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  1. Misuari

    SEA inhoooooouse

    We tend not to inhouse when GENLORDZ or xelovex is online as they lag on SEA as a SEA Player. So whenever they're offline , that's probably when we inhouse.
  2. Misuari

    New Inhouse Players

    I got a question . If you get new players into the inhouse scene , what would you let them play? A hero they can only play or something they have not tried before ? Why ? Discuss?
  3. Nah he is not one of us . Probably NA or EUs .
  4. Misuari

    Go from zero to Pub Hero!

    I am sorry but i have to put him up there or else i will end up like chode with the name codywody420noscope on mumble .... i value my pride .
  5. Misuari

    Go from zero to Pub Hero!

    Yes please coach GENLORDZ. Thank you , From all SEA Players
  6. Misuari

    Back in Action

  7. Misuari

    Back in Action

    We , SEA , started inhousing few days ago . Would love for you to cast some of our games :) . Welcome back , love ur casting!
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  10. Misuari

    To everyone complaining about Boros:

    Or you can just nerf his Q to only deal spelldamage , his Bola to have more rangereduce the damage , and allow omni being able to get stun .
  11. Misuari

    POV On Balanced . [AGI]

    Right . So zeratul is hard to play . Got it .
  12. Misuari

    POV On Balanced . [AGI]

    Really? Whoops! my bad man
  13. Misuari

    POV On Balanced . [AGI]

    Reallