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  1. Megastar

    BO3 Bile vs bile

    so far Bile has won 1 game, after that he chickened out to play any more. Now people make fun of me saying Bile>bile n shiet which is simply not true! he won because he had fisher in his team since he won RPS (lucky fwuck) so I suggest we have a BO3 either from start or counting that game idc but Bile is a wussy so he will want with that other game where he got carried by the eu ambassador. ON FRIDAY OR/AND SATURDAY OCTOBER 22/23 YEAR 2020 HE WILL DO BO3 V ME OR HE IS A fokin wussy (WHICH HE IS)
  2. Megastar

    v2.93 Tiers

    raynor b tier?
  3. Megastar

    Current IH talk meta

    thank you
  4. Megastar


    ffsm did this, mother should ban ffsm
  5. Megastar

    Aeon of Storms Discord Server

    ur making me miss my honoured player role with this picture :C
  6. Megastar

    EU Players on NA Servers

    sync stays up till 4 am it should be okay
  7. Megastar

    A Maternity Leave

    Np the game is in a good state atm
  8. Megastar

    Current Aos Playerbase

    hehe u have 69 posts funny number
  9. Megastar

    Old Heroes, New Skins!

    pog 😄
  10. Megastar

    Changelog v2.38-2.44

    Bile with the 69 posts.......