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    Scrubdrater checking in

    Damn nice man! Looks like you got your life all together already. I also got something similar to carpel tunnel, but on left wrist. Was wondering why u haven't log on Overwatch for a while. Well I also quit that game now... I happen to check the forum from time to time whenever I see a big tournament of League of Legend on twitch. Glad to hear you're still around
  2. My sc2 settings are all low. I have switched 2 PC and 1 laptop over the past 4-6 years. Complete new PC, and I still get the lag spike only in my home and not in my friend's house. This is my 3rd cable modem, and 2nd router.. all have the same issue. Called my internet provider, and they came to check. Said everything is installed and working properly. My city only has 2 cable provider, tried both. There's just probably some kind of cable wire compatibility issue from my house to blizzard or something. lol I don't lag in anything else. The support says I get random packet loss to Blizzard, and told me to open ports or w/e by following their steps.. all didn't help. It sucks man. I love Blizzard games. I play Overwatch now, and I still get them, but good thing is a lot minor than sc2. SC2 act so strange. Is 50-50 chance I get spikes. 1 game I get no spikes, then the next game I get horrible lag spikes like the video. =\
  3. My heart will always be with you guys. Edit: I cannot be there with you guys because of my internet lag spikes with Blizzard in my city. I logged in SC2 to give it a try again after seeing this thread. Here is the result: I get this lag spikes every 2 to 3 seconds thru out the whole game in the video. And this is my internet speed below. I've tried everything to fix it, even contacting Blizzard supports countless times over the past 4 years, with no solution. Feelsbadman. I don't get any spikes in LoL, Dota, or CS;GO. I do get spikes in HOTS, WoW, Diablo3, & Overwatch too, but not as bad. If anyone know how to fix please help.
  4. They're all 24", and they're not mounted to the desk. I can move around it left, right, forward, and back by just picking up by the bar attached to the stand in the middle. It is called Triple monitor stand.
  5. I only heard of UPS, which I learned about when I visited local Fry's Electronics store. Don't know much about it. Perhaps, a Tesla home battery? haha As for dual or triple monitors. I think two monitors are enough. Third one is just for the luls. I had two 60hz monitor for so many years. Recently wanted to test out 144hz for gaming, so I now have three. I rarely use the third one unless I work. lucky to work at home. Here my setup. Ignore the chair. I can't believe I listened to the reviews online for this over-hyped chair. Get a Herman Miller Aeron or something.
  6. DavidChan

    Top 5 things AoS needs to survive 2017

    One day we will all meet again. In Starcraft 3 or Warcraft 4 ;)
  7. DavidChan

    OLD Players!!! Update

    Poker.. after years of playing with friends and online poker. I start making a steady $200-$500 bucks every weekend in nearby casino here. Just a side hobby. Hopefully I can become better in the future.
  8. DavidChan

    OLD Players!!! Update

    Damn Whale op! Better make some sick games in the future. I moved to Overwatch, but don't play much recently cuz of work and gambling.
  9. DavidChan

    You guys have Discord?

    I know not everyone likes Discord, but it seems to be the biggest voice communication thing for gaming now. I think you guys should move there, so I can visit ya'll more often <3 The nice thing about discord is I can join as many servers as I want.
  10. DavidChan

    You guys have Discord?

    Not only is it free, you can also use it on a web browser, without installing anything. I join different discord servers for each game or community I play/participate in. You can join all servers u like at the same time. Just click on the tab to switch channel to different servers u want to join and chat. Sadly AoS community is pretty much dead.. wtf teamspeak.. i deleted all my voice chat software now after i learned about discord :(
  11. DavidChan

    Hosting IH - Friday 22nd July

    yo do you play Overwatch?
  12. DavidChan

    Blizzard Downloader Super Slow, <200kb/s speeds

    what the actual fk is this? It never happened to me in other blizzard games.. i'm waiting for 10 minutes now my overwatch won't start o.o
  13. List at least 3 ultimate that you think are the most OP or most useful in the game in overall situation. Some ult may only be good in 1v1 battle, but useless in team fights. Some ults are generally good in all situation. Which are the ones that you think are most strongest in everything. Explain why? example: 1. LZ's ult - Pretty simple. Giving your whole team massive armor boost to withstand a lot of burst dmg at once. (able to survive 1v1 to 1v3 against some of the strongest bursts. Amazing in team fight) 2. crackling's ult - 12 second of 60% movement speed, able to run in and out of zera's 6 sec bubble and run away from shadow's 4 sec ulti and come back in. Easily run away from Leo's speed boost, pentho's W, and able to run out of lz 8 sec? ulti and come back in when lz's armor is done. 12 seconds advantage over all other ultis which are 4-8 seconds. (amazing in 1v1 and still useful in teamfight as a finisher with its speed boost) 3. boros' ult - Can 1 hit almost any squeeshy heroes in most of the 1v1 situation. Late game can easily take out 1/3 squeeshy heroes in 1v3 situation. Probably the only ulti that can kill crackling's ulti at ease. (overall good 1v1 and still good in team fight against squeeshies)
  14. DavidChan

    Disable Alarak

    I think Artanis is more op.. should make artanis' Q into skill shot also. except it must also hit something for it to jump to it
  15. DavidChan

    Red Hydra's Profile

    good old times.. missed bm'ing redhydra
  16. DavidChan


    shaps op yo! at least in pub... I think in team game, he is manageble, but in pub it is ridiculous.. even i cant do shap against him if i dont pick even more few selected op hero.
  17. AeRen forever #1 in my heart. AeReN for president. You shibseki <3 He will make AoS great again!
  18. DavidChan

    I'm a genius!!

    I'm pretty sure many people already do this, but I just feel SO DAMN stupid to find out about this now. (a little late).. So, the past 4 yrs when I played Sotis and AoS, I was constantly alt-tabbing and tabbing back in SC2 to check for party-invites/lobby-invites when picking teams for ih. I cannot be believe that we can just simply make sc2 into Window Mode, which takes 5 seconds to do!! Then after teams are picked and game started, you switch it back!! With window mode, I can see what is going on in sc2, look at people draft and team picking while I watch my porn!!! AMAZING DISCOVERY! trolololol HAVE A NICE DAY!! Miss you sexy people ;)
  19. DavidChan

    Changelog v1.319-1.330

    You forgot to add game editing/developing access to opren.
  20. DavidChan

    New Rating System

    Of course no one cares about rating in this game... population is so low that there is nothing to be proud of to have a high rank. There are way more talented ppl than you are out there that don't bother playing this game. And you know it. lol.. I just want a way to tell whether ppl on my team is first timer or not.. before i pick a hero.
  21. DavidChan

    New Rating System

    Go back to the old ranking or stats w/e... where it shows K-D-A in tab. Even if they rig their stats. At least they went thru the effort, and know they are not completely first timer. That way, pros can know whether to try hard or not judging overall stats of his team and opponent team.
  22. DavidChan

    Aeon of Storms In-house League 2016

    south korea has the fastest internet in the world!! GG
  23. DavidChan

    So.. Admin list?

    Can I get game editing power? I need to change something real quick. kthxbye
  24. DavidChan


    I just installed and play a few pubs... every mother flober getting this shap!! and why is there an Ezreal in the game? I got killed by ezreal ult! GGGGGG The only thing I enjoyed was talking shap in the pubs.. Thanks for the games tho :)
  25. DavidChan

    Best anime 2k15? fall

    Everything is trash.. Go watch Skydie feed in the old in house videos.