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    Jackson's Q

    While Q channel indeed no longer procs Ancient Rune, the rest of his kit still does. His kit also now procs Chilling Artifact slow, Deathmask debuff, and Shrink Ray debuff. It’s a fair trade. His fundamental function as an initiator and CC hero is improved. He’s not a tank killer.

    Jackson's Q

    That’s a tall order for a classic AoS hero, care to elaborate? His function and kit are streamlined and synergetic no?
  3. ...RELEASE SCHEDULE! First of all, I'd like to wish everyone in the community a Happy 9th anniversary for Aeon of Storms (NINE!?). Thank you everyone who played and everyone who still plays for keeping this great game going for so long. To celebrate this happening, I'd like to share with you plans for Aeon's Fall... September - We kick off with the release of one of the biggest patches of the year, complete with an item overhaul and the mighty Praetor.Fenix. October - The seductive Phantom.Vega will start sneaking around soon. More ghosts just in time for Halloween! November - A cosmic horror the likes of which the forest of the Imperial Sanctums has never seen; Overlord.Azathoth descends this November. In addition to the above for this season, Blue Gene will finally evolve into its true form and will gradually introduce a "Perfect Evolution" for every hero in Aeon of Storms. Thanks for the read, and looking forward to another season together!

    Changelog v2.45-2.46

    v2.45-2.46 General Game - Added Praetor.Fenix. - Lobby delay before game starts increased by 10 seconds. (Note: This is to ensure lobby hosts have ample time to rebalance teams if necessary.) - Added "Legendary" Killer Bonus; Gives +150% Bonus Minerals and XP bounty to Killers. (Note: 'Legendary' is defined as any player with a killstreak that is equal or greater than 15. This bonus overrides the existing 'Godlike' Killer bonus of +50% bounty and is not in addition to it.) - Whenever an Allied hero is killed, you and your other allies will now be alerted of the location of their death on the minimap. - To better accommodate heroes in the future, a third page of Strength, Agility, and Intelligence hero categories has been added to the Hero Selection interface; The following heroes have been moved from their respective locations to the third page: Abysmal.Ravager, Tychus.Findlay, Rob.Boswell, Primal.Dehaka, Vindicator.Alarak, Executrix.Artanis, Matriarch.Vorazun, Praetor.Fenix, Koramund.Karax, and Viler.Nemesis. - Various minor bug fixes (2.46). Help (F12) - Updated. Miscellaneous - New loading screen. Terrain - Widened the area leading up from the river ramp to the Zerg offlane jungle area. - Widened the pathing in the river adjacent to both mid bushes. - Added 2 new bushes in each side's safelane jungle. Runes River Critters - Hurty, Mendy, Wizzy, and Speedy all now have distinctly colored visual markers. Hydranium Crystals - Mineral and XP bonus now caps at 250 from 500. - Added global capture sound. Structures - Destroying any Suppressor now has a unique sound alert; Destroying all 3 simultaneously also has a new sound alert. Primary Creeps General - Non-massive creeps' basic attacks will now deal an additional (0.5% Target Current Health) Damage to enemy heroes. Melee Creeps - Updated models. Neutral Creeps Map Bosses - Aeon now drops the 'Soul Gem' item upon death. Soul Gem is a single-use consumable item that instantly grants all Allied buildings and towers +100% Damage Resistance and +300% Attack Speed for 24 seconds. Any player can pick up and use the Soul Gem from their inventory. The Soul Gem is reclaimed by Aeon if it has not been used by the time he respawns again. (Note: Heroic player-owned structures are excluded from this effect.) - Aeon and Daggoth (All Forms) now respawn every 10 minutes (Game Time) after death from every 9 minutes. - All tiers of Daggoth’s buffs now share the same visual marker. Items General - The following items have been removed from the Main Shop: Phase Shield Alpha, Phase Shield Beta, Pulse Hammer and Nitrogen Retrofit. - All Non-consumable and Non-exclusive items have been removed from the Side Shop. - The “Crit+ArPen” shop tab now includes Spell Armor Penetration items; Renamed to "Crit + Pen". - Destroying enemy wards now triggers a notice to allies in the chat. - All shops' purchase radius reduced from 20u to 10u. (Note: This was done to avoid an exploit that allowed players to purchase side shop items in lane provided they had vision of the side shop; the purchase radius of all shops is unified by default.) - Whenever a player enters within purchasing range of a shop now, they will be prompted with a sound alert and text on their screen. Accelerators - Added “Travel 1” Unique (Note: Previously on Scavenger’s Veil). Adamantium Alloy - 'Fission/Fusion' Unique Energy gained from incoming damage reduced to 15% from 25%. Arcbound Ravager - Weapon Speed increased to 40% from 35% - Unique stacks now last 6 seconds from 4. Argus Crystal - Storm Pauldrons component replaced with Gravity Edge; Now grants 100 Intelligence from 90. - Unique now grants 33% Spell Penetration instead of +17.5% Spell Damage. Renamed to Power Overwhelming 3. Atom Smasher - Powerstrike 3 internal cooldown increased to 6s from 4s. Automated Parry - Armor reduced to 24 from 30. - Parry 1 Unique no longer reflects damage, only reduces incoming weapon damage by 40 flat (from -25%). - Parry 1 cooldown reduced to 12 from 15. Aegis Reflector (2625; NEW) Components: Storm Pauldrons, Neosteel Vestments x2 +40 Intelligence +22 Armor [Active - Reflect] For the next 6 seconds, reflect 85% of all incoming Physical Damage (Before Mitigation) back to its source as Spell Damage. 40 second cooldown. Barbed Mace (1400; NEW) Components: Metabolic Booster, Psionic Ravager +35 Agility +10 Strength [Unique - Cull 2] Your basic attacks deal (+100% Weapon Damage) to Non-Heroic and Non-Neutral Units with less than 40% Health. Bioplasmid Revolver (3150; NEW) Components: Ocelot’s Revolver, Emerald Mox, Psionic Ravager +30 Agility +200 Health +250 Energy +25 Weapon Damage [Unique - Powerstrike 4] Using an ability causes your next attack against an Enemy Unit to Heal you for 25 (+50% Weapon Damage) Health - up to 100 + (5*LVL) Health, and grant you +250% Attack Speed for 1.5 seconds. 6 second internal cooldown. Cerebro - Intelligence increased to 80 from 70. - Weapon Speed reduced to 20% from 25%. Chaos Filament (1400; NEW) [Unique - Power Overwhelming 1] +7% Spell Penetration Chilling Artifact (Rework) - Replaced Newtonion Armor with Higgs-Boson Capacitor; Now grants +60 Intelligence instead of Strength and Agility. - Removed 'Forged Metals 3' Unique. - Added [Unique - Interference 1] Your Single Target and AoE Spell Damage slow enemies by 35% and 25% respectively. (Note: Previously on Nitrogen Retrofit) - Armor reduced to 26 from 30. - Price increased to 4400 from 3850. Contamination Shard - Price increased to 4000 from 3800. Darksteel Titan - Parry 3 Unique now reduces incoming Weapon Damage by 75% per charge, and returns 25% Weapon Damage from 50% and 75% respectively. - Parry 3 reflected damage type changed to Physical from Spell. - Parry 3 Cooldown reduced from 15 to 12. Electric Mantle - Added to Main Shop/Removed from Side Shop. - Replaced Flesh Hammer with Newtonion Armor; Now grants 52 Strength and 15 Agility instead of 70 Strength. - Active Stun duration increased to 1.5 seconds from 1.25. Eternal Drive (Rework) - Replaced Lost Treasure component with Soul Engine; Now also grants +0.15 Movement Speed. - Health Regen reduced to 6 from 8.5. - Energy Regen reduced to 3 from 3.75. - Added [Unique - Harvest 3] Your Hero Kills and Assists grant you a charge, up to 10 charges. You lose 2 Stored Charges on death. - Replaced [Active - Reap 2] Target unit ability that when used on Allied heroes regenerates Health and Energy equal to 300 (+25*Number of Stored Charges) Health & Energy over 8 seconds. When used on Enemy heroes, deals 150 [+(2.5*Number of Stored Charges) Target Max Health] True Damage over 8 seconds and reduces Healing Effects by 60% for its duration. 