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  1. Whale ruined this game

    Lol just saying what Jamal said years back. I liked his tenacity and approach to the game, but the pace of change was too fast and put many players off the game. I have no idea if it's the Sotis engine or Bnet but the game just felt so sh!t to play versus the smoothness of LoL/Dota so I left. AoS was unique, when you changed the main unique selling point of a game why play a clone instead of the real thing? Plus can't finish an argument with mentioning the racism EU has experienced for over half a decade in this game. Without representation we were a sidelined majority, no wonder the palace crumbled.
  2. Where are the Dev's??

    Unban Jamal so I can troll people to alleviate the pain of my 5th year at University pls. Even spot the odd gray hair now :(
  3. How does one find a game around here?

    Well if AoS is dead then surely if you pop yourself you'll be amongst the dead. Hence you can play?
  4. Who plays the best Rory in pubs?

    I forgot Moxxy's Rory..it was many years ago and even Jamal is getting old now. RIP DIIPA. DIIPA IS DEAD.
  5. Who plays the best Rory in pubs?

    Rumour has it whenever someone A-moves all Tosh's minions to death, someone somewhere on the map shouts: "What the f**k are you doing?".
  6. Who plays the best Rory in pubs?

    John/SayMyname. For worst Rory look no further than Yaldi.
  7. Scrubdrater checking in

    Mortgage you mean Scotty. Read the fine print boy, no 40 year mortgage is worth it especially with BoE interest rates increasing.
  8. Scrubdrater checking in

    Considering you worked at a condom factory, bit ironic you ended up with fappers syndrome.
  9. Do not kick new players from lobbies

    At least let new players get better before you start kicking. On the other hand people who have played for 1 year+ and are still sh!t, continue to kick them every game and tell them git.gud.com and all will be Gucci*. *We may not have any devs after this. This will not be all Gucci.
  10. Haha fair point SCV, remember being told that 7 years when I claimed MS Windows was the most popular OS. Forgive me Senpai I am no longer an I.T buff.
  11. I want to make a racist joke. I will restrain myself :)
  12. Cause anyone not on a Windows Computer is a scrub who deserves to be thrown in the trash pile. Hipster cucks.
  13. EU INH during NA shutdown!

    Still need?
  14. Aeon of Storms on Instagram ?

    LUCIFER IS BACK?! Someone get him back on these forums lol. I want to hear his opinion on balance haha.
  15. AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Astaghfirullah Bug Abuse. Reported and Deported.