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  1. Bile


  2. Bile

    Current IH talk meta

    "Stop calling me Bile" -bile fixed**
  3. Bile


    Been watching casts and uploads from you guys during my vacation from AoS. All I got to say is nerf cloaking? I think someone made a topic about this but I made a new one because it should be addressed. IT is definitely to strong compared to other forms of escapes in this game.
  4. Bile

    AoS in 2020

    Obviously this guy has just started playing again, agi items "Weak" holy shap batman LOL. And yes please buff vorza, the highest dps/heal/team killing hero the game has to offer. 3 seconds of invulnerability isn't enough must make it 10 LOOOOOOOOOOOL.
  5. Bile

    AoS in 2020

    2. IH/Fun games again, lobby pub games are not the same quality they've been in a while- losing interest in playing them almost completely tbh. 3. Balance- Remove all the following items and tell me the game doesn't get better *SPOILERS IT WILL BE BETTER* Lockbox, Nitro, Shrink, Tetra- these items should be just removed. Other items worth an honorable mention that are obviously over performing because 95% of the player base only buys these items every game regardless of comp- Psycho crusher, Cauterizor, Shinobi, SHM, Lightning Rod, Para, Taser, Sliptide, COA, Chilling.
  6. Bile

    AoS in 2020

    New game mechanics: Remove the healing from neutral camps and replace with a ward that highlights that camp area for 2 minutes, or adds another siege neutral in lane, or rewards a 3 minutes TS/Buff of some sort? IMO the jungle is still pretty boring and offers little variance to the current game. Add an ability on every hero that's essentially a gem that has a cd and remove gem from the game.
  7. Bile

    Changelog v2.64-2.73

    Can I ask why the mobius coil proc was removed? Only viable way to get money if you go tank/spell dmg tass.
  8. Bile


    It's ook to be upset about missing a lobby, just remember it's not my fault. I'm human sometimes shap happens and I can't remove 15 people joining while also trying to balance a lobby. Be thankful I at least try to setup decent games for all of you. So take a flobing back seat Dave, I'm sick of you and others just spewing nonsense over and over and over and over again. It's old. I don't leave games to make private lobbies. A game ends and I make a private lobby- veteran players don't want to play vs all these flobing bad/new people every day- there's no fun in it. They join the private lobby all our their own. Feel free to pm, if you actually want to resolve something instead of trying to seek attention on here.
  9. Bile

    Changelog v2.64-2.73

    Awesome! Can we maybe get a week or two with gene reduced again?
  10. This is more of like the idiots guide to aos, if that's makes sense, just some simple things for a reduced version of what's already there from your guide 🙂
  11. Will Update Soon, role call, seeing who around 🙂 Lane Phase Warding Gank/Counter-Ganks Shop/Inventory Creep Count(CS) Abbreviations
  12. Bile

    [Database] Viler.Nemesis

    It was my third time playing the hero and I still managed 7 kills.
  13. Bile

    [Database] Viler.Nemesis

    I refuse to play it because of how broken it actually is, congrats tho!
  14. Bile

    [Database] Viler.Nemesis

    this hero needs a nerfin!