60 second cooldown. Explosive Retrofit - Removed Emerald Mox component (See Predator Tusk). - Meteora 2 Unique now regenerates health equal to 50% of AoE Physical Damage Dealt to Non-heroic Targets. Eye of Amon - Survivalist Unique no longer procs on Heroic deaths. Force of Entropy - Replaced Pulse Hammer with Barbed Mace and Sledge Hammer; Now also grants 35 Agility. - Weapon Damage reduced to 35 from 40. - Health reduced to 250 from 300. - Price increased to 4600 from 3950. - Shockwave 2 Unique renamed to Interference 2 (Overrides Chilling Artifact’s Interference 1). - Active no longer removed by Slow Immunity (Fix). Galactic Defender - Added Sledgehammer (Total 2; See Vibranium Shield). - Weapon Damage bonus per 10% Missing Health increased to 6 from 5. Guile Gambit (140; NEW) [Consume] Cloaks you and Allied heroes in a 12u radius and grants +18% Movement Speed for 40 seconds. Guile Gambit's cloaking cannot be detected by Enemy Truesight or Radar. However, Attacking, Casting, or Moving within 8u of an Enemy Hero or Tower instantly dispels the effect. 300 second cooldown. Gravity Edge (2700; Rework) Components: Storm Pauldrons, Chaos Filament +40 Intelligence [Unique - Power Overwhelming 2] +20% Spell Penetration Hand of Mengsk - Nullifier component removed; No longer grants 30 Spell Armor. - Price reduced to 4000 from 4300. Hive Symbiosis - Now grants +2.5 Health and Energy Regen. - Rally 3 Unique now grants +2.5 Health and Energy Regen from +5. Hunter’s Hatchet - Hunt 1 Unique Melee bonus damage decreased to +30 from +40. Hunter’s Knife - Hunt 2 Unique Melee bonus damage decreased to +45 from +60. - Survivalist Unique no longer procs on Heroic deaths. Hyperion Incinerator - Price increased to 1950 from 1850. Ihan Crystal (2850; Rework) Components: Power Stone, Time Gem +30 Primary Attribute +200 Health +200 Energy [Unique - Crystal Healing 1] You gain +15% Healing Effects. [Unique - Crystallization] You permanently gain +2 Primary Attribute, and +15 Health every time you Level Up your Experience. [Active - Recharge] - Regenerate 150 Health and 200 Energy over 5 seconds, plus an additional 8 Health and 10 Energy per Crystallization stack. 60 second cooldown. Isomorphic Pyre - Weapon Speed reduced to 30% from 40% - Replaced Runic Gavel with Hyperion Incinerator; Now grants 55 Weapon Damage instead of Energy Regen and Cooldown Reduction - Price increased to 4200 from 3950. Juggernaut Imperium* (4600; NEW) Components: Chaos Filament, Khala Stone, Flesh Hammer +55 Strength +20 Intelligence [Unique - Power Overwhelming 2] +20% Spell Penetration [Unique - Unstoppable] For every 10% of Health missing, you gain +2 Energy Regen and +5% Cooldown Reduction. *Side Shop Exclusive Kassia Crystal (Rework) Components: Sustainer, Power Stone, Miner’s Goggles +350 Health +200 Energy +18 Armor +5 Health Regen +15% Cooldown Reduction [Unique - Crystal Healing 2] Allies in a 10u radius gain +20% Healing Effects. [Active - Mass Healing] Allies in a 10u radius are healed for 150 + (10*LVL) Health. Khali Blade - Price increased to 5100 from 4600. Khalis Relic - Replaced Neosteel Vestment with Vibranium Shield; Now grants +30 Spell Armor instead of +24 Armor. - Active now shares cooldown with Galactic Defender and Vibranium Shield. Kinetic Cell - Removed Sapphire Mox components. Korhal Vanguard (Rework) Components: