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  1. tails


    Discord is far more active than here for game discussion etc Welcome Spoony 🙂
  2. tails

    Aegis active graphics

    Aegis was OP before when there was no graphic, considering how inexpensive it is to purchase. And that's coming from someone who builds it often. It's still fairly stealthy on drake if you leave W on and you're wearing the original red/orange skin. Mother, is there a list of damages that it reflects? Why would it reflect queen's banes and not rancor's nukes for example?
  3. tails

    Ban Gimmetht

    I haven't noticed any particularly poor interactions with him tbh, certainly not to the point to consider banning him from games.
  4. tails

    Xacent's Twitch Channel

    Good work Xacent, these are great.