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    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Updating beta...

    Where is AoS?

    It's not impossible at all, and I went over it in my head it's very much feasible. But the problem with this is two fold: 1- It would be very time consuming, and the finite time I (and Adam probably) have in my life that is allocated to AoS would honestly be better spent on improving the base game, addressing your concerns, and developing new heroes. 2- We cannot afford to divide the playerbase of AoS further. You can decide in the lobby to play ARAM/mid only with however many players on the existing map and it would likely result in a similar experience to what you're describing.

    Changelog v2.25-2.27

    Come again? The audio/visual updates are intended to maximize the use of SC2 assets and make every hero/item's assets as unique as SC2 allows. Also making audio/visual cues unique can improve the gameplay experience. Balance-wise, Rory is in a good spot and has been a long time. Or do you think he should be changed in someway?

    Where is AoS?

    One could also argue that Blizzard itself has made a series of missteps in the last year or so at least which have expedited the inevitable death of the game. But we've been dead before so doesn't bother me. A game is alive so long as people are willing to play it.

    Most toxic Community

    Sorry for your experience. Unfortunately, there isn't much we as developers can do in such circumstances. My suggestion would be to make your own lobby and when the current game ends, people will automatically enter yours. Even though this problem of yours has been ongoing for some time now, there are still many community members that are patient and accepting of new players. Don't judge the whole due to the actions of the few. Hope you find GGs on your next try.

    Asuras Guise

    Get Cerebro, Adamantium Alloy, Symphonic Seed, or Eternal Drive to help counteract its effects.

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    For their price, those items gave far too much and took away from other early game items. Consider this in the context of recent changes such as: 1- The new consumables added and the tweaks to existing consumables that offer lenient health and energy regen in lane. 2- Lifesteal of Machete repurposed for Hunter's Hatchet and Hunter's Knife. 3- Attributes giving more per point than before. 4- Sanctums offering near lane high regen. 5- STR heroes meta was in part due to their ability to mitigate physical and spell damage early. Buckler did not help. For their price, the items are still giving a ton of value. Changes are not final anyway.

    Changelog v2.28-2.29

    Lifetech (Health + Spell Armor) - Debuff Immunity for 1.5s every 75s - Passive. Parallax (Attributes) - Debuff Immunity for 3s every 25 seconds - Passive. Tetragrammaton (Primary Attribute + Weapon Damage) - Debuff (Spell) Immunity for 6s every 90s - Active. Eternal Drive (Energy + Armor) - Debuff Immunity for 3s every 60s - Active. All heroes may need debuff immunity, but not all heroes should be forced to buy Parallax singularly for this. Previously, Parallax had a monopoly of sorts on this effect, and it still potentially gives the most debuff immunity per minute out of all 4 items. There are plenty of debuffs in AoS, some more variety to counter these seemed necessary. Different heroes will choose different items based on their circumstances and preferred builds.

    Changelog v2.28-2.29

    Correct, more or less. If Vorpal is meant to be played as an INT hero then perhaps he should become an INT hero and forego the benefits of having STR as his primary attribute. There was a trade off, and the changes were intended to make Vorpal a more well rounded STR hero - a jack of both trades Physical and Spell damage but a master of neither. He can still deal a lot of damage from the wombo combo of Q into R. I don't see the harm in changing Q to Spell Damage though, but I think it would tip the scale too much in favor of INT Vorpal again. The only problem with INT build Vorpal was IMO that he was a STR hero, but he could do INT better than many INT heroes while still retaining the perks that come from his primary attribute.
  10. MOTHER

    Changelog v2.28-2.29

    The physical damage just came from switching the damage scaling and damage type of Q and E around. In the context of items like Atom Smasher and Contamination Shard working with physical damage, it also makes sense for the STR variation of Vorpal to resonate better with that damage type. The passive deals mixed damage I believe, so he could now really go either way STR or INT effectively.
  11. MOTHER