War Regalia, Automated Parry +300 Health +24 Armor +3 Health Regen +15% Cooldown Reduction [Unique - Dominion 2] Allies within 10u gain +10 Armor and take -10% Physical Damage. [Active - Vanguard] Allied heroes within 12u gain a 70% chance to block 100 Weapon Damage for 12 seconds. Kura’s Death Mask (Rework) - Replaced Nullifier with Xel’Naga Cuirass; Now grants +0.15 Movement Speed, +20 Armor and Spell Armor from only +30 Spell Armor. - Now grants Travel 3 unique (Note: Previously on Schrodinger's Lockbox). - Enfeeble Unique now reduces Enemy Damage Resistance by 20% from 15%. - Enfeeble Unique no longer reduces Enemy Damage by 25% (See Shrink Ray). Lion’s Bane (3150; Rework) Components: War Regalia, Cybernetic Implants, Accelerators +30 Strength +250 Health +3 Health Regen +15% Cooldown Reduction +0.15 Movement Speed [Unique - Territorial 2] You gain +10% Damage Resistance and +15% Movement Speed whenever you are within 24u of an Allied building or tower. [Unique - Dominion 4] Whenever you are within 12u of an Allied building or tower, it gains +20% Damage Resistance. Masamune* (7000; NEW) Components: Hyperion Incinerator, Hyperion Incinerator, Hyperion Incinerator [Unique - Double Edged] Masamune grants you +200 Weapon Damage but reduces your Damage Resistance by 33% *Side Shop Exclusive Miner’s Goggles - Health reduced to 150 from 200. - Price reduced to 675 from 750. Naix Claw - Price increased to 4950 from 4500. Neosteel Vestments - Armor reduced to 10 from 14. Night Stalker (4000; NEW) Components: Perpetual Engine, Psionic Ravager, Sledgehammer +30 Agility +60 Intelligence +30 Weapon Damage +15% Cooldown Reduction [Unique - Omen 2] +6 Sight Range during Nighttime. [Unique - Fresh Blood] You deal an additional 75 (+50% INT) Spell Damage whenever you damage an Enemy Hero you have not attacked in the last 13 seconds. Bonus Spell Damage further increases by 50% during Nighttime. Nullifier - Spell Armor reduced to 10 from 14. Onslaught Scimitar* (6000; NEW) Components: Chaos Filament, Lightning Rod, Hyperion Incinerator +35 Intelligence +70 Weapon Damage +30% Weapon Speed [Unique - Power Overwhelming 2] +20% Spell Penetration [Unique - Chain Lightning 3] Every 3rd attack strikes up to 6 nearby enemies for 50 (+25% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage. *Side Shop Exclusive Parallax Generator - Added [Active - Exo Parallaxis] Grants target allied hero 3 seconds of Debuff Immunity at the expense of your own Endo Parallaxis Unique going into cooldown. Cannot cast on self. 50 second cooldown. Phantom Menace - Price increased to 4000 from 3800. Power Stone - Active removed (See Ihan Crystal). - Health reduced to 200 from 250. - Added [Unique - Crystal Healing 1] - You gain +15% Healing Effects. - Priced reduced to 1100 from 1200. Predator Tusk - Added Emerald Mox component; Now grants 250 Health from 100. Psionic Lasher - Movement Speed reduced to 0.07 from 0.15. - Added [Unique - Drain 1] Your basic attacks leech 18 Energy from the target. Psycho Crusher (3100; NEW) Components: Sledgehammer, Psionic Lasher, Nullifier +25 Agility +25 Weapon Damage +15% Weapon Speed +0.15 Movement Speed +24 Spell Armor [Unique - Drain 2] Your basic attacks against enemies Burn (6% Target Current Energy) and deal that amount as additional Physical Damage to the target. Retribution's Edge - Price increased to 4700 from 4400. Scavenger’s Veil (1650; Rework) Components: Lost Treasure, Miner’s Goggles, Accelerators +250 Health +4 Health Regen +3 Energy Regen +15% Cooldown Reduction +0.15 Movement Speed [Unique - Scavenger’s Way] - You gain +10% Movement Speed when you are not within 12u of any Enemy Unit. [Unique - Living Resource 2] When Allied heroes in a 10u Radius kill enemy non-heroic units,You gain 4 Minerals and 6 Health. This effect is disabled if you have killed