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    Ban Gimmetht

    I'm no saint, and I don't mean to start a crusade based on a personal vendetta, but I literally have not seen one single positive interaction ever between Gimmetht and another player in whatever game he is in. - Constant feeding (not a ban-able offense in itself, however he does it remorselessly, never listens to his team or accepts constructive criticism and never improves). - Constant BMing. - Lags and AFKs in game very often. I've given him multiple chances but he inevitably continues to ruin games. I'm going to be kicking him from any lobby I'm hosting, and if possible would like to ask if he can be outright banned from AoS.
  2. BlackCat

    Aegis active graphics

    I know Aegis' active graphics were made more visible to cater to players with lower graphics, however I feel its a bit too obvious and lets DPS too easily stop attacking until its over. Now the enemy player has to either be not paying attention at all or a newb player to keep attacking the that massive red box after 1 hit. Can it be made a little less obvious?
  3. BlackCat

    Aegis active graphics

    It used to be stealthy. If its meant to go in another direction then its fine.
  4. BlackCat


    Saying Corona is 100% useless is quite harsh, she can get very powerful late game. But like Grass pointed it out its generally too hard to get to that point, even if you are a decent to good player, and even after getting there all mages get countered by enemy dps getting a single item in Tetra.
  5. When trying to teleport with D to a location, very often my char will start moving towards the location and cancel the teleport. It happens even after pressing Hold and then D. Whats the trick to avoiding this?
  6. BlackCat

    Trouble with teleport (D)

    That explains it! Thank you!
  7. BlackCat

    Xacent's Twitch Channel

    Great streams! But where am I during all these games???
  8. BlackCat

    Grass Casts

    Enjoying these casts man! Keep em coming!
  9. BlackCat

    playing AOS

    Welcome back to AoS! Whats your in-game name? I'll try to tell the others not to kick from you lobbies (as newbies often tend to).
  10. BlackCat

    T*()+== *New Player Guide* ()+==*T

    Will Tip 1 be "Don't alienate your teammates by berating them when you're the one doing the least for the team, and by spamming the surrender vote"?
  11. BlackCat

    [Database] Viler.Nemesis

    He's very good for what he does and when he has good positioning. But isolate him or catch him alone and hes as good as crispy squid on a stick. Your Viler from the game from earlier today did not seem OP at any point.
  12. BlackCat

    [Database] Viler.Nemesis

    Who else besides me ever uses Viler regularly?
  13. BlackCat

    v2.51 Tiers

    Interesting..... I would put Rory in B though.
  14. BlackCat

    How to play?

    Hey man, welcome to AoS! It would be best you have some MOBA experience and/or learn on your own to a level where you don't regularly "feed" (feed = provide the enemy team heroes with money/advantage by continuously dying to them). Like the others said above its very frustrating when we have to wait 30 to 60 mins for a game to start and a new guy feeds and quits 5 mins into the game. Also PM me in game if you can manage the above and if ppl are still kicking you. You'll find that after a few games of you decently playing or showing signs of learning then ppl will recognize you and stop kicking you.
  15. BlackCat

    It's time for Aeon's Fall...

    Hey Mother! Congratulations and thanks for the updates, it all sounds very exciting. Thank you in general for all the work you do to make AoS what is. I'm reckon I'm not the only one who would feel a massive hole if AoS disappeared from our lives.
  16. BlackCat

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Ok, thanks for checking. Played him today and it funnily it seemed back to normal. But I swear it was funky that day!!!
  17. BlackCat

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    As far as I know there hasn't been any change to Rory, however after a few games with him it seems molo is not doing anywhere near the damage it used to. A few other players have also mentioned that they noticed something similar. I haven't checked the details but could you perhaps look into this Mother?
  18. BlackCat

    Thanks MOTHER

    hahahaha what on earth?
  19. BlackCat

    Idea for towers

    "But.... But... I called MIA!"
  20. BlackCat


    I didn't realize you could communicate with us lowly AoS peasants!
  21. BlackCat

    how to fix tetra

  22. BlackCat


    its a real hubbub of activity for sure
  23. BlackCat

    What Do You Think This Should Do?

    1. Restores a tower of the player's choosing to full hp (cannot revive a fully dead tower). 2. Makes all enemy players play in fully zoomed in mode for a duration. 3. Player picks up a random certain-tier item. 4. Player picks up hurty + lucky + mendy + speedy (they all follow him).
  24. BlackCat

    Russian Calculation

    "Don't tase me bro!"