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  1. Bile


    It's ook to be upset about missing a lobby, just remember it's not my fault. I'm human sometimes shap happens and I can't remove 15 people joining while also trying to balance a lobby. Be thankful I at least try to setup decent games for all of you. So take a flobing back seat Dave, I'm sick of you and others just spewing nonsense over and over and over and over again. It's old. I don't leave games to make private lobbies. A game ends and I make a private lobby- veteran players don't want to play vs all these flobing bad/new people every day- there's no fun in it. They join the private lobby all our their own. Feel free to pm, if you actually want to resolve something instead of trying to seek attention on here.
  2. Bile

    Changelog v2.64-2.73

    Awesome! Can we maybe get a week or two with gene reduced again?
  3. This is more of like the idiots guide to aos, if that's makes sense, just some simple things for a reduced version of what's already there from your guide 🙂
  4. Will Update Soon, role call, seeing who around 🙂 Lane Phase Warding Gank/Counter-Ganks Shop/Inventory Creep Count(CS) Abbreviations
  5. Bile

    [Database] Viler.Nemesis

    It was my third time playing the hero and I still managed 7 kills.
  6. Bile

    [Database] Viler.Nemesis

    I refuse to play it because of how broken it actually is, congrats tho!
  7. Bile

    [Database] Viler.Nemesis

    this hero needs a nerfin!
  8. Bile

    How to play?

    On a slow night it can be harder to squeeze into a game due to what Mother said. People wait sometimes an hour or longer for a game only to have a new player leave 5 minutes after they've died 4 times. We try to integrate new players slowly with people helping, feel free to pm Bile in the lobby if you're there.
  9. Bile

    Jackson's Q

    No. Not really. His kit barely helps him farm, he needs expensive support items to be anyone what relevant in that role as where other heroes just don't. And for damage? It's a joke. He might be able to get some kills here and there but he just feels so underwhelming. Most tanks will just a-click on him and laugh because there's nothing you can really do. So basically he's an initiator that requires either warp or dial. Does minimal damage until SUUUUUPER late game, and is forced because of how his ultimate works to pull in as many heroes as humanly possible and then probably die. I realize he's a staple in the game and has been here longer than most players, but his kit feels so clunky. I will admit I'm not a top tier AoS player or anything like that so maybe someone like Grass/Fisher can playtest him and give more feedback. Only suggestion for the rework I'd have is when he casts Q I feel like it should slow in an AoE around the target, for the simple reason he can't use other abilities or move when casting it. Not ideal when there's 2-3 heroes in a lane. Only place I'd see him shine is in a team built around him for an in-house. Like the gross but beautiful display of shade using his vortex, rory rebounder/q/ult, and then daddy Jackson dropping in the R/E/Q. Outside of that sort of thing, he's gone from THE BEST initiator in the game to like a grade D.
  10. Bile

    Jackson's Q

    I'd like to see Jackson just get a complete re-work.
  11. Bile


    ok @MOTHER Which items proc with clones and apply effects and which do not? Mostly curious about, sliptide and cauterizer. But the more info the better!
  12. Bile

    Idea for towers

    Extra bit? It changes so much of the game because of it haha! PLS REMOVE! 😄
  13. Bile

    Idea for towers

    Agreed but just overall I think the items and heroes and current playstyle really know to take advantage of these weaker towers to start a snowball effect very early on in the game. Add in a MK/Shade or Queen and your first tower could potentially be gone between the 9-13 minute mark in the game. Seems weak to me, way weaker in the past and the only major changes to the game in that aspect has been character development and items. The abilities that cause the tower to bug absolutely change the outcome of my early game and even entire games as a whole. Where I thought I could fend off a 3v1 or 3v2 suddenly becomes a lot harder when I'm taking constant damage and the tower isn't holding aggro properly. I either die or sacrifice the tower early and again the other team is off to a large lead due to a failing game mechanic, just irritating I suppose. The one good thing from all of this I've taken away however is becoming a little more creative with certain items and builds and actually finding some useful strategies along the way. But PLEASE FIX THE DEHAKA BUG, it's a extremely mobile tank, that's very beefy to begin with, has a self-heal, and can dive you at your tower continuously without taking more than 1-2 tower shots for his rotation of skills.