a creep within the last 15 second. [Unique - Resourcefulness] Whenever you use a consumable, you are refunded 33% of its cost. Schrodinger’s Lockbox (Rework) - Replaced Higgs-Boson Capacitor with Storm Pauldrons and Temporal Plating, now grants +50 INT from +70. - Removed Xel’Naga Cuirass; No longer grants 20 Armor and Spell Armor. - Added Accelerators component, now grants 0.15 Movement Speed. - Replaced Travel 3 Unique with Momentum 1 Unique (Note: Previously on Gravity Edge). - Price reduced to 2900 from 3800. Shinobi Style - Removed Emerald Mox component; No longer grants +250 Health. - Added Serrated Cleaver component; Now grants +15% Crit Chance, +15% Weapon Speed, and +0.15 Movement Speed. - Agility reduced to 35 from 40. - Active cooldown reduced to 45 from 60. - Price increased to 4100 from 3800. Shrink Ray* (5500; NEW) Components: Stabilizer, Stabilizer, Higgs-Boson Capacitor +30 Strength +30 Agility +90 Intelligence [Unique - Minimize] Your Spell Damage reduces targets’ Damage by 35% for 4 seconds. [Active - Miniaturize; 6u Range] Shrinks Target Enemy Hero for 4.5 seconds, during which the target is Silenced, Disarmed, and Slowed by 80%. 75 second cooldown. *Side Shop Exclusive Sliptide Scythe - Added 'Drain 3’ Unique; Your Basic Attacks leech (12% Current Energy) from the target. Has no effect if the target has less than 20% of their Maximum Energy. - Price increased to 4700 from 4500. Spell Buffer (Rework) Components: War Regalia, Vibranium Shield +300 Health +24 Spell Armor +3 Health Regen +15% Cooldown Reduction [Unique - Dominion 3] Allies within 10u gain +10 Spell Armor and take -10% Spell Damage. [Active - Guardian 3] Allied heroes within 12u gain 300 Shields and take -15% Spell Damage for 12 seconds. Spirit Containment Vessel - Hunt 3 Unique True Damage bonus decreased to +25% from +40%. - Survivalist Unique no longer procs on Heroic deaths. Star's Fury* (5000; Rework) Components: Storm Pauldrons, Sunflare Gun +20 Strength +20 Agility +60 Intelligence +300 Energy [Active - Incinerate 3; 7u Range] Deals 250 + (20*LVL)(+70% INT)(+10% Target Current Health) Spell Damage to target enemy unit. 75 second cooldown. 150 (+15% Max Energy) Energy Cost. *Side Shop Exclusive Sunflare Gun - Energy reduced to 250 from 300. - 'Incinerate 2' Active Scaling Spell Damage reduced to (15*LVL)(+60% INT) from (20*LVL)(+80% INT). Time Splitter - Active Physical Damage reduced to 50 (+50% AGI) from 125 (+75% AGI). - Cooldown reduced to 70 from 75. Truesight Wards - Price reduced to 100 from 120. Vibranium Shield - Removed Sledgehammer; No longer grants +25 Weapon Damage. - Added Nullifier component (Total 2). - Price reduced to 1600. War Regalia (1300; NEW) Components: Miner’s Goggles, Cell Regenerator +200 Health +3 Health Regen +10% Cooldown Reduction [Unique - Dominion 1] Allies in a 10u radius around you gain +8 Armor and +8 Spell Armor. Whale Breast - Weapon Damage reduced to 3 from 4. Wrathian Violator - Replaced Psionic Ravager component with Barbed Mace. - Agility increased to 45 from 40. - Price increased to 3850 from 3625. Heroes General - All Hero recommended items have been updated. (Recommended items are as follows (left to right): Space Gem, Early Game Item, Core Item 1, Core Item 2, Luxury Item 1, Luxury Item 2.) Anthrax R - Updated visuals. Avenger - Attempted fix to a rare bug that causes Avenger' to remove characters from gameplay after killing them. HP - Max stacks reduced to 4 from 5. - Stack duration reduced to 12 from 15. Q - No longer applies on-hit effects. W - Max Damage Amplification reduced to 10/16/22/28% from 12.5/20/27.5/35% R - Cooldown increased back to 70 from 60. Balrog W - Cooldown rescaled to 27/24/21/18 from 21/18/15/12. - Energy cost rescaled to 95/110/125/140 from 100. R - Cast range reduced to 2 from 3. Boros Q - Now goes on cooldown