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  1. Zoom out?

    Ok guys. half size was a bit overrated :) Ty for feedback.
  2. Zoom out?

    Is there a way to zoom out the game screen? I play in a 27´ Mac, on 5 k resolution, and still heroes are almost half of my screen size. Its annoying u want to see surroundings and not being able to. In other custom games u can define the amount of zoom u wanna play with. Ty
  3. How the hell do you delete a chat tab?

    Try press "/leave" in dialog box. After shows a list of open dialog boxes and u click on the one u want to close. Ingame i havent found a way to do it. Oh didnt see my good friend Skydie gave the same tip. Aint we buddies :)
  4. Changelog v1.290

    And when possible remove his R and give him wings Ty
  5. Changelog v1.290

    Can u guys pls flob up unix so much that it will b shap to play? Ty
  6. Magic the gathering

    I don´t know what version was, but the first hero i played and liked a lot was drake, wich had the stun and pull that worked very well for inexperienced players like me :)
  7. It´s amazing to see since last patch how easy it is for a Zera or a Shadow to make the diference in a whole game. If u have the bad luck to have one player that becomes opposite team favorite meal and if in that team u have a good zera or shadow, then it´s a pain in the ass, most likely certain defeat. And add to that equation the leaver bonus the other team got because one quit or got dropped. Game is immediatly ruined. But then some people say: leave! And then that should b done in most games. Some heroes are clearly stronger then others (last 30 games or so always a zera and a shadow! ...lol), and it´s getting harder and less interesting and fun to play this game.
  8. AoS for Dummies: The Gaming School

    Ty for your attention.
  9. AoS for Dummies: The Gaming School

    Guys, sry the question, there are some terms i don´t understand in the game. When u are talking about AoE what does it mean? Ty. (there should be a AoS dictionary for people understand some expressions, especially if english is not your main language, the ones i saw are very incomplete) Ty again and sry noob question.
  10. Nerf new players

    that´s not what i said
  11. Nerf new players

    I just wanna say skydie is a <fluffy bunny> User was warned for this post.
  12. Traitor in our team

    Still ... no comments ... :)
  13. Traitor in our team

    Simply no comments ...
  14. Traitor in our team

    If you think u are pretty horrible, u must know the reasons to that. But don´t treat other players like that. As i said: i´m definitly not a high skilled player like many i see playing, but i´m not pretty horrible like u say of yourself.