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    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    True Damage is still there, but you won't find it in items outside of Gravity Edge (Unique), Hunter's Knife (Active), and Spirit Containment Vessel (Unique). The latter two are limited to True Damage against Neutrals. Many heroes can still deal True Damage though.

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Did you experience abnormally high ping or abnormally low framerate? And yes there are. IIRC, Gravity Edge (Unique), Hunter's Knife (Active), and Spirit Containment Vessel (Unique). For Autoattacks, there is Armor Penetration in the form of the Shard of Ruin item tree (Shard of Ruin, C-48 Gauss Cannon, Xenomorph Cleaver, and Wrathian Violator). 100% Armor Penetration gives fundamentally the same damage results as True Damage, except against Damage Immunity buffs which block penetration from Physical or Spell. Currently in the game, only Ghosting Garb under Movement provides Physical Immunity against Armor Penetration.

    More skinz

    Lol yeah. A more murloc looking Grunty and even tauren looking Chuck without the space suit but only the gun would be a nice contrast to their sc2 skins.

    More skinz

    Rory is a difficult model as it has some very unique animations. It will likely require a commission job that gets imported into the game. But I think him, Raynor, and even Gara would be on top of the list due to their popularity and the fact that they are old school af.


    This has been removed in the latest test patch as it proved out of place on a more universal item intended for pure burst. Will look into his mobility to see if there is anything of the "ordinary".

    E l e m a o

    Absolutely. If you go through many of the recent map reviews, you will notice a trend among players who are justifiably angry of continuously being kicked out or left out of games.

    Starcraft 2 AoS Groups

    For your reference, these are the more active SC2/Bnet groups. The latter has chat rooms and functionally can be used like discord with mic support (I prefer Discord but some people prefer the built-in option). Players of Aeon of Storms (NA) battlenet:://starcraft/group/1/365684 Bnet App Chat Group https://blizzard.com/invite/nvRY0uobv


    I think Avenger should be more normalized in the new beta update. Can you be more specific with Brine?
  10. MOTHER

    Jackson.Roullette - Silence woman.

    As mentioned over PM, Jackson’s full combo goes something like Shard > R > E > Q. It’s one of the most powerful combos in the game and situationally can change the tide of battle. What you are proposing is to open up a new easier combo path: E > R > Q The argument that Jackson should not be item dependent by level 6 isn’t one I personally agree with mainly because I think only supports should be this item independent this early in the game. Jackson isn’t really a support, but an initiator who can be become tanky by virtue of building INT due to his heroic. The combo path you want (ERQ) is actually still possible in the game right now if you max W (which was finetuned a patch or two ago) and throw in an aoe slow in the mix such as Chilling Active. Lastly, Jackson is at his most powerful with his team ready to follow up on his initiation. If you don’t want to build shard on him for example but you want to pull off his combo early on, then pair him with heroes that have aoe stuns or slows. Also do you really want to lower the skill ceiling on a strong hero like Jackson? Learning how to pull off his combos and then actually succeeding in doing them against the enemy team should be a rewarding experience, partly due to the risk and difficulty involved. Like Fish said, if this were to be explored and implemented, there would have to be a trade of some sort.
  11. MOTHER

    Get online

    Been getting your messages guys, I’ll be back for games and an update to the beta next weekend.
  12. MOTHER

    E l e m a o

    Sorry for experience. I’m not going to defend what happened here because even I when testing games on the beta map tend to remove newbies from the lobby. This is mainly to get the most out of the investment of time we are making while waiting and then playing the game (for the purposes of testing again). I usually title the lobby clearly so that other players know the type of game we are arranging. Having said that, I do hope any veterans reading this will always make room for at least one new player per team. You never know who you are going to get, and as long as they are not going to leave the game before it finishes, they should be welcome all the time. If the lobby is intended for Veterans only, please mark it as such. Otherwise, don’t kick people from pubs without giving them a chance to at least identify their experience level to you. At least then it will give the host a chance to accommodate them best in either team. The current situation in SC2 Arcade really necessitates not being assholes to one another, especially to newcomers. I hope you understand this before it’s too late.
  13. MOTHER


    She’s actually really strong in terms of her potential impact on the game. She is the fastest Hard Support (not that there are that many), making her the best warder IMO probably outside of maybe Jakk. Once she hits lvl 3 R, she can basically spam empowered versions of her kit for days. I agree that the leash range on Q is problematic if your ally doesn’t heed the visual cues and stays within range, but they are partly to blame for that. I am open to adding some QoL changes to her kit, and maybe flirt with some added utility from her heroic or shields. There’s a few ideas for her we can explore in the next beta update (which won’t be until next next weekend). Also if your enemy is recklessly wasting their taser on Geneva in a teamfight then she is doing her job by getting focused instead of her carry.
  14. MOTHER

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    He’s not banned on his most recent accounts.
  15. Every day there tends to be 2 main windows of games on NA. The first one is when you will find many of the remaining EU Pub heroes and IH legends. 4 PM - 8 PM EST. Give or take 30 mins. The second window is the one you described. I’ve been looking to other Arcade Maps on SC2 to see what their communities are doing to keep themselves afloat and more importantly together. One thing that stood out is that they advertise an official “active players” group in the map’s description (where we advertise our website and our discord). I’m not sure if the admins of the old active player groups are even around to reconfigure and renew the old groups which would be best. If not then maybe it would help to form an AoS Active Players 2019 group, and I’ll add a link to it from the map itself. That way players don’t have to search too far for each other.