only after it completes its active duration. Boswell Q - Base Physical Damage increased to 60/100/140/180 from 40/80/120/160. W - AoE reduced to 6u radius from 8u radius. - Now only deals damage to and marks visible enemies. (Note: If you mark an enemy before they become invisible [i.e. cloaked or buried] they will still be revealed.) - Scaling Spell Damage reduced to 40% INT from 60%. - Cooldown increased to 24 from 18. - Energy cost rescaled to 70/100/130/160 from 60/80/100/120. E - Scaling Spell Damage reduced to 20% INT from 30%. Brawler E - Cast range rescaled to 6/8/10/12 from 12. Dehaka Q - No longer removes tower aggro on cast. Egon - Base Movement Speed reduced 2.95 to from 3.1. - Base Attack Range reduced to 5.75 from 6.25. HP - Stacks will now only apply on Allied heroes themselves and not their minions (Fix). Q - Spell Damage per Allies’ Attack now scales with [+20% INT + (0.2*Casts on Target Ally] from only 25% INT. W - Spell Damage per Second now scales with [+20% INT + (0.2*Casts on Self)] from 2/2.5/3/3.5% Target Max Health. Garamond E - Damage type changed to DoT Spell Damage from Single Target Spell Damage (Level 4 Missiles are still Single Target Spell Damage). Geneva W - Cast range reduced to 6 from 8 (Empowered cast range reduced to 9 from 12). Huntress - Updated model. - Updated -‘Alt2’ skin. W (Predator Prey; Rework) - Huntress screeches, causing Enemies within 6u to lose 30/40/50/60% Movement Speed for a duration when facing her. If the affected enemies are Heroes, they also take 10/20/30/40 (+30% INT) Spell Damage per second, and Huntress gains 15/20/25/30% Movement Speed when facing them. Lasts 6s. Jackson - Base Attack Damage reduced to 30 from 38. HP - Jackson will now gain shields from dealing any Spell Damage to units under the present effect of his active abilities (Note: This is intended to resolve an issue where Jackson’s Ability Spell Damage was not interacting at all with many ability/item buffs and bonuses). - Shields gained from Spell Damage reduced to 20% from 25%. Q - Explosion damage type changed to AoE Spell Damage (Note: The Channeled Beam is still DoT Spell Damage). W - AoE increased to 3.5/5/6.5/8u radius from 3/3.5/4/4.5u. - Now only affects enemy heroes from any enemy unit. E - Damage type changed to Single Target Spell Damage. R - Damage type changed to AoE Spell Damage. King Q - Updated visuals. Maar Q (Soul Eater) - Hero kills now replenish 3x the Energy amount. EEE (Ki Burst) - Maar now Burns 30/40/50/60% Target Current Energy. Micro R - Physical Resistance bonus removed. Nemesis Q - Slow duration increased to 3.5 from 2. W - No longer reduces Movement Speed by 40%. E - Damage amplification gained per Oblivion Stack rescaled to 3/4/5/6% from 2/4/6/8%. - Stack duration reduced to 12 from 15. - Updated visuals. R - Now also applies a 100% Slow that decays over its duration (Note: Rate of decay is 12.5% every 1 second). - Duration reduced to 8 from 10/14/18. - Cast range rescaled to 8/9/10 from 10. - Cooldown rescaled to 100/80/60 from 120/100/80. Nova E - Disables R while active. Pyromaniac E - Updated visuals. Queen Q - Banelings’ Base Movement Speed reduced to 3.3 from 4. W - Cooldown rescaled to 28/24/20/16 from 16. E - Banelings Movement Speed Bonus on Creep increased to 60% from 25%. - Tyrant Ultralisk Attack Speed Bonus on Creep increased to 40% from 25%. - Tyrant Ultralisk no longer gains Movement Speed Bonus on Creep. - Queen Movement and Attack Speed Bonus on Creep reduced to 20% from 25%. - Cooldown between each charge use increased to 6 from 2.5. - Delay before Creep Tumors become invisible increased to 5 seconds from 3.5. - Base Mineral Bounty increased to 62 from 48. - Costs 30 Biomass from 25. R - Tyrant Ultralisk Base Attack Speed against Enemy units increased to 1 from 0.86. - Tyrant Ultralisk Base Attack