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  1. sYnc

    Aegis active graphics

    I do not think the point of Aegis is to necessarily kill champions and rather to stop enemy pushes or slow them down long enough to organize a defense. Therefore the current visibility seems fine.
  2. sYnc


    Tetra´s duration is reduced with every use, down to 4s. Also there are a lot of tools to play around it (barrier/mobility spells and items). There won´t be 5 champions building tetra so it´s more about your teams ability to play around the 1/2 champions using it. I think Corona isn´t bad, just really situational.
  3. sYnc

    Starcraft 2 AoS Social Group

    Ye there has, but I am pretty sure i was part of 90% of that activity and the lobbys barely fill. I would love to see EU play atleast proper pubs regularely again.
  4. sYnc

    Starcraft 2 AoS Social Group

    EU is dead anyway, not like it matters lol
  5. Hey all! I really want to get back to AoS and i used to play in tournys some time ago. Since player-base moved to NA, i want to ask if there is any way to reduce ping and or delay when joining NA. Grateful for any answer. ty!!