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  1. zeeeend

    World Cup!!!

    i dislike spain in that list. I'd say italy; germany ; netherlands will bring it home im not so confident bout brazil or portugal or spain Classic poule stuff Win 3 points Draw 1 Lose 0 Teams play one game against each other. Most points win, in case of a tie: Team 1 wins all 6 points goes on... Team 4 loses all 0 points and quits Team 2 & 3 both 4 points then they look at number of goals In case of a Tie in goal numbers they look at Fifa rankings And how the poules are made ? pay fifa good sums of money and get what you want
  2. You have the colors mixed seems as if you first picked tosh(etc) Game 1 and they first picked nova(etc) game 2. But its the other way around
  3. zeeeend

    World Cup? where to watch?

    Both of these have lists of links and should be updated for the entire wc, no hd or anything but there should be something there. Own risk ofc i suggest not downloading anything period and only deblocking adblocker if you exhausted all links and still want to watch. Or better evade the ip blockade with a addon(tor wont work and proxy will most likely fail due to bandwith problems) dont know how but heard it was possible and watch directly from a offical fifa stream this way you get hd and dont have to rely on crummy links.
  4. zeeeend

    Beta Changelog v1.191

    If the dustins rockets are any indication for the amount of thought that went in some/or any of these changes I fear what other changes might slip in AOS if you are left unsupervised. 8 Range is incredible small for a ranged int caster, i mean its short enough that zera could void the dustin before the dustin could rocket the zera. And this shouldn't be discovered on hindsight or public outroar but during the phase were you come up and test these ideas. I know thats why its a beta test but come on this is an obvious hero ruining nerf. The changes to the other heroes seem better "balanced".
  5. It is because Eu version is always a few versions behind... We didn't agree on that being auto though must be oversight by Raphael
  6. zeeeend

    Ling too strong

    Paralax duration > (anystun or silence range-jump range)/ling ms
  7. zeeeend

    GuZ in inh

    Well this screenshot is a tiny as... to easy so i wont say it And with profanity filter on i dont see racism and please provide the lines before guz his fellatio invitation
  8. zeeeend

    Garamond turret

    100 dps is comparable to an average aa carry at lvl 8 or so (depending on talents/pots/item selection)So a pusher should have to get 180 int to compete with that. Fair enough he has 2 turrets so he can push as hard as 2 lvl 8 heroes when he has 180 int...
  9. No ? i played without em ! Pitty the income is messed up so that it isn't credible.
  10. zeeeend

    Garamond turret

    Change numbers is lovely Unit reappear in x seconds + rng(1 seconds max)
  11. zeeeend

    Garamond turret

    So your main problem is if gara lines up 5 actives (counting e twice or q what ever) he kills you ?Then lets remove the lb(or make it semirandom respawm), the greatest skill reduction item ingame, and dont go about nerfing heroes that dont need nerfing because an item is the problem. edit* also what does the ulti have to do with earning 2 free seconds of towerdamage ?
  12. zeeeend

    Garamond turret

    And the damage is magicly converted to spell thats insane.
  13. zeeeend

    Ling too strong

    "You just dont know how to counter him, ling is fine" The problem is saber + bhm and the fact BHM also works with other extra dmg on attack sources(giving over 150% extra weapondmg scalings)
  14. They lost their dmg amp to towers already if that is what you mean ? As we are suggesting autobans i like to add the energy saber + bhm combo. Because it gives shapton of dmg and cdr for burst agl heroes to exploit. Use ulti kill 1+ > and back to farming > ready to kill with ulti within the minute.
  15. zeeeend

    an updated guide for zeratul?

    Stukov isn't a good target. If he hits you with w and has e on himself he is insanely tanky vs zera's pyshical dmg output