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  1. RedHydra

    Adding More Voice Announcers

    Hey Yaldi, haven't heard from you a long time! I'll be around during Legacy's release. Probably not. I'll be going on a vacation on that weekend. To some degree, but I think this announcer's voice is acceptable because of her calmness. You want to pick a sound that can heard comfortably over and over again, and not something that makes you sick and tired of hearing it after the 20th game.
  2. RedHydra

    Adding More Voice Announcers

    I don't think I was implying any sort of removal. The sounds for First Blood, Double Kill, etc should stay.
  3. RedHydra

    Adding More Voice Announcers

    Just like most other MOBAs, they have an announcer that notifies a team about a recent or an upcoming event. Creep spawn notification after Hero Select, ally's Death, and Main Structure under attack are some examples that help players be more aware on the recent events of the game--Not just by reading, but also by hearing. Heroes has a lot of unused announcer sound files designed for this kind of stuff. http://www.heroesnex...gs-and-audio#c2 And for those who don't want to buy Legacy for $40, you can buy it for $28 (digital): http://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/starcraft-ii-2-legacy-of-the-void-pc-cd-key/
  4. RedHydra

    cool music

  5. RedHydra

    Im still banned from ih

    I've seen you on mumble very often. Is there a reason why they didn't want to invite you?
  6. RedHydra

    Legacy of the void news!

    Incoming Hero!
  7. RedHydra

    Help me

    Everyone chips in the story 3 words at a time. As the story continues, it potentially builds a very random and hilarious story.
  8. RedHydra

    'fficial faking bm

    If this is case is true, and nothing before that has happened, then I'll have a talk with him. But that being said, I am very aware of the people that has been rude to him, and I should point out that trash-talking or writing personal attacks gives him permission to take action.
  9. RedHydra

    'fficial faking bm

    The Moderator's responsibility is to ensure that everyone follows the forum & mumble rules. No moderator is required to be the leader of an inhouse group. Mod or no mod, everyone here has the opportunity to build up the community. If it is the case that no one cares about running a EU community/inhouse, then that's because no one has the mindset or the motivation to start one.
  10. RedHydra

    3 word never-ending story revived

    goes dancing with
  11. RedHydra

    Mod Review Case [Guz]

    Moved to Trash.
  12. RedHydra

    Game Speed

    I think that's what we did way back then--The closer everyone is, the slower the speed gradually becomes.
  13. At some point the database in our forum will be removed. Wikia has a better setup with displaying all the information.