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  1. Deathbringer

    Come one, come all!

    Which time today u will be in aos?
  2. Deathbringer

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    I have realy enjoyed the changes, however, the only thing i dislike about the new patch is the current cost of ts = 1050. I undearstand that admins want from player to focus more on buying radar and wards but this is way too much - making invisible heroes op early game. It was normally support role to get ts when enemy team has 3+ invisible heroes. Now if support purchase ts it will make him extremly back in items & income. Also I complain about permament ability of ts. This is too op in the both ways: 1) early game if wining team get at least 1 ts the whole idea of warding in the weaker team become pointless. 2) late game never-ending ts kill the idea of cloak, making natural advantage of some heroes ability (and items) completly useless. My proposition is to: Definitely bring back duration of the ts and: 1) Decrease cost from 1050 -> 800 (couse as for now it is almost double of it's primary 650 cost). 2) OR leave cost at 1050 but set the time duration of the ts to being global, which means that ts after being bought will remain for exact period of time and won't disappear (even if it's owner die) until timer run out.
  3. Deathbringer

    Changelog v2.25-2.27

    Thanks a lot for fixing sound. I really appreciate that.
  4. Deathbringer

    Changelog v2.25-2.27

    3 things: 1) is it realy impossible to add previous sound for double kill, monster kill etc? 2) check properties of taser & frozen since it's use range sometimes doesn't work properly. 3) why mantle cost was increased so much?
  5. Deathbringer

    Old Faces

    Because to judge objectively you need more than one game played in the new version.
  6. Deathbringer

    Fc dat sht dat important and i know da wae

    Fell nice lie about lurker, 3 days ago u went 3-15-7 and didn't have full build after 1h. You just had wrong build (veil + warp) and didn't farm on jungle. Also wtf tank Leo? You drunk bro?
  7. Deathbringer

    Old Faces

    No offense WhaleTits but how do u expect to win/ have fun? You came back into new aos after very long break and go against people whos playing it every day.
  8. Deathbringer

    Fc dat sht dat important and i know da wae

    I disagree with most things u mentioned. But lets go through your argument fastly: Ofc it is Dev mistake that "assist still are not shown on screen", "some heroes are still better than others" and "some heroes speed is not adjust to ability" but u can't and shouldn't atack the whole game only becouse u do not enjoy new tactic or strategy in this one. In fact new version are requiring much more skill becouse of this 5-10% game speed increase. All abilities are harder to use becouse u need to be much more precise (as example u can take any greping or stuning hero like artanis, micro, brine, yig etc..., before it was so easy u could go even without stun toss made by other player, now it is much harder since you need better gangs and better precision attack). You are complaining about "skill have too slow cd comparing with game speed". That would be absurd if all skill cd would increase 15%... Alarak, Cyprus, Corona, Pyro, Artanis, Toxi, type_here_any_aoe_caster can u imagine this? This would turn this game into "who has better ulti in slower time". Imo some skills should have even increased cd so it will make ulti harder to use and more valuable for it's user. Also items changes are good, a bit decreased cooldown (as example - warp, dial), but harder to type on faster runing heroes specially if u want to toss them into you. It is very positive change imo, you can get better kills if u are faster with looking for occasions. That's fair ain't it? The mana rework was "must to do" if game speed was increased do not see anything strange in it. This point made my day. Current jungle is way diffrent from the the previous version and mayby that's your main problem. Imo jungle is even too good. I played a lot with Doubleg last time and he is one of the best jungler on this map. You can read his guide about tassadar or just watch his leo in jungle. It is about correct item build and correct time for farming, so in fact all about skill. As u have written even yig can farm there very good. That's true. Jungle also help a lot laning heroes. I really enjoy this vulture + 2 marauders. They are very easy to kill even for solo tank first lvl. I really do not undearstand how u can complain about jungle. It is perfectly done on this map. Also u have healing structures which simply allow u to "farm like madman" couse u do not even need to come back to main base for health/mana regen. Also teleporting gem or controller ward can bring victory just by itself allowing you to travel all around map and backdoor 3 second after defending tower opoosite side of the map. The balance here is very well done becouse much depends onto EVERY player actions. What i agree with? Some heroes are indeed just too strong comparing with others. Also fair points about Narud and Penthos. Khyrak bleed are just broken early game, not even mentioning this new hero Karak ability to cloak whole team. Also Fisher analysis was pretty good one with which i agree 100%.
  9. Deathbringer

    Old Faces

    I'm old enough to remember inh on eu server with John when he wasn't gm rank xD
  10. This build work #confirm. Great work explaining. Much appreciate ^^
  11. Deathbringer

    How does one find a game around here?

    Hope for talandar or xelnaga xd
  12. Deathbringer

    Just Thought on Op Heroes

    gara - nerf that nitro stacking onto his tower making perm debuf on enemy.
  13. Deathbringer

    Just Thought on Op Heroes

    I can't get off feeling of misundearstanding. By "invis player activate bombs" - I mean invisible hero going onto mines still get affected by them. I thought that bombs should be activated only if visible unit go into them. Also it is like you have 2 ways: To ward every single bush/ enemy high ground in game loosing mass minerals on it... Get ts and pray for no bombs from lowerground -> highground... Both of this solution include mass mineral spending which early game can be game losing moment... It is not like he is op same way as tass etc, it's just freakin annoying that you have no way to escape if you meet his bombs by accident...
  14. Deathbringer

    Just Thought on Op Heroes

    Jack- invis player activate bombs, also there should be any option to kill bombs in bushes or on high ground (without ward)
  15. Deathbringer

    Changelog v 2.8-2.10

    Nitrogen item affects now Garra (mull) tower giving perm slow motion to enemy. Was it planed or just accident?