonic Seed - Unique now provides 4% Max Energy Regen per second from 3.5% (Total Energy Regenerated increased to 20% Max from 17.5%). Tyde Pods - Charges reduced to 2 from 3. Whale Breast (v2.100) - Weapon Damage reduced to 2 from 3. - Cooldown between each use increased to 6 from 2. Heroes General - One point of Intelligence now grants 3 Energy and 0.04 Energy Regeneration from 2 Energy and 0.02 Energy Regeneration. Anthrax (v2.100) Q - Cooldown set at 12 from 15/14/13/12. W - Cooldown set at 16 from 15/14/13/12. E - Cooldown set at 14 from 15/14/13/12. Arges HP - CDR per stack stored reduced to 3.5% from 4%. Q - Cast range rescaled to 6.5/7/7.5/8 from 6/7/8/9. - Cast time increased to 0.25 from 0.15. W - Duration reduced to 5 from 6. Avenger HP - Bonus damage from stacks consumed by The Punisher (R) is now Physical Damage from True Damage. E - Cast range decreased to 5/6/7/8 from 7/8/9/10. Artanis - Added -"alt" skin. HP - Scaling Spell Damage increased to 35%-110% INT from 25%-100% INT. E - Energy cost rescaled back to 40/50/60/70 from 30/50/70/90. Biotron HP - Damage reduction against structures decreased to 15% from 50%. Cyprus - Basic Attack Range increased to 6.5 from 5.5. Q - Energy cost rescaled to 30/45/60/75 from 75. Dakrun W - Now applies on-hit effects on impact. R - Now applies 3 stacks of Thorns from 2. - Now applies on-hit effects on impact. - Cooldown set at 40 from 60/50/40. Darpa Q/E - Cooldown increased to 16 from 14. W - Bonus Damage per Vendetta stack decreased to 10/15/20/25% Weapon Damage from 15/20/25/30%. (v2.100) Defiler (v2.100) - Base Movement Speed reduced to 3.15 from 3.25. HP - Bonus Physical Damage rescaled to 2-6% Target Missing Health from 2-10%. - Now deals 2x damage against targets currently under the effect of Defilement (R). - Bonus damage is now only dealt to Enemy Heroes. Q - Cast time improved to 0.15 from 0.3. W - Area of Effect reduced to 3.5u-radius AoE from 4u-radius. E - Slow duration reduced to 1.5s from 3s. Dehaka Q - Scaling Spell Damage decreased to 50% INT from 75%. E - Scaling Spell Damage decreased to 50% Weapon Damage from 75%. R - Scaling Spell Damage decreased to 50% STR from 75%. Drake Q - Cast range set at 10u from 7/8/9/10u. Dustin - Basic Attack Range increased to 6.75 from 6.5. E - Energy cost rescaled to 50/80/110/140 from 90/115/140/165. Egon - Added -"alt" skin. Fenix - Added -"alt" skin. R - Cast range set at 8 from 8/9/10. (v2.100) Feral HP - Weapon Damage per attack changed to 60-100% Weapon Damage (based on Terminus' level) from 100% Weapon Damage. (Note: Enemies can still be struck multiple times per attack). (v2.100) E - Cooldown increased to 40/35/30/25 from 20. R - Base Spell Damage rescaled to 60/80/100 from 40/70/100. (v2.100) - Base Energy cost per second increased to 20/25/30 from 15/20/25. Garamond Q - Energy cost rescaled to 40/60/80/100 from 70/85/100/115. Huntress Q - Scaling Damage increased to 75% INT and 75% Weapon Damage from 60% each respectively. - Scaling Damage will now apply the highest of the two instead of both simultaneously. - Damage type changed to Physical or Spell Damage from Physical; Damage Type is now determined by the highest of the two Scaling Damages. - Energy cost decreased to 40/50/60/70 from 50/60/70/80. E - Now cannot be removed by Debuff Immunity (Note: However, it will not initially apply to a target that is currently debuff immune). R - Scaling Damage will now apply the highest of the two instead of both simultaneously. - Damage type changed to Physical or Spell Damage from Physical; Damage Type is now determined by the highest of the two Scaling Damages. - Cooldown set at 60 from 90/75/60. - Energy cost rescaled to 200/250/300 from 200/275/350. Immortal R (Blue Gene) - The 2 rings now deal -15% Spell Damage from -30%. Ixian HP - Base Physical Damage per charge reduced to 10 from 20.