    Changelog v2.28-2.29

    INT Vorpal builds were always the preferred Vorpals. The Weapon Damage scaling made little sense in his kit.
  12. The SC2 in-game help section has gone through a complete overhaul in the latest patch (v2.28) released today. AoS now includes an updated complete Beginner's guide to gameplay, as well as a glossary, and a FAQ! Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran player coming back after a long hiatus, this guide is intended for you and will hopefully prove useful in highlighting everything you need to know about AoS today! You will find a forum based variation of the in-game Help at our Guides & Strategy forum.
  13. 8.0 FAQ 8.1 Who developed AoS? AoS was first developed and launched in 2010 by EKCO. Over the years, the game has experienced different iterations helmed by groups of dedicated and talented designers and editors with the care and support of its community. 2010 - 2014: EKCO, Brax, RedHydra, L1onheart, Sidd 2014 - 2015: WhaleTits, Wrath 2015 - Present: Adamantium, MOTHER, SCV Honorable mentions: Syrus, Quidditch, InspireZ, JustSAfrican Revision, Highdrater, Sphynx 8.2 Is AoS dead? No. 8.3 Game was updated, where can I see the patch notes? Join us at our community forums at www.AeonOfStorms.com, we have a Changelogs section with a complete history of patch notes dating back years for your reference. 8.4 What are these badges next to our names on the leaderboard? The badges correspond to your current “rating”. Everyone starts with a Gold Badge or 1500 rating. Winning increases your rating, and levels up your badges. Losing or quitting games before they are done deducts from this rating, and lowers your badge level. You can view your rating at any time in-game by typing “-r”. The game also keeps track of your progression, winrate, kill/death/assist count, etc. You can view these by hovering over your name/hero on the scoreboard at the end of the game. 8.5 Does my rating matter? Other players can determine how often you play the game from your rating. Additionally, you need to have a rating of at least 800 to gain access to heroes’ second alternative skins. 8.6 I have found a bug, how do I report it? Join us at our community forums at www.AeonOfStorms.com, we have a Bug Reports section specifically for these situations. Alternatively, you can report it to one of our administrators (Green colored in-game names) or leave a message at our Discord chat server: QgfKb4J 8.7 Another player is ruining games for myself and others, what can I do? Generally and due to the limitations of the SC2 game client, we do not get involved in community disputes and leave it to the players to judiciously deal with trouble makers among themselves. Muting such griefers is always a good idea. In the rare circumstance that this player is consistently ruining games by kicking people from public lobbies, intentionally feeding, and ragequitting frequently, we ask the community to identify this player to us ingame using the “-id player number” command (e.g. ’-id 10’) and if we verify the reports (e.g. replays), we will ensure the corresponding account is autokicked from every game. 8.8 Is AoS going to become a Premium Arcade Map? No. AoS is a free to play SC2 mod for the community and will likely remain as such. Any money we accept is done purely in the context of donations at our community forums and exclusively for the purpose of website upkeep. 8.9 What are all these AoS beta maps in Arcade published by others? Which one is the real Aeon of Storms? Over the years, different beta maps popped up for the purpose of testing new features and changes. These were published by developers of their time. The arcade map simply known as “Aeon of Storms” published by “EKCO” is the only official live version of the game. 8.10 Can Zeratul get back his Chronosphere? Nope. xD
  14. 7.0 Commands 7.1 GAME -alt: Toggles a hero's first Alternative Skin -alt2: Toggles a hero's second Alternative Skin (Only available if player rating is above 800). -mm: Calls missing middle and pings mid lane. -mt: Calls missing top and pings top lane. -mb: Calls missing bottom and pings bot lane. -ma: Calls all missing and pings Map Bosses. -exp: Displays your current exp rate (exp per minute). -r: Displays your current ELO rating -cs: Displays your creep kills. -inc: Displays your current income (minerals per minute). -dps: Displays your current Damage Per Second (Damage / Attack Speed). -unstuck: Teleports the user back to base after 60 seconds. The user will be stunned for 20 seconds before the teleport occurs. Used to counteract rare bugs. -surrender: Initiates a surrender vote. Can only be called after 25 minutes or if your team has three or less players. The vote requires a majority to succeed. -fruit: Toggles a fruit head for the selected fruit index ranging from 1 to 7. -lb: Toggles leaderboard hotkey functionality. Modes are hold-to-view and tap-to-toggle. -hl: Toggles hero-lock mode. When enabled, you will be unable to deselect your hero. -kick: Votes to kick the player. For example, "-kick 1" will initiate a vote to kick player 1. Can only be initiated if certain conditions are met (e.g. Player is AFK). -id: Returns the player's handle. For example, "-id 1" will return the player handle for player 1. -help: Provides the user with a list of commands in-game. -dm: