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  1. smorgishborg

    Lobbies broken?

    I've heard rumors that if you hit "play again" on the end match screen, it puts you into a different lobby than if you close the match screen and join lobby out of arcade. Just a theory...
  2. smorgishborg


    mid or feed? lets get the ball rolling
  3. smorgishborg


    I'm back baby! And unbanned from forums, woot! See y'all in game.
  4. smorgishborg

    Should I just pub..?

    This old guy named WhaleTITS
  5. smorgishborg

    Beta Changelogs

    Only Whale can create a lobby atm, get on mumble if you want to help beta test
  6. smorgishborg

    Game Speed

    I'm pretty sure I just black out in a team fight and don't know what happened...
  7. smorgishborg

    stupidest builds ever

    I like ponies.
  8. smorgishborg

    Changelog v1.201 Discussion

    Thanks for the hotfix Dev Team
  9. smorgishborg

    Changelog v1.201 Discussion

    What does bm stand for?
  10. smorgishborg

    Changelog v1.201 Discussion

  11. smorgishborg

    Changelog v1.201 Discussion

    But really, new SC2 patch bugged the game...
  12. smorgishborg

    I got kicked from inhouse!

    -_- there were more than 10 players and you didn't get picked
  13. smorgishborg

    Changelog v1.201 Discussion

    What do you guys think about it?
  14. smorgishborg

    Lord Z -- Build Discussion

    AA LZ depends entirely on talent build. You must have Haste.
  15. smorgishborg

    Vorpal javelins

    Particularly when you Q first then try to jav soon after, his orbs take time to catch up to him. Very frustrating sometimes