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  1. BlackCat

    Russian Calculation

    "Don't tase me bro!"
  2. BlackCat

    Come one, come all!

    Been hoping someone would do this! Pray tell, what is the name of the YT channel?
  3. BlackCat

    AoS 2019: The Storm Rages On...

    Seconded. I would dare say it becomes so even from mid game.
  4. BlackCat

    AoS 2019: The Storm Rages On...

    Thanks for all the hard work! You've supplied us with countless hours of enjoyment and all types of emotions. Tried to donate but apparently PayPal doesn't support PayPal donate in my region. Hope the thought counts (lol, obviously doesn't). Let me know if there is another way to do so.
  5. BlackCat

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    It was horrific! I had a bit of a inner crisis on how I was gonna deal with this if it was not a bug and on purpose.
  6. BlackCat

    More skinz

    Why doesn't poor Rory ever get a new skin? What do you ppl have against my chubby chubs?
  7. BlackCat

    E l e m a o

    Hosts need to do a better job at balancing teams before kicking newbs.
  8. BlackCat

    If you build it, they will come

    Great IH games in the last few days guys! Lets keep em going!
  9. BlackCat

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Lol Funny list but you must have a really small sample size of games. Just saying!
  10. BlackCat

    Where is AoS?

    I've only had 1 game in which we had a successful mid-lane only game. 90% of the time 1 or 2 players will take it upon themselves to break the pre-agreed rules and begin laning in the side lanes, jungling or going back to base without dying. IMO it isn't really possible to do without strict game mechanics enforcing the rules. I guess there's not much to say if you guys don't have the time to make it. Although I would disagree that it would be dividing the playerbase as players would definitely rather play a proper 5v5 if able to and would play the mid-lane game during the times it isn't. I personally would much rather have the mid-lane mod than new heroes/map changes.
  11. BlackCat

    Where is AoS?

    MOTHER, I've asked before in a post that got 0 replies, but would it be impossible to make a 3v3 or 4v4 mid-lane only mod? Something super simple and for less players so we can get quicker games going?
  12. BlackCat

    Most toxic Community

    Whatknow, what is your in-game name?
  13. BlackCat

    Where is AoS?

    I remember back then (has it really been 8 years already?!?!) there were so many more players and everything was so exciting and fresh. People were MUCH meaner and much ragey-er but shap was fun! Even all the rating/KDR-whoring added a level of competitiveness to the game. Nowadays its waiting for 15 to 40 mins in lobby for a game during high-time that has the 50% possibility of ending within the first 5 mins. And playing against a player pool of about 20 guys each time. Not saying it isn't fun, and we do get a really good 1hr 5v5 game once in a while. But it could have been so much more. I really do love this game though and wish there was something I could personally do something about it. (Yeah yeah, I'll try to be nicer to newbs.)
  14. BlackCat


    You're just mad that my Rory is 12309348743573457 times better than yours.
  15. BlackCat


    Is Gavno the guy who plays Vesp most of the time? Dunno, you probably don't mean to but you kinda come across as a little belittling and disagreeable at times. Maybe its the language barrier like Mother said. Anyways chill, your country already won 2 WC games.