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    Destroy everyone's inventory.
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    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Can finally register for an account on this site. I really appreciate the time and energy the developers have dedicated to this game. It is certainly a thankless job at times and I'm sure everyone has other obligations that need tending to. One thing I've been very critical about in regards to the last couple of patches, and perhaps the community can chime in too, is that it seems like often times, changes released to public aren't thoroughly tested or reviewed. Sure, I can understand that there's a shortage of resources to devote to this game, but I feel like the recent changes have further divided and diminished the already small existing player-base. Also, some changes just don't make sense. Here's a list of items that I feel need tending to: 1) Experience Points: Killing a Godlike hero and granting them an additional 50% XP + minerals is, in my opinion, a little high. In game, this translates to at least 1k minerals from what I've experienced in the game. This also applies to the folks who get assists as well. It's a bit extreme and would hope this gets scaled back a bit. 2) Experience (in general): There are a few support heroes that I've played where I'll ramp up a high number of assists and a low number of kills, and still be about 3-4 levels lower than the guy who's killed a few heroes with many deaths. Heroes that come to mind are Rancor, Unix, etc... I don't understand how I can have 10 assists with Rancor but still be lower leveled than the guy who's had way more deaths. Is there just a very small weight allocated to assists vs. kills? 3) Creeps: Wayyyyyyyyyy too strong. Please, nerf them, especially super creeps. I find it outrageous that losing 1 suppressor gives the other team such a huge advantage especially since 1-2 waves of super creeps can kill the temple and end the game. If the intention of making creeps this strong is to end the game quicker, then I feel like it's counter productive since games still last around an hour on average. Making creeps this strong doesn't accelerate the speed of the game. Please nerf them so super creeps can't steam roll towers on their own. 4) Sunflare Gun: Please nerf. 250 intel + 110% intel is ridiculous. I'm not even sure why this was buffed to this extent. It seems like the new meta is intel heros since end-game intel heros have intel of about 500 - 700 and SFG shouldn't be able to do as much damage as Cyprus burst. Might as well stack 5 intel heroes and max out intel with SFG, then proceed to burst down enemy team. 5) Broken Heroes: Queen, Bio, etc, please fix. Queen can still solo bosses with ultralisk, and intel bio can burst as hard as cyprus. Have also seen intel bio one-shot squishy heroes with max intel. I've also seen max intel on queen with dps hybrid build and it's ridiculously broken. Why were these changed? Mother, we know you like Queen, so we wonder if you buffed her out of favoritism. 6) The Hero Changes That Make No Sense: So Tassadar seems nerfed to hell, not just his abilities, but coupled with all the item changes, he's just not fun to play anymore. Same with lurker as well. There have been so many changes to Jakk, which I feel like aren't even necessary. Easily one of the most countered heroes in the game but his spells keep getting revamped to the point where he's just a full intel support hero. Bring back his old mine-field! Also, dps lurker isn't viable anymore either. It just doesn't make sense that heros originally scaled on either intel, strength, or agility have their spells being scaled on other attributes. Boros is another good example where all his spells are scaled on intel instead of agility. Why?!!!!!! Tychus is also incredibly broken (Grasshead built everthirst on him and he never died and just rekt a whole team himself) 7) Squishy Ass Agility Heroes: In the old patches, dps heroes would be able to buy agility items that had an HP component to it but now it seems like most of the items that are a fit for that dps hero no longer contains HP. Shinobi, and a few other common items used to make dps heroes a little meaty. Now, dps heroes either need to sacrifice offense for hp or the other way around to the point where no one really wants to touch DPS. Simply because to perform well with a DPS hero is highly dependent on the competency of your team since you're now incredibly squishy and being a main carry, the enemy is likely going to shut you down first. So either you have to resort to backdooring or hope that you have good support to let you come in, dish the damage, and save you from dying. The meta nowadays is really intel heros because not only do they have damage scale, but also the right HP items to make them meaty 😎 Temple Is Useless: Enough said. Slow attack speed, not enough damage, doesn't prioritize heroes properly, why???? The fact that 1 wave of super creeps can already steam-roll the base coupled with a useless Temple just makes the game very difficult. 