(v2.100) - Internal cooldown increased to 3 from 2. W - Cooldown rescaled to 22/18/14/10 from 20/16/12/8. Karax - Added -"alt" skin. W - Now on Allied heroes, attacking will dispel the cloak instantly, while casting abilities will dispel the cloak after 2s. However on Karax himself, only attacking will dispel the cloak. (v2.100) - Cooldown rescaled to 24/22/20/18 from 30/26/22/18. E - Self/Ally Weapon Speed Reduction reduced to 25/20/15/10% from 30/25/20/15%. - Scaling Spell Damage increased to 25% INT from 20%. Kuradel - Basic Attack Range increased to 6.5 from 5.5. Q - Energy cost rescaled to 40/60/80/100 from 60/80/100/120. Micro R - Now increases Attack Range by 0.25/0.5/0.75 (1.5/1.75/2; Still considered Melee). Narud - Primary Basic Attack' ("Void Burst") Spell Damage increased to 20 + (1*LVL) (+10% INT) from 20 (+10% INT) per volley of void energy. - Primary Basic Attack increased to 6.5 from 5.5. - Secondary Basic Attack' ("Void Pulse") Spell Damage decreased to 2x Primary Attack Spell Damage from 3x. E (Absolute Control; Rework) - Upon activation, all Locii of Power within 10u-radius of Narud will pull in all Non-massive Enemy Units in an area around them, then Disarm and Slow their Movement Speed by 50% for a Duration. Area of Effect: 2.5u-radius Duration: 2s / 3s / 4s / 5s Cooldown: 30 / 28 / 26 / 24 R - Scaling Energy Cost per Second reduced from 2% Max Energy to 1%. Nemesis - Base attack speed increased to 2 from 1.8. (v2.100) W - Scaling Energy Absorption decreased to 5% Target Max Energy from 6%. W (Blue Gene) - Now drains life equal to current-level Energy Absorption from 2x. - Max channel time reduced to 10 from 14. - Addressed an issue where Nemesis would heal life twice the intended amount (as per tooltip). E - Now requires 3 Heroic Attacks to Destroy from 4 (or 6 Non-heroic attacks from 8). - Energy cost increased to 125/150/175/200 from 100/125/150/175. (v2.100) Overlord Q/W - Stolen Intelligence stacks no longer refresh duration on Overlord or Targets. V (Blue Gene) - Now requires 3 Heroic Attacks to destroy from 4. Raynor - Basic Attack Range increased to 7.5 from 7. Q - Energy cost rescaled to 30/45/60/75 from 75 W - Raiders' Attack Range increased to 6 from 5. V (Blue Gene) - Now extends the duration of Marked for Death (Q) on enemies by 3s. - Energy cost increased to 175 from 150. Rob E - Now requires 2 hits to destroy from 3. Shadow Q - Cooldown increased increased to 20/18/16/14 from 18/16/14/12. W - Cooldown increased to 18 from 16. Starscream E - Starscream now has unobstructed flying vision while in Flight Mode. Stukov Q - Energy cost rescaled to 50/75/100/125 from 50/80/110/140. Tassadar E - Cooldown no longer is disabled while active (Note: Addresses the issue of the ability occasionally not passing on to the Projection). Turraneth - Basic Attack Range increased to 6.5 from 5.5. Vergil Q - Scaling Spell Damage increased to 35% INT from 30%. - Charge Cooldown rescaled to 10/8/6/4 from 11/9/7/5. - Cooldown between each charge use decreased to 1 from 2. - Energy cost rescaled to 30/45/60/75 from 50/75/100/125. - Energy Leech from Damage reduced to 15% from 20%. E - Trick Illusions now take +150% Damage from +200%. - Cooldown rescaled to 24/20/16/12 from 22/18/14/10. R - Scaling Spell Damage increased to 35% INT from 30%. Viron W - Viron now has Slow Immunity during Flatulence Jump. R - During Reconstitution, most Debuffs are now removed from Viron (Fix). Vorazun HP (Blue Gene) - Internal cooldown reduced to 3s from 5s. (v2.100) W - Energy cost reduced to 50 from 60. (v2.100) E - Addressed an issue where Vorazun will occasionally not swap places with her Shadow Clone. - Added permanent rangefinder for the ability. R - Scaling Physical Damage changed to 15% Target Current Health from 10% Target Max Health. (v2.100) - Energy cost set at 150 from 100/125/150. Zyrkhan (v2.100) R - Duration increased to 5s from 4s.


