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  1. Whale ruined this game

    Push comps are fun.
  2. Whale ruined this game

    Mid lane is overrated.
  3. Whale ruined this game

    Better as in more balanced and someone who was actively working on the game. Personally I disagreed with the direction he took but to say the game got worse from a playability standpoint is not true I believe. I kinda wish ROA had become more popular as that was a lot more unique.
  4. Whale ruined this game

    2 things. Whale left the game better then when he took over. And he moved it to close to LoL. As for kill lanes not mattering I disagree with that. There's a reason tosh was picked so much, and it wasn't because he is good late game.
  5. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    boii please. With a half decent start kitty can solo worm right as it spawns. (hes not the only one who could do that last I played)
  6. Changelog v 2.8-2.10

    Toshes new heroic passive shows where invis units are. I don't think that was intended right? Otherwise thats just stupid.
  7. Viron

    Black you're so bad at balance its not even worth arguing with you.
  8. Viron

    Yea because viron isn't strong enough as it is.
  9. Hello, how's it going...

    Well if you played live then jakk E is stupid OP then. shap is bugged and and can't be killed, is on an low cd with 5 charges and doesn't cost much energy. Like he is in EVERY game.
  10. Hello, how's it going...

    Hi Tax
  11. RusNoobKael

    Thats a blizzard problem, nothing can be done about it.
  12. Bigger terrain doesn't make sense

    I have a pretty decent pc and I will lag late game, Aos IS a laggy game.
  13. Bigger terrain doesn't make sense

    I personally haven't noticed much different performance, just more people complaining about lag.
  14. Bigger terrain doesn't make sense

    The distance just feels to be on the high side when moving around the map. I'm mainly thinking of how much ground there is between towers. I think making mid lane straight would be a very good thing to do, this twisty path just feels wrong. Maybe make base speed scale closer to the base or have some buff for each tower? I think my biggest problem is it is hard to see different elevations. They need to be more distinct. Also I've been hearing more complaints about lag.
  15. Aeon of Storms 7 Beta Testing has Begun!

    Hit box for the mini boss is welllll mini. I think my only big complaint left is mid being straight up and down instead of diagonal. Makes it feel wrong after playing League/Dota.