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  1. Cool. Although I hope players don't use the lobby preview option too much to pick and choose which "good" players they get teamed up with. Removed “Play” and “Play Again” buttons: Wtf? This seems unnecessary and real pain in the ass. Gotta circle all the way around once a game finishes?
  2. URGENT! Advice needed regarding computer for AOS!

    $250 second hand. Great condition.
  3. You guys are really missing out by not letting me participate with my Low graphics setting screenshots.
  4. URGENT! Advice needed regarding computer for AOS!

    Thanks for all the replies guys! I decided to go with the desktop+laptop combo like a few ppl suggested and am typing this from my new Dell XPS13 laptop (heh, it was cheap so don't hate on the choice.) My main AOS issue isn't solved yet and I'm still on the hunt for a new desktop. Anyways thanks for all the help.
  5. Sorry, not really "urgent" but I do badly need advice on what kind of computer to get next. Help me my brothers! I'm currently on an ancient desktop that my friend built years ago and gave me which barely allows me to play SC2/AoS on virtually the very lowest graphics. I can't even remember which grandpappy graphics card is being used. It has a plethora of problems and many ppl I've played with have probably noticed me crashing and dropping here and there (random BoS's and "vertical lines crash screen" etc). It has other non-gaming related problems which are irritating af. Anyways its time for me to say goodbye to this machine which has brought my many AoS victories and upgrade. I've also come to need a laptop for other reasons related to work (mostly just for excel, google spreadsheet, web browsing type of stuff) so my initial thought was to get a gaming laptop so I could use it for both work outside and gaming back home. My budget is about $1000. Q1: Do you have any suggestions on specific gaming laptops that I would be able to play SC2/AoS on Ultra graphics? After some quick browsing something like this seemed nice: Legion Y520-15IKBN (I imagine this would be more than sufficient.) SC2/AoS is the only game I play and I'm not interested in any other games atm (I'm a one-game kinda man!). Is gaming more difficult on a laptop and do you end up connecting it to a larger external monitor anyways (I imagine this is what I would do back home). Would a gaming laptop be heavy and tiring to carry around between work and home? Q2: Or should I get any cheap portable laptop for work (like I said all I need is to be able to use excel, input in googlesheets etc) and buy a new desktop for gaming at home? My concern is that laptop+desktop would put me over my budget. In this scenario what specs for the desktop would ensure that I would be able to play SC2 on ultra graphics? My apologies for my near complete lack of knowledge and I appreciate any suggestions or advice. Thanks!
  6. Aeon of Storms on Instagram ?

    Great idea!
  7. My Final Suggestion

    Sounds great. Thanks for the explanation.
  8. My Final Suggestion

    Uh, not sure what you mean. Are you saying you need to have considerable knowledge about timing, items, stats etc to effectively jungle now?
  9. Not that anyone seems to pay any interest or importance in the current system. At least not besides "2 gold players in the other team. This should be fun!". Still, can someone pls explain how it works to me, how many points a win is, how leaving mid-game affects it etc. And what's up with these few obviously-not-diamond players with diamond ranks? Ppl still tinkering with their bank files? Are there any plans to overhaul this obviously defunct system in the near future? I'm personally quite an achievements-driven person so having an actual functional rank system would be nice.
  10. My Final Suggestion

    I have to admit that when I first went to playing the new map from the old one the change was HUGE and I felt very much the same as you ("It takes forever to get from bot to top! Wtf is this!"). But you know what, after a while you get used to it and its plenty enjoyable. I do agree however that jungle creep is too strong and that's an issue. You can only really seem to effectively jungle from early-mid game (or maybe it supposed to be this way?).
  11. Its Me..... ow!

    Hi BlackCat here. Back to playing since a few months ago after a 4 year lay off.... So you can say I have quite the natural talent when you see me single-handedly carry my team game after game. I'm usually on at weird times of the day due to the time difference and I'm usually pretty intoxicated while playing (so I like to enjoy a drink or ten after working 3 different jobs, sue me) which makes me quite chatty about life and non-AOS stuff in lobby and during play. Feel free to tell me to STFU. Also sorry if I'm mean to newbies at times but sometimes I wanna have a good game after waiting 2 hrs for one to start. Also my crappy computer has a tendency to crash at the most intense and climactic battles so please know its not me RQing under any circumstances and that the annoyance you might feel is 10000000x more on my end. If any of you reading are millionaires then please feel to sponsor a new AOS-only computer for me. See you in game! BlackCat.