Speed against Enemy structures increased to 2 from 1.66. - Cooldown increased to 140 from 140/120/100. Shadow Q - Nighttime Damage Bonus decreased to 30% from 40%. E - No longer procs Wrathian Violator’s Unique range bonus. Starscream HP - During Flight, bonus regeneration increases to 1% Max Health per second from 0.5%. E - During Flight, Starscream now gains +1 Movement Speed. R - Duration increased to 12 from 10. Stukov Q - Fixed issue that allowed players to level up this ability consecutively. E - Base duration increased to 16 from 12. - Autocast removed. R - Catching the Septic Sphere grants +50% Movement Speed for 2.5 seconds. - Catching the Septic Sphere no longer reduces the cooldown of Septic Sphere. - Now any Allied hero can catch the Septic Sphere after it bounces off its target and it will heal them. Ravager R - While charging, Ravager now gains +10% Movement Speed. Toxi Q - Slow now lasts for the full duration of the debuff (15s) from only 2.5s. (Note: Dispelling the Slow with Slow Immunity will not dispel the DoT part of the debuff.) - Slow reduced to 25% from 30%. - Cooldown rescaled to 24/22/20/18 from 18. W - Debuff duration increased to 6 from 3. R - No longer removed by debuff immunity. Turraneth Q - Cast range reduced to 8 from 9. Tychus Q - Now only damaging enemy heroes will increase the Rip N' Tear stack count from previously hitting any enemy. W - Scaling Physical Damage rescaled to 35/50/65/80% Weapon Damage from 80% Weapon Damage. - Max duration reduced to 7 from 8. - Now only damaging enemy heroes will increase the Rip N' Tear stack count from previously hitting any enemy. Vergil - Added “-Alt2” skin. HP - Updated visuals. Q - Base Spell Damage rescaled to 75/100/125/150 from 80/110/140/170. - Cooldown between each charge use increased to 2 from 1.5. R - Base Spell Damage per slash reduced to 50/100/150 from 100/150/200. Viron Q - AoE per vomit instance reduced to 2.5u radius from 3u radius. Vorazun HP - Shadow Clone duration reduced to 9 from 10. - Shadow Clones no longer trigger the visuals of Adamantium Alloy’s Fission unique (Fix). W - Search area reduced to 1.15u from 1.25u radius. R - Energy cost set to 150 at all levels from 150/175/200. Vorpal - Updated sounds (Voice Actor) - Updated sound and visuals (Auto-attack). Warfield HP - On-hit, Warfield now gains +2 Energy Regen and +8% Cooldown Reduction from +6 Weapon Damage and 3% Cooldown Reduction; Stacking up to 5 times.


    As of 2.45 Beta: All on-hit effects except Explosive Retrofit are proc'd by clones but there are some specific conditions to those. If the on-hit effect deals bonus damage and the damage came from the clones themselves, then the damage reduction (-80%) is applied (e.g. Cerebro, Pyre, Scimitar, Darwin's Might etc). All crits proc on clones but are reduced by their innate damage reduction. If the on-hit effect counts as an attack (like Chain Lightning Unique's "every 4th attack..." condition) then the clones will add to that counter on your behalf. If the on-hit effects adds a stack to you, they won't get added to Vorazun herself (Cauterizer) but they will get added to the clone. Except Sliptide, it will add the buff stack to Vorazun herself. If the on-hit effect places a debuff like Force of Entropy or Time Splitter, the clones will apply it. If the on-hit effect gives lifesteal, then Vorazun can gain that health herself after damage reductions. If the on-hit effect leeches Energy (Psionic Lasher, Sliptide), the clones will not leech energy on your behalf. If the on-hit effect burns energy (e.g. Psycho Crusher) then it will burn less energy and deal less damage from clones. If the on-hit effect is a powerstrike or an active such as Shinobi Style, Energy Saber, or Time Splitter, the clones will not apply them on your behalf. I hope I didn't leave anything out.