    DPS items (especially those with raw weapon dmg) are on average more expensive than INT items, and can have steeper build-ups. This allows INT heroes to come online faster with less. There is also an item in the game for Casters that want to have an easy time in the Jungle called Spirit Containment Vessel (or SCV for short). It allows them to clear camps faster and help with bosses later.


    That is still very much the case. No one even brought up splitpushers and that style of play. I said AGI Melee Carry, a hero built for head on late game combat, should be more likely outperform a mage carry - VERY late game.

    Old Heroes, New Skins!

    I'd just like to just make a shout out and introduce you to @AlleyV, He has kindly been working on new alt models for heroes that otherwise would've likely never received secondary skins. Heroes like Defiler, Egon, Karax, Artanis, and Fenix now all have alternate skins thanks to him. You can enjoy some of these works in Aeon of Storms right now. You can also further check out the work of this talented artist here.
  10. MOTHER

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    NA and EU Beta Maps updated.
  11. Defiler.Thakras Type: - Carry / Disabler Starting Stats: Starting Health – 464 Movement Speed – 3.25 Attack Range – 6 Attack Speed – 1.85 Starting Damage – 53 Base Armor.Resist – 21.5% [19] Base Spell Armor/Resist – 14.1% Strength – 32 + [5] Agility – 36 + [7]*** Intelligence – 22 + [4] __________________________________________________ [Heroic Passive] - [Great Unclean One] Defiler's Basic Attacks deal bonus Physical Damage to enemies, increasing the closer they are to him. This additional damage Ignores Shields. Physical Damage: 2-10% Target Missing Health (Based on Distance) __________________________________________________ [Q] - [Nocuous Nests] Target Point Defiler spawns a row of Nocuous Nests that violently burst after 0.75s delay whenever an enemy moves over them or after a Duration. Each Nocuous Nest deals Spell Damage and Slows enemies in a 2.5u-radius area. Slow stacks up to 3 times. Nocuous Nests: 3 / 3 / 4 / 4 Spell Damage per Nest: 45 / 60 / 75 / 90 (+35% INT) Slow per Nest: 25% Slow Duration: 3 seconds Timed Life: 5 seconds Energy Cost: 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 Cooldown: 22 / 20 / 18 / 16 seconds Range: 6.5u / 8u / 9.5u / 11u __________________________________________________ [W] - [Dark Swarm] Activate; 4u AoE Defiler unleashes a massive spore cloud that grants bonus Attack Speed to all Allied Heroes and Structures within. Basic Attacks from Enemies outside the cloud are also Evaded completely. Evasion: +100% Attack Speed: +15% / + 27% / +36% / +48% Duration: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 seconds Energy Cost: 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 Cooldown: 24 / 22 / 20 / 18 seconds __________________________________________________ [E] - [Black Death] Passive Defiler's Basic Attacks infect Enemy Units causing them to explode after a Duration. The explosion deals Spell Damage in a 2.5u-radius area and Slows Enemy Movement. Further attacks against infected Heroic or Neutral units titillate Defiler, granting him temporary stacking bonus Critical Chance - up to 3x. This bonus lasts as long as Defiler keeps attacking the infected target. Infected enemies that are under the effect of Defilement (R), or that die while under the effect of Black Death will deal 1.5x Spell Damage. Black Death itself is non-refreshing and non-stacking. Critical Chance Bonus: 14% / 18% / 22% / 26% Spell Damage: 25% / 50% / 75% / 100% Weapon Damage Movement Speed Slow: 25% Slow Duration: 3 seconds Debuff Duration: 6 seconds __________________________________________________ [R] - [Defilement] Target Unit Silences, continuously Dispels, and deals True Damage over time to a single target enemy unit for a Duration. The target is also Detected and Revealed to Defiler. Defilement is Refreshed if the target moves too close to Defiler, and is Removed if the target moves too far. Ignores Debuff Immunity. True Damage per Second: 3% / 4% / 5% Target Max Health Refresh Distance: 2u Removal Distance: 8u Duration: 8 seconds Energy Cost: 175 / 225 / 275 Cooldown: 130 / 110 / 90 seconds Range: 6u
  12. MOTHER

    The Promise of Spring...

    Available on the Beta Map tomorrow! Now!
  13. MOTHER


    A Corona that is ahead can still wipe the floor with entire enemy teams. Not everyone gets Tetra, let alone Parallax. When in doubt, maybe get Blue Gene and ionize everything. Also the increase to Q CD's was meant to make her rely on E to keep the CD low. Anyway, this is not why I am posting. I did some testing and numbers crunching, and I came to the conclusion that you are right. INT Mages are underperforming during the time you should be able to rely on them to carry your team (From end of laning phase to late midgame/early-mid late game). The inconsistencies I found means there will be some hero specific and several overarching changes meant to address their performance levels during these stages. However, I do not agree with you that very late game they are not as strong as they should be. I think they fall off when they should (on paper at least). Very late game, a position 1 Mage Carry should be less likely to outperform a position 1 AGI Carry (Melee especially) with all things equal. There are a few ideas that came to me for some INT items I would love to do, but as I said I won't be able to during this development cycle as I am in the process of wrapping things up.
  14. MOTHER

    anyone here

    Usually on Sundays around 4:PM EST, EU and/or NA. Mostly organized on battlenet client or Discord groups. https://blizzard.com/invite/W0DP5sMz
  15. MOTHER

    Aegis active graphics

    Aegis isn't a purely anti-dps item - it reflects all damage and some damage can't stop once it starts like DPS. You can reflect things like Queen's Banelings and Maar's meteors for example, or Pyro R. Like Sync said, sometimes just knowing the enemy has an aegis equipped is enough to make you think twice. It's important for players to sonically and visually (at all graphics levels) be able to discern what's going on in the game as much as possible. Especially when it comes to very critical effects such as a massive Damage Reflect.