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  1. Bile

    how to fix tetra

    8 seconds of 100% spell immunity is
  2. Bile

    how to fix tetra

    Yeah I see the angle for the item but in reality the 100% resist for a full 8 seconds just completely nullifies a lot of heroes' and items in the game. It also acts like a parallax which I'm not sure if it's intended but basically any spell stun ability will do nothing, no stun. In terms of baiting for a team fight, 8 seconds is long enough to even if it is baited engage with because again, you have a full 8 seconds of spell immunity and nothing can stun you. I find it most annoying in the late game as a lot of heroes won't have the item before 35+ minutes into the game, so if I'm tass and I push tab, I see no Tetra, I continue to build spell dmg- 20 or so minutes later a wild tetra appears and I now do basically 0 dmg to that hero. I strongly am for a decay or at the very least some sort of trade off- like taking 100% extra physical dmg after the duration ends.
  3. Bile

    how to fix tetra

    xD /null /cow /tass /drake /Raynor /rancor /alot
  4. Bile

    how to fix tetra

    I think a lot of people would agree 100% spell resist for 8 full seconds is a little over powered?
  5. Bile

    how to fix tetra

    tetragram or w/e that gives 8 seconds spell immunity
  6. Bile

    how to fix tetra

    Should start at 100 then 80 60
  7. Bile

    Jakk Mines

    trick for mine, avoid. 😄
  8. Bile

    Russian Calculation

    I would tase you, better?
  9. Bile

    Come one, come all!

    I want to chime in because I've been asked a lot about this. It's a very slow process finding the right editing software and even harder getting semi-decent clips. I'd prefer only IH games and can accept replay from other ppl if they want to submit things and I'll add what I can together. I also work 40+ hours a week and this is just for fun. With that said hoping for some material maybe the end of July? I'll keep you all posted!
  10. Bile

    Come one, come all!

  11. Bile

    Come one, come all!

    Let you know once I'm dedicated to it. Working out some kinks with the uploading.
  12. Hey guys going to try to get as much AOS time in today. Got some new software so I'll be recording most games and using some footage to promote AOS in an upcoming youtube channel. So if you'd like yourself and your gameplay to be featured stop in, hoping to get a lot of games!
  13. Bile

    IH Game

    Anyone up for an IH today? Sooner the better 😄
  14. Bile

    AoS 2019: The Storm Rages On...

    Looks cool and all but is Kuradel fixed? I'm dying to try a build out...