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  1. Demiax

    Roach totaly obtuse and killed

    Agree. I told devs right away and Ekcho told me if enough players complain it will be changed back.
  2. Demiax

    aos still active??

    AOS is dying off. Yes its true. Many reasons why this is happening. SC in general is dying off and thats one of the bigger reasons. Some argue that this dont matter because even if we had influx of new people they would leave as it takes too long to learn game. Overall, I believe changes made it harder for pubbers to enjoy it as its solely based on IH crowd. Changes are also another reason. Some people like changes some don't. One of main things was lag. I left when this started as well......I am sure there are other reasons too.
  3. Demiax

    Support/initiation hero

    I am playing with a concept. Changed E ability will allow hero to go after junglers. Which in turn should make laning little more interesting.
  4. Demiax

    Support/initiation hero

    Beginning Concept. I am gonna work on it, and some things may get changed as more details get put in. Q- Creates 3 vortex in a line length of 4 units. The vortex pulls enemies to its center slowing the movement speed by 15-20-35% and stuns for 1.5 seconds before disappearing. Hero takes damage over time only when pulled into vortex center. Additional damage to creeps. Level 1- Vortex lasts 2 seconds Level 2- Vortex lasts 3 seconds Level 3-Vortex lasts 4 seconds Level 4- Vortex lasts 5 seconds W-Creates a quantum portal which summons a friendly unit (medic). Medic follows hero and heals for percentage of health. Medic reduces movement speed of whoever she heals. E--Camouflage - Use this ability on neutrals will provide vision to a team. When neutrals are destroyed, they will re spawn as clones looking exactly as original neutrals in health and damage but will yield no minerals when killed. This ability can be used on Aeon or Levi. R- Creates quantum area with 5 random vortex . Vortex grants friendly unit movement speed while it slows enemies in area for 35% pulling them off their route to center of Vortex . Heros take damage per second while in vortex.
  5. Demiax

    Halloween Update?

    I would LOVE Halloween update......and would be a great way to increase popularity no?
  6. Hello everybody, Tourney is officially over. The champion teams are as follows: http://challonge.com/fallsmasterscup 3. Marc +6 2. SkyNA 1. SLP Congratulation! Thanks to all players who have rised up to challenge which let me tell you was not easy. Changes have been made less then a week from tourney and yet each of you showed your quality and refused to give up on opportunity to be part of tourney. That is in my opinion a true sportsmanship spirit and for that you have my respect. We had some truly fun games to watch and I hope players also had fun participating. The winners will receive their promised rewards and right to brag and rest of us will hopefully be inspired to show our skills in next tourney that surely will happen. Thank you all again for making this event fun for me as well. xo Demiax
  7. I wish I can tell u anything yet....nothing is confirmed. Possibly Sunday...but dunno for sure
  8. I am working this weekend and cant host tourney unless we move it at 11 am....then i may be able to squeeze it before i go to work.....just barely. Will probably miss last game. I asked that captains on both teams please work with me to find best time for all. It is better for all of us if we communicate. I will update you on date and time that was decided. By 11 am I mean we start game at 11 am EST.
  9. FkeU makes amazing comeback vs excellent SkyNA! We will postpone final battle to find out who is THE STAR of tourney for another day. Please stay with us for update. http://challonge.com/fallsmasterscup The 3rd place however has been decided: Marc + 6! Congrats! They have monetary reward.
  10. Finals begining FkeU vs SkyNA 2:1 in BO3 stream: http://www.twitch.tv/mutagetsu
  11. Next game Marc + 6 Vs FkeU 1:0 BO1 streamer: : http://www.twitch.tv/mutagetsu
  12. 4 th Rounds LB begins! http://challonge.com/fallsmasterscup GiJoe vs Marc + 6 0:1 BO1 Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/mutagetsu
  13. Tourney Finals begin now! Lets see who has some surprises in their sleeve! :-) Marc + 6 vs EuRejects 1:0 in BO1 streamer: http://www.twitch.tv...mutagetsu and http://www.twitch.tv/eternitydia - COMPLETED