9) Buying Items Take Too Long: Items used to be purchased instantly if you double click them. Not sure if you've noticed but there's a huge delay between actually purchasing the item when it's double clicked. Is this a bug? I find that I often miss buying items while TP'ing to a lane because of this delay. 10) Nanosuit: As mentioned elsewhere, I think the debuff is a little too much. Sure, the damage resistance is nice, but couple that with HP recovery + debuff, it's hard to kill heroes that buy this. Almost everybody buys nanosuit to take advantage of this and for all the players that abuse tank heroes with movement speed, it just makes it incredibly difficult to kill these types of heroes. I understand that the intent was to make tank heroes a little more meaty, but keep in mind that Nanosuit is also being utilized with other types of heroes. I've definitely seen combos like maar + LB + nanosuit or cain + nanosuit or Micro + all speed items + nanosuit, etc. It creates a large imbalance. 11) Testing The Game/Player Retention/Future Developments/Understanding The Community: I think this is probably the most important point to make. As mentioned before, the community definitely appreciates the time and dedication that the dev team has invested into this game. You're not getting compensated for this and do this voluntarily for a small group of folks who continue to enjoy this game. But, for the sake of the folks that still enjoy this game, please take our feedback and consideration into mind as far as the direction of the game goes. For me personally, the last few updates have been very discouraging because there were bugs often found with the new releases, or that there were changes that made no sense, etc. It felt like new changes were getting rolled out simply due to what the dev team felt was necessary or appropriate without really understanding the needs and positions of the existing community. I'm not sure how often the dev team comes on to test these changes, or even play pub games long enough to understand the potential impact and implications of the new changes, but it feels like there's not enough time invested in that area, and that changes are rolled out haphazardly. A few examples that come to mind is definitely the changes to SFG, the further revamp for Jakk, the new Queen, the 1-shot intel bio, etc. And any additional changes/revamps to heroes/items that didn't need further development anyways which in effect, made other things obsolete. In the recent months, I've seen more regulars quit this game simply because of the direction that was taken by the devs, which is a shame because it's already hard enough to get a game going. From the feedback I've gotten from some of the veteran regulars of this game, AoS is truly the best moba they've played, but they're slowly drifting to other games because the changes are shap/doesn't make sense, and updates/fixes aren't rolled out fast enough to keep up with the community. Maybe the old days are gone where we have 5 consecutive games in a row but that doesn't mean we can't do anything presently to try to improve the game for the folks who still continue to enjoy it. If it's even possible to lure back some old players to the game, then I think the effort to accomplish that would be worth it. Also, need to be nicer to noobs so we can get an influx of new faces instead of playing against the same group of 25 people, who usually just still stick to 1-3 heroes after playing this game for years. Worker definitely comes to mind, still op though---what did you play before Penthos? Lul) List Of Regular Players And Their Heroes: Contact---Bio, LZ, Unix, Dustin (no more cuz nerfed to hell), Penthos AlwaysNoob---Cow, SS, Raynor, Medic (no more cuz can't abuse veil), Queen (super abusive) Terror---Rancor, Vespus, Drake Worker---Penthos Grasshead---Op with all heroes with any build BraveDave---Cyprus, Rory, Fart-Hero MichaelSee---Vergil, Grunty CompleteNoob---Zera Azkor---Boros ROEY---LZ Enpitsu---Drake, Unix SuperToast---Rancor, Boros Talien---Balrog PatternE---Tychus Memphix---LZ Obs (RIP)---Cyprus, Cow, any other hero that can escape or block stuff off FFSM (best support ever)---Medic, Viper, Geneva LeeRocks (RIP)---Cain, Vorpal Toxic---Rancor #MakeAoSGreatAgain