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  1. Yig WTF?

    Agree. Increasing his energy gain from heroic can rebalanse the one lost on q. Need to try this in practise. So looking forward for the next patch :)
  2. Yig WTF?

    There was no need to cement his role as a support since u couldn't play other role with him. As caster it is just a fail since he is not fast enough to escape sneeky situation (as null, stukov etc). He got only ult to stop enemy from coming. As the solo lane caster he can only carry at begin of the game where good grep can kill enemy (with possibility to ulti stun) but there is no way (specially in late game) yig can solo kill some other caster like cow etc or dps as shadow, nova etc which make him ONLY support. His q was the only thing leting him escape (with much mana) and now it's just pointless...
  3. Yig WTF?

    Still do not know if this buff really works out. I was used to spam his q and it healed me much more than now... Yig is one of them. 50 energy + 10 % to use q. This is too much specially it was previously just 30 energy... so it's really HUGE nerf. It is harder for support to get energy specially at begin where u can use it like 3-4 time per lane and u are out of mana. This is way too much really... If u can't come back to previous mana spend than mayby just buff it a little so u can use 4-5 time per lane something like 30 energy + 10 % couse this q is really usless right now.
  4. Yig WTF?

    OP John should get nerf not stukov and summers xd Plus yig was support from it's begin. It was not good int hero. Nerfing dps or int seems more resonable than nerfing poor support... Really ... i just would like to undearstand why. :(
  5. Yig WTF?

    Who the hell wanted to nerf yig? This is the worst yig i have ever seen. This hero was weak from it's begin and need much skill to make it useful in game. What's more it was only support hero. His w isn't diffrent much from drake q. His ulti is good but his speed is very low which mean that when u play it u need to heal yourself much and now u can't. I SERIOUSLY do not see any reason why someone would NERF it that much to the ground. His q is now completly useless since u can use it only 3 times and it took all your mana + it won;t help u in escape anymore 50 mana + 10% wtf?. I played this hero since it was created ~2 years and i really wonder why anyone would do this to him. He was rarely pick to pub since it need a bit of skill. It was only picked from time to time in inh and all was ok. I've never seen anyone who would complain about yig so WHY u nerf him that much? It's just stupid.
  6. Aeon of Storms 7 Beta Testing has Begun!

    Yea, fog doesn't affect on this abilities.
  7. Aeon of Storms 7 Beta Testing has Begun!

    I have been out of sc2 for one month so mayby i am just missing something, but shouldn't teleport gem be stackable as well when i have 5 inventory equiped? For example: I have 4 item equpied on my hero then i buy 1 teleport gem so it goes to the 5th slot, then i buy one more teleport gem and i can see 4 item equiped and then 1 slot for gem (which i can use 2 times) and 1 free slot in my inventory. When i try do the same thing on 5 item equpied in my inventory i can only buy 1 teleport gem and can't buy more. I guess it's bug :) Second thing i find out last game was that our whole team could have seen kerrigan q and ghost nuke without any vision. It is same problem as it was with shadow q ability befor.
  8. Aeon of Storms 7 Beta Testing has Begun!

    It was his Q + we could see his explosive retrofit item (i am not sure about ulti)
  9. Aeon of Storms 7 Beta Testing has Begun!

    After last game didn't manage to tell u Mother about this funny bug: We could have seen shadow ability used on creeps in jungle without any ward through fog of war xD
  10. It actually never have happened...
  11. #almost like tournament...
  12. It should start right now?
  13. Broken Artanis

    I really do not remember when i last time saw artanis inh (all time it was on auto list)... Even Tassadar or boros appear more frequently. And still didn't get answear why some heroes get nerf greb and other do not. Of course Atomik favourite hero but rly? this is the only case? (no offense Adam :)
  14. Broken Artanis

    There will always appear some ignorant, who instead of normal talking would like to flame others... Fell i guess u didn;t play last time couse even if u get sb taser etc it still doesn't work much against artanis. + Your whole argument is invalid becouse: Against int lurker taser works good couse while atacking he can't move much, specially early game. Against darpa good stun disable him from escaping + chilling there. Also u named "noob" team of Zorro, Dutch and Mother. So they didn't know how to counter this hero? Good logic, congratz. Coming back to the topic it is not about missing skill or counter it is about this one shot combo. Why this hero can use ulti going thorugh creeps specialy if it works similar to the other heroes. For example brine, yig can only grep the first unit they catch, they can't grep through enemy units and u can use same argument- it was easy to avoid brine grep before nerf.... So stupid logic. If nerf other heroes grep why not this particular one?
  15. Broken Artanis

    I undearstand that someone may love this hero but this way there won't be any positive, balance changes anyway and he still will be first place (along with alarak) on auto list in inh... and in pub he is going to be in every single game becouse even pub players have realised it's huge advantage over other heroes. Btw yes this game was pub becouse inh these days are rarerly to happen. However we managed to play yesterday and artanis was also first auto ban.