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  1. Xacent

    A Maternity Leave

    Have a great break MOTHER, and thank you for pushing out all of these updates during the pandemic!
  2. Xacent

    The Promise of Spring...

    He slimed me!
  3. Xacent

    Trends in AoS vernacular

  4. Xacent

    Xacent's Twitch Channel

    I'll make sure that I stream the next game I play with you BlackCat.
  5. Xacent

    Starcraft 2 AoS Social Group

    Welcome to the 21st century EU players.
  6. Xacent

    It's time for Aeon's Fall...

    Awesome!!!! I like this kind of announcement!
  7. Xacent

    What Do You Think This Should Do?

    If we like the idea of a backpack you could instead give players access to a higher tier item menu which would basically be like combining two tier 3 items into one. But make it so that there are only 1 item in each of STR, AGI, and INT focus, making it fairly unpractical to buy more than one. If the higher tier item shop menu is only available for the time the Dagon buff lasts for or something similar, and people would really have to commit to this expensive higher tier item. That is probably a really dumb idea, sorry, I'm high.
  8. Xacent

    Changelog v2.25-2.27

    Super happy to see that Rory got a badly needed update to his W and E sounds. I expect more people to start playing him now due to this alone 😛
  9. Xacent

    Most toxic Community

    I autokick Contact and Fetext from every lobby to assert my dominance. Then I invite them back and they RQ if the game doesn't go their way. whatknow is good people. Never kick him.
  10. Xacent

    Where is AoS?

    I played last night and it was glorious. I miss you MOTHER.
  11. Xacent


    This Xacent guy sounds like an A--hole.
  12. I just came to this thread because someone told me I sound like Drex. That offends me. #imdrunk
  13. Xacent


    Fcuk you BlackCat, Fcuuuuuuuuuk you. You are inadequate and I disagree with everything you say. I can never understand anything you drone on about. And don't tell me how to feel, I identify as an asian hot sauce dandelion topiary. Edit: For clarity.
  14. Xacent

    An Open Letter to the Premades

    Teach me O wise alpha cuck.
  15. Xacent

    Where are the Dev's??

    Please son, come back when you are working on your 16th year of university.