  6. Name: Praetor.Fenix Type: - Carry / Initiator / Nuker Starting Stats: Starting Health – 626 Movement Speed – 3 Attack Range – 1.25 Attack Speed – 1.85 Starting Damage – 69 Base Armor.Resist – 14.2% [15] Base Spell Armor/Resist – 18.5% Strength – 31 + [6] Agility – 35 + [7]*** Intelligence – 24 + [2] __________________________________________________ [Heroic] - [Solar Nanocells] Passive At the start of each Day, the Sun energizes Fenix granting him +10% Physical Damage, and permanent Shields. The shields regenerate when Fenix has not taken any damage in the last 8 seconds. This effect is disabled and removed during Nighttime. Max Shields: (15*LVL) (+110% Weapon Damage) Shield Regeneration per Second: +15 __________________________________________________ [Q] - [Sun Strike] Target Point; 4 AoE After a 1.1/0.95/0.85/0.75s cast time, Fenix blinks into the air and smashes into the ground, releasing a blazing solar wave. Enemies struck are dealt Physical Damage and are Blinded, causing them to miss a percentage of their basic attacks. During Daytime, Fenix replenishes Shields for each Enemy Hero struck. Physical Damage: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 (+60% Weapon Damage) Blind Duration: 3s / 4s / 5s / 6s Miss Chance: 60% Daytime Shields Replenished per Enemy Hero: +150 Energy Cost: - 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 Cooldown: 18 seconds Range: 6u / 6.5u / 7u / 7.5u __________________________________________________ [W] - [Whirlwind] Activate; 2u AoE Upon activation, Fenix becomes disarmed, and begins spinning for a duration. While active, Fenix gains Movement Speed, Slow Immunity, No Collision, and deals Physical Damage per second in an area around him; Applying on-hit effects. During Whirlwind, Fenix' other abilities are disabled. Physical Damage per Second: 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 (+80% Weapon Damage) Movement Speed Bonus: +10% Duration: 4s Energy Cost: 100 Cooldown: - 28/24/20/16 seconds __________________________________________________ [E] - [Against All Odds] Passive; 8u AoE Fenix gains bonus Armor Penetration and Critical Chance based on the number of Enemy Heroes in an area around him. 1 Enemy Hero: 6% / 9% / 12% / 15% Armor Penetration and 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% Critical Chance 2 Enemy Heroes: 9% / 12% / 15% / 18% Armor Penetration and 15% / 20% / 25% / 30% Critical Chance +3 Enemy Heroes: 12% / 15% / 18% / 21% Armor Penetration and 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% Critical Chance __________________________________________________ [R] - [Thunderous Crash] Target Unit; 3u AoE Fenix jets towards a far enough target enemy unit. The ensuing collision Stuns and deals Physical Damage to the target and enemies around them. The primary target is dealt both the Target Physical Damage and the Area Physical Damage. During flight, Fenix is Invulnerable, and cannot cast his other abilities. Target Physical Damage: 100 / 150 / 200 (+50% Current Shields) Area Physical Damage: 50 / 75 / 100 (+25% Current Shields) Stun Duration: 1.5s Energy Cost: 100 / 150 / 200 Cooldown: 60s / 50s / 40s Maximum Range: 8u / 9u / 10u Minimum Range: 4u

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    There may be an issue with the damage tracker. I haven't touched this ability in months possibly years, so I need to check and see what's going on. It could possibly have been caused by a blizzard update. This is only in beta right? Or is it also in the live map? edit- Works fine. The compounded damage doesn't apply to creeps only enemy heroes. The tooltip needs clarification.


    Far from it.

    EU Players on NA Servers

    Hello and welcome back! Your best bet is to host lobbies yourself and/or ensure the lobby hosts are on the NA East server (just ask). That's the best server for playing with our EU friends on NA.
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    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    We're back! Beta changelog updated...
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    It's not meant for combat. You're suggesting to increase every hero's base health by 10-20% to keep up with early game laning pressure. There is an item that can give you almost full health during laning in under 10 seconds. All it requires from the player is proper timing.
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    1- Agreed on too safe and too time-consuming to counter in the current climate. 2- Agreed. 3- See above post. 4- Noted. 5- Vergil is meant to be an agi anti-mage/caster carry. I think an issue with him right now is his mobility and a certain bug that keeps rearing its ugly head allowing him to traverse unintended terrain. 6- Fair point. 7- Fair. 8- See above post. 9- Agreed. With all this mind, 2.45 is going to bring a lot of changes, positive, so I won't be heavy handed with any nerfs until we see things through in the beta phase.
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    I'm surprised you didn't mention Crackling. I've noted several of the things you raised already, and they are being addressed in 2.45. A few thoughts: - Avenger is meant to be bursty (Think Queen of Pain from DotA). If he needs to be toned down, that's another thing. - I think a lot of the burst potential of AGI heroes has been brought on by items more so than their kits. Nova and Darpa can be played as hit and run assassins or they can be played as pure dps. Same is true for Huntress. w - The buff to Warfield's R was meant to make him more attractive as a dps carry when compared some of the heroes you mentioned. We could go a different route with him and compensate a new lack of burst in other ways.
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    I will need examples please.