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  1. How does one find a game around here?

    It's been only a month Fell, lol. Working on it. There might be a new hero in the next patch, so be patient please. :)
  2. How does one find a game around here?

  3. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    Proximity Mines are better for mining jungle areas and using in the bushes (everything but the lanes). They also slow and don't scale as well into the late game, but are very strong before level 11 when stacked (5+ can kill most heroes early game). After that you can use them singularly to slow down enemies chasing you. E mines along with Spyder Wards also can offer some solid map awareness when used individually and when spaced correctly. Remote mines are better at guarding lanes/towers and key points like bosses because they are much stronger and more precise for AOE kills (proximity mines tend to mostly kill solo targets because they all trigger at once when an enemy is nearby) . Their damage also scales very well with INT late game. Remote Mines can't be triggered by minions or by single enemies. This fact makes them valuable because you have that level of control and you can always deny them. You can't deny Proximity Mines which are a huge economical risk when the enemy gets TS. These subtle differences between them means that they are functionally very unique once you get passed the obvious "mines = boom" thing.
  4. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    Eye of Narud + Infrared Goggles Or pick heroes that have minions and trigger the proximity mines for free. Or just pick Dustin and turn him into a third wheel. I understand that Jakk is frustrating to deal with in pubs, and he may get some tweaks soon, but the game can't be balanced around pubs. Against a competent team, Jakk can be rendered completely useless. All his active abilities but one are negated by truesight. He falls off late game, especially if he doesn't nab first blood. Anyway, this thread has some good thoughts for next patch.
  5. How does one find a game around here?

    Stupid blizz with their expiration timers. Sorry. Try this: https://blizzard.com/invite/MMDekirJ3
  6. How does one find a game around here?

    https://blizzard.com/invite/zZaerTGEG Join the AoS social on bnet. It seems to be the fastest method of communication and organization atm. It's basically our discord but on the bnet client.
  7. Fix Veil

    It will be addressed. Thank you for bringing it up.
  8. Changelog v 2.8-2.10

    Not intended definitely. Will look into it. Don't get hit. If you wanna heal in combat eat a whale.
  9. Old Faces

    Hi. <3
  10. Yay, Electric Mantle is back!

    Bait your opponent into activating it early, then strike!
  11. Changelog v 2.8-2.10

    YAaaaAaaaaaaSsssS! xD

  13. Balrog was female before undergoing sex change therapy. Will that suffice? Or maybe the new Ravager hero can be female