Start Draft Mode. In Draft Mode you can use the commands -b [Hero] and -p [Hero] to ban or pick heroes, respectively. All players must type -dm in order for the mode to start. J/k, we have no draft mode! xD 7.2 TEST The following commands can only be used if there is no opposing team or during Test Mode. -tm: Start Test Mode. In Test Mode you can use single player commands in a multiplayer match. All players must type -tm in order for the mode to start. -test: Spawns 3 test dummy Obelisks with 10,000 HP and EN in the Protoss base. Obelisks are heroic units. -lvl: Sets the current level of your hero or adds one level if a value is not specified. For example, '-lvl 5' to set your hero to level 5. -money: Gain 100000 minerals. -hero: Switches your hero to one specified. For example: '-hero MicroGravitus' will change your hero to Micro.Gravitus. The hero name is case specific and does not contain a space or period. -wtf: Activates WTF Mode.
  15. 6.0 Terms & Mechanics 6.1 UNIT Attributes: Refers to a hero's primary, secondary, and tertiary statistic (See 2.1) Health: Also known as Life. If it reaches zero, a unit dies. Interpretations include Max Health, Current Health, and Missing Health. Energy: Also known as Mana. Units use this mainly to cast abilities. Interpretations include Max Energy, Current Energy, and Missing Energy. Regen: Short for regeneration; Refers to the rate at which you regenerate health and/or energy. Experience: Refers to points of experience or XP. Needed to level up heroes (Max Level 18). A hero has to be within range of a dying enemy to acquire the XP. Timescale: A powerful and rare variable that affects the speed of everything about a unit (movement, attack, cooldown, cast times, effect durations, etc) Shields: Act as extra health, but unlike health, Shields take full damage. Armor/Physical Resistance: 2 variations of the same stat that mitigate weapon and physical damage. Each point of armor is 3% resistance, but they don't stack additively (e.g. 10 Armor is 27% Physical Resistance). Spell Armor/Spell Resistance: 2 variations of the same stat that mitigate spell damage. Each point of armor is 3% resistance, but they don't stack additively (e.g. 10 Spell armor is 27% Spell Resistance). Movement Speed: Determines how fast a unit moves. Can be augmented linearly with flat bonuses or with percentage based bonuses. Sight: A unit's line of sight or vision range. All heroes have a base sight range of 12u. Truesight: Vision over burrowed or cloaked units. Can be attained through certain items (e.g. Radar Kit, Truesight Wards) or abilities. Radar: Detection of units, even through the fog of war but does not grant vision over them (Radar displays hidden units as a circular exclamation mark). Unit Collision: A unit's size. The larger a unit's collision, the more difficult it is for it to move between units. Some items and abilities can remove Unit Collision temporarily, granting free unhindered movement between units. Turnrate: The time it takes for a unit to turn itself around to face another direction. 6.2 ATTACK & ABILITY Auto-Attack: Also known as Basic attack. All basic attacks deal physical damage unless modified with an item or ability. Cooldown: Time it takes for an ability to be available again after use. Can be modified with "Cooldown Reduction" stat or certain abilities. Weapon Speed: Time it takes between basic attacks. Charges: Spells that have "Charges" will recover one charge at an interval, up to its maximum amount of charges. If you have more then one charge, you can use the spell in faster succession. Activate: Refers to active abilities that are not targeted and are cast instantly upon clicking them. Passive: Refers to abilities that do not require any activation for them to take effect. Cast time: The time it takes to cast an ability. An ability will not go into effect until after its cast time has expired. Also known as casting delay. Channel: An ability that requires the caster to stop acting for the duration of the spell. May be ended when the caster takes another action or is interrupted by the enemy. Critical Strike: Causes your basic attack to deal bonus damage. Items and spells that increase critical strike damage do so in a linear manner. Critical Chance: Increases the chances of your basic attack dealing Critical Damage. Critical strike chance stacks linearly as well. Evasion: Adds a chance of dodging basic attacks, mitigating any damaging completely. Damage Types: There are 3 types of Damage; Physical Damage (mitigated only by Physical Armor/Resistance), Spell Damage (Mitigated only by Spell Armor/Resistance), and True Damage (cannot be mitigated by anything). Damage Effects: There are 3 types of Damaging Effects; Single Target Damage (deals Damage type to 1 unit at a time), AoE Damage (Deals Damage type in an Area of Effect at a time), and DoT Effect (deals Damage type over Time). Target Types: There are 3 Target Types; Target Unit (Must target a specific unit), Target Point (Must target a point on the ground, also known as Target Area), Target Direction (Target's a specified direction). Penetration: Modifies Physical or Spell Damage so that a portion of it bypasses or penetrates through any armor. A variation of True Damage. Stacks: Some abilities generate Stacks or Marks on allied or enemy units. These stacks grow in number up to a limit and can affect the efficacy of the parent ability, attack, or interact with other abilities. Proc: A "programmed random occurrence", an event or effect that is bound to occur when certain conditions are met. Amplification: Also known as damage amp; refers to amplifying damage by a specified amount. Deny: Attacking low health allied non-heroic units to deny enemies a portion of their experience and all of their mineral rewards. Dispel: Removing of an effect. Reflect: Causes a portion of damage received to be reflected back to its source or in an area. Lifesteal: Causes a percentage of physical damage dealt (after mitigation) to heal you. Also known as Life Leech. Spellvamp: Causes a percentage of spell damage dealt (after mitigation) to heal you. Also known as Spell Leech. 