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  1. Haha fair point SCV, remember being told that 7 years when I claimed MS Windows was the most popular OS. Forgive me Senpai I am no longer an I.T buff.
  2. I want to make a racist joke. I will restrain myself :)
  3. Cause anyone not on a Windows Computer is a scrub who deserves to be thrown in the trash pile. Hipster cucks.
  4. EU INH during NA shutdown!

    Still need?
  5. Aeon of Storms on Instagram ?

    LUCIFER IS BACK?! Someone get him back on these forums lol. I want to hear his opinion on balance haha.
  6. AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Astaghfirullah Bug Abuse. Reported and Deported.
  7. My Final Suggestion

    Then which version of the game will be uploaded? It's hard to pick a 'perfect' old map - every single iteration had something wrong and the community QQ'd. If you magically brought back one of the 2012 editions there could be exploitables - e.g. Queen ult spam.
  8. Aeon of Storms on Instagram ?

    What happened to Sharingan? AoS needs to enter 2K17; Snapchat/Instagram/Periscope/Twitch and dare I say it..Tinder. My solution to bringing new people is to live stream Diipa's mum playing - similar ideas work for every other game. AFAIK Red used to control the AoS FB, no idea who runs the Twitter. There is even a Linkedin haha.
  9. My Final Suggestion

    Nice explanation putita 11/10
  10. When you steal my creeps

    Beta cuck carry going white knight
  11. My Final Suggestion

    Is he the son of Lucifer and Pakinos? With Demiax as his Godmother, Bosshog and ShooterJ his Uncles.
  12. My Final Suggestion

    Lol. You joined in 2013. I remember when you were new and joined Mumble; guess who instantly flamed you. Me? No. Whale lmao. This game began dying when people lost trust in the Devs in this game, they began to focus balance on selective feedback from friends (NA players). Heck I recall even in the week you joined the forums Axtri; Red+EKCO crazy buffed two champs and went on holiday for 2 weeks rofl. The game then ceased to be updated and almost quoting Red verbatim 'a successful game doesn't need changes for a year'. On the other hand when a new developer came he made sweeping changes which came far too rapidly. The fabric of AoS was changed and the game became almost unrecognisable. A new development team came afterwards into a situation summed up in Latin 'Auribus teneo lupum'. That is to say crassly 'dey was fked bro'. With the player base haemorrhaging, less fresh players available to replace them and a prominent duopoly in their game genre the game has been treading water ever since. To be fair Jessika/Mother does listen to feedback. The issue is whether due to a language barrier or spite, you and a lot of EU players come across rather rude. There is no solid constructive feedback and instead just 'game shap'/'trash admin'. Now I do not necessarily disagree with you - but you remember the golden rule for feedback. If you wish to put critique something then always provide solutions to the problem. If you can't then ask yourself if what you have said helps anyone but your ego. An essay provided to you by Jamal Inc 2017.
  13. Complex effects = interesting gameplay

    You're feeling the oppression EU members have felt for years..hilariously when on the other side. Gotta admire these Ruskies - they got balls.
  14. To mother

    Love the 'pleas' coming 1 min after main post haha.
  15. Yig WTF?

    Tell the Ruskies to invade EUW then :D Jamal will teach you the western way