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  1. Bile


    So been playing a lot of games vs. Roach since he very popular in games currently. Biggest problem I'm seeing is his cooldowns are way to fast. Imagine if Bola was constant as his pull? Or some other pull/initiate ability. Idk specific cd's but it seems like 2-3 seconds. Mix in his burrow/burst and he's near impossible to kill without diving and losing a whole team. He's fast but I don't think that's the bigger issue I think it's his cooldown rate on his abilities? Anyone else? EDIT: INB4TASER- Don't give me the taser speech either. U won't tase a good roach and he will always have para anyway so gl.
  2. Bile


    Yoshi y u mad? You left a game 2x in a row for giving up first blood 30 seconds in, so next lobby everyone telling me to kick you. Now you kicking me out of lobbies? Reeeeeeeeeaaaal cool.
  3. Bile

    pUb MAniA

  4. Bile

    More skinz

    GRUNTY?!?!?!?!?!?! 🤪🤪🤪
  5. Bile


    I'm bumping this and adding MK into the mix. Both heroes are realllllllly strong especially early game and then more so, later in the game. I think for MK his R should make the unit have less HP. It's no fun when a level 8 mk with a thor can't be touched. And LZ does way to much damage while also having a free parallax every few seconds.
  6. Bile

    More skinz

    Can more heroes get some love with additional skins maybe next patch? I love the variations personally.
  7. Bile


    Wayyy to mobile and his burst is being abused with flare funs pretty heavily, which due to the hp heal resist on flare makes it pretty useful too.
  8. Bile

    Jackson.Roullette - Silence woman.

    His silence should only target 2-3 heroes MAX and he's fixed imo. Still best initiator in my eyes.
  9. Bile

    Get online

    where u go tho
  10. Bile

    Russian Calculation

    1 Taser defeats your whole build though.
  11. Bile


  12. Bile

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    He means observers lol 😛
  13. Two lobbies going on in PUBS NA. It's currently 3:40 EST time- get on!
  14. Bile


    I was talking with Manling the other day and Geneva is both great and failing miserably currently. She does okay early and if she has support but into the mid-late game I think she falls off considerably. Maybe tweaking her ultimate a little could help this? I was thinking she could call in a medivac that does an AOE heal but also damages enemies, or something like that? Personally I don't like to play her because if you miss you're shield push and blind, you will basically be dead. I understand she's mostly a hard support but in her case it loses it's advantages later in the game. My other suggestion would make her heal ability able to use on the move. She feels clunky at times, anyone else think this? EDIT: not to mention one taser is all it takes to render her completely useless.
  15. I think that's how we start! Would be really cool if we were able to get a little hype behind this game again because I think it's truly an amazing game. Get us a Tourney and front page of twitch! Lol.