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  1. Govno

    Who is Xacent? Where is the infamous GavnoDevil with the hot European wife?
  2. Hey butthead, that fat American BlackXion doesn't deserve to take Jamal's name. Typical Muricans all switching to playing fake 'MOBA' aka HotS.
  3. Why I do not play aos anymore

    To quit playing a game you have to actually have played in the first place and not just been in a perennial state of attempting to 'learn the controls'. Also I'm getting fed up of bishes complaining about the game. What's done is done boys, 6.0 you speak of was 2013 and gotta move on. Every time I hear this negativity I actually feel upset for the devs/admins who've put time and effort (free of charge) into this project for you boys to slate them at every opportunity. If I can stop BMing them at every turn, I'm sure some of you lot can grow up and appreciate what they have done too (even if you do not agree with the adjustments made to the game). After all there have been more than a handful of times Blizz have changed BNet and the game has had some game breaking bugs (which were fixed pretty quickly by the devs). Even if you think the game is in a worst state than before, it's better having a game than a broken unplayable one.
  4. An Open Letter to the Premades

    Firstly I am not a cuck. Secondly I did make a guide. However due to 'technical issues' I was unable to complete it.
  5. An Open Letter to the Premades

    That is the problem, you gotta be alpha and not be cuck. A cuck wouldn't mind losing 5 hours straight. Gotta treat BM with BM - mess with the lobby/inv a feeder to enemy team/stack your team. Only then will you earn the respect of Jamal.
  6. Where are the Dev's??

    Na mate, 3 more years left. Then Jamal will be unleashed upon the world.
  7. An Open Letter to the Premades

    Lel two things wrong with this: 1) Playing for 5 hours 2) Being a b!tch about losing. Get gut my sweet and lovable friend!
  8. If a New Developer was found...

    I volunteer to be Forum Admin. RIP Mr Diipa
  9. It's been 5 years...

    Fairly sure I remember you saying Hello to everyone on the forums..knew I'd come across you.. Back when SEA was like this... i will flob this one up! like a pice of sh!t I was like this.. and Adam was like this.
  10. Whale ruined this game

    Lol just saying what Jamal said years back. I liked his tenacity and approach to the game, but the pace of change was too fast and put many players off the game. I have no idea if it's the Sotis engine or Bnet but the game just felt so sh!t to play versus the smoothness of LoL/Dota so I left. AoS was unique, when you changed the main unique selling point of a game why play a clone instead of the real thing? Plus can't finish an argument with mentioning the racism EU has experienced for over half a decade in this game. Without representation we were a sidelined majority, no wonder the palace crumbled.
  11. Where are the Dev's??

    Unban Jamal so I can troll people to alleviate the pain of my 5th year at University pls. Even spot the odd gray hair now :(
  12. How does one find a game around here?

    Well if AoS is dead then surely if you pop yourself you'll be amongst the dead. Hence you can play?
  13. Who plays the best Rory in pubs?

    I forgot Moxxy's Rory..it was many years ago and even Jamal is getting old now. RIP DIIPA. DIIPA IS DEAD.
  14. Who plays the best Rory in pubs?

    Rumour has it whenever someone A-moves all Tosh's minions to death, someone somewhere on the map shouts: "What the f**k are you doing?".