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  1. What up babes?... Russian still bad? AceSpade and his girlfriend alexversky? :D
  2. GuZ

    My Final Suggestion

    No problem babe, you are more than welcome :D
  3. Yeah MOTHER proceed please!! And I hope Adam will fix Artanis.. :p
  4. Just come around NA pub scene for some fun!!
  5. Add Alexversky for his epics plays!!
  6. GuZ

    Current issues plaguing AOS - Discussion

    Saymyname I was expecting a long answer ;) come on get inspire putita and write something long! For that old times.
  7. GuZ

    Winner Stays On IHs

    IH community in NA always been very friendly and most of their players had a chance. In the other side yeah EU always try hard and you always going to see the same 10-15 playing all the 3 IH's. That winner mode isn't that bad the only con would be the last 5 players haven't been picked may made a very weak team. Very hard to decide, but if you want a fair games and let others play. Let some NA putita organise it.
  8. GuZ

    What region has the better players? EU or NA?

    That Immortal is black? If it was... was one side game even with some scrubs in. DoublePutita which nickname you using now? :*
  9. I will fap cuz of this topic ;)
  10. GuZ

    Any free movie streaming/download sites?

    I will recommend www.iptorrents.com but you need to get an invitation for it! Also has an app to get rid from the ban in EU. I get movies in HD all time long.. ;)
  11. GuZ

    Changelog 1.341-1.344

    Snif.. snif.. snif.. my ass still hurting cuz of that op tassadar :(
  12. GuZ

    Changelog 1.341-1.344

    Nerf tassadar?!..
  13. Nerf tassadar please.. ;)
  14. Do you want this game survive? Ask blizzard to do something!! The actual problem is the lack of community in sc2 lately. The game isn't bad is ok, is already too much effort from admins to keep updating even if they know is for a limited amount of known players.
  15. GuZ

    OLD Players!!! Update

    Congratz drater putita! :)
  16. GuZ

    Russian Calculation

    Ace You had a good comp in your team! Ours wasn't that good at all.. Plus I feed you at the begin.. I don't know about the other IH you had.
  17. GuZ

    Moderators and Admins still around?

    I got bit bored that game.. We had not much chance with a proper hard carry against the ones they had. :p
  18. GuZ

    Moderators and Admins still around?

    I may be able to help at least to change the loading screen hahaha ;)
  19. I think none game is out from toxic community and lots of trolls, BM, etc, etc.. That's normal ;)..
  20. GuZ

    Hosting IH - Friday 22nd July

    Hahaha that Scottish accent..!! LoL that program is rubbish!!.. Same accent.. Same voice.. Wasn't Yaldi blond and with boobs?!
  21. GuZ

    New Loadscreen

    :p let's hope that Adam will read this and change that loading screen for something else.. ;)
  22. GuZ

    Hosting IH - Friday 22nd July

    Why that guy is holding a pigeon?! Something looks wrong in that pic.
  23. GuZ

    Hosting IH - Friday 22nd July

    I been waiting around.. Joined a pub and with Rustin we rekt mother Russia.. Caxaxxaxaxa