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  1. sideshot

    playing AOS

    How to accept.. i can log ib to americas server.. there is something more to do?
  2. sideshot

    playing AOS

    Hey Dr.unreal or dr.diablo
  3. sideshot

    playing AOS

    cannot connect to https://blizzard.com/invite/W0DP5sMz it says "This invite is no longer valid. It may have expired or been deleted."
  4. sideshot

    playing AOS

    I used to play this game 5 -6 years ago I tried to open a game lobby.. but nobody joined There is 4-6 differnet map
  5. sideshot

    playing AOS

    hey , how can i play this game ? i cant find amy rooms with players im connecting through starctaft 2 battlenet