6.3 STATES & EFFECTS Buffs: Positive states or effects acquired through abilities, bonuses or items that benefit a unit. These are displayed as green mini-icons in the user interface. Debuffs: Negative states or effects acquired through abilities, bonuses or items that are to the detriment of a unit. These are displayed as red mini-icons in the user interface. Silence: Unit cannot cast abilities. Disarm: Unit cannot use basic attack. Healing: Health gained through everything but your basic regeneration. Healing can be amplified or reduced with certain items and abilities. Stun: Unit cannot move, cannot attack, and cannot cast abilities. Slow: Unit's Weapon and/or Movement Speed is slowed. Bleed: Unit takes damage if they move (Currently only Khyrak's Heroic passive has this). Root: Unit cannot move, but can attack and cast abilities. Also known as Snare. Block: Blocks a basic attack completely (e.g. 100% Evasion). Non-lethal: Damage that cannot kill you (Health does not go below 1). Fear: Forces a unit to run away from you. Taunt: Forces a unit to attack you or attack another unit. Debuff Immunity: Immune to any and all negative states and effects with the exception of those that can penetrate debuff immunity. Spell Immunity: Immune to any and all negative states and effects and gains 100% Spell Resistance. Disable: Temporarily stops a state or effect. Cloak: Renders a unit invisible, but they retain a shimmering visual effect especially when they move. True Cloak: Renders a unit invisible, without a shimmer effect, no unit collision and makes them immune to Radar detection. Burrow: Renders a unit invisible, without a shimmer effect, and no unit collision, but may slow a unit's movement (Unix) or hinder it completely (Terminus). Ravager's burrow ability is the exception. 6.4 GAMEPLAY Aggro: Attacking an enemy hero within range of its ally creeps or towers will cause them to focus fire you for a few seconds. Artifact: Protoss Nexus Prime or Zerg Hivemind (See 4.3) Adam Hero: A hero that is fundamentally overpowered by design. Usually stemming from the mad-genius of Adamantium. Backdoor: Attacking enemy structures while a player's own lane creeps have not reached the structure yet. Commonly shortened to simply 'bd' or 'bding'. Farming: Spending time to accumulate minerals by killing enemy creep waves or neutral camps in the jungle. Light: A category that includes lesser units (and sometimes structures) that tend to be Heroic spawns or summons. Also known as Minions. Massive: A category for large units such as Map Bosses, Siege Creep, and some Heroic spawns. First Blood: First hero kill in a match. Grants bonus minerals to the kill and his assists. Shortened to "fb". Kill Streaks: Killing enemy heroes consecutively without dying. The higher the kill streak attained by a hero, the greater the reward becomes for killing them. Kill-steal: Stealing a hero kill from an ally, often shortened to "ks" or "ksing". Last-hitting: Dealing the killing blows to non-heroic enemies to gain the mineral rewards. Juking: Escaping the enemy by using the terrain to your advantage. Diving: When one charges into tower range in hopes of killing an enemy hero with low health. Baiting: Luring an enemy into a trap that results in their death. Jungling: Spending time farming Neutral Camps, especially by a "Jungler". Item Build: The order in which you purchase items and their components. Skill Build: The order in which you level up your hero's abilities. Levi: Common name for Daggoth. Stems from Daggoth using the Zerg Leviathan model in previous versions of the game. Push: Pushing against enemy creep waves actively down a lane. Ratting: Pushing a lane while the enemy is distracted. Players who do is are known affectionately as "Rats". Zoning: Forcing an enemy to remain at a certain distance away to deprive them XP and minerals. Ward Spots: Higher ground spots on the map marked with a white circle that are ideal for placing wards. Deward: Actively attempt to remove enemy wards from an area. Gank: The act of killing an enemy hero, usually in an organized, premeditated, and coordinated fashion. Short for Gang-kill. Scan: Refers to the use of the "Boundary Scanner" consumable to scan an area for invisible enemy units. May also refer to Rancor's Satellite Scan ability. Teleport: Move to a location instantly, mainly provided by Transport Talent, Return Talent and Space Gem consumable. Game Time: Game Time runs faster than real time and is displayed above the minimap. Real time is displayed on the leaderboard (tab key).