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  1. Bile

    Good game

    Long one. Enjoy, don't judge my warding(I didn't). Boro got a luda at the end of the game, man he sexy. Luda.SC2Replay
  2. I'm interested if there's a way we can make a beta without the night mode and see how the game is?
  3. Bile


  4. Bile


    Hey gang, I've been more busy this summer than anticipated but I haven't given up on my AoS youtube channel and montage video I'll be releasing for my first. I have other games saved and clips all ready to go! I'm hoping after the 4th I'll be able to get everything setup and begin uploading games/clips and even possibly some commentary on tips I've picked up from various players on various heroes, and ways to improve as a player overall (DISCLAIMER! I'm not even close to the better AoS players) but I do have a pretty good feel to the game and know certain things 80% of players don't do that can seriously help them out. Thank you for your patience, excited to get this all up and running! Also there are some games I'd like to take the easy way out on and just provide the replay. If someone could link a site, similar to the one posted in the Anthrax bug thread, I'd appreciate it! Ty all!
  5. Bile


    I don't see why not? As long as there's 10 people willing to IH we can do this anytime, anyplace, anywhere 🙂
  6. Bile


    What's the best way to upload? Been a minute since I've uploaded game replays.
  7. 4pm EST there is the IH event MOTHER so kindly started so let's try and show out for it! MOTHER12:41 PM Hello boys so we're gonna try something a little different this Sunday starting at 8 PM GMT/4 PM EST. Inhouse games of teams of 5. Teams and captains are locked in a best of 3. Teams are decided during an initial draft, however if you come as a premade team, we can try to accomodate your choice if it is not too OP (dont want one sided games) If we can manage more than 3 teams, we will have 2 sets of games running parallel which would be great once teams are set, only hero drafts will be permitted between games and time will be kept to ensure they dont take too long I will make a new channel in this group for this Sunday, please register with your name in the group. We want to avoid walk-ins if possible Let's see if we can pull this off (Discord/mic preferred, but optional)
  8. Bile

    [Database] Rob.Boswell

  9. Bile

    Creating a draft menu

    I like it! Maybe even make crystals spawn a little sooner or have 1 more valuable one early on to give some incentive?
  10. Bile

    Creating a draft menu

    With the almost non-existence of IH games now, I'm really missing a draft where I can see the enemy heroes and my team can plan accordingly. Now, is there any possible way to add a draft feature at the beginning of the game?
  11. Bile

    Changelog v2.33-2.37

  12. Bile

    What Do You Think This Should Do?

    Summon a mini Daggoth into each lane LOL
  13. Bile

    how to fix tetra

    8 seconds of 100% spell immunity is
  14. Bile

    how to fix tetra

    Yeah I see the angle for the item but in reality the 100% resist for a full 8 seconds just completely nullifies a lot of heroes' and items in the game. It also acts like a parallax which I'm not sure if it's intended but basically any spell stun ability will do nothing, no stun. In terms of baiting for a team fight, 8 seconds is long enough to even if it is baited engage with because again, you have a full 8 seconds of spell immunity and nothing can stun you. I find it most annoying in the late game as a lot of heroes won't have the item before 35+ minutes into the game, so if I'm tass and I push tab, I see no Tetra, I continue to build spell dmg- 20 or so minutes later a wild tetra appears and I now do basically 0 dmg to that hero. I strongly am for a decay or at the very least some sort of trade off- like taking 100% extra physical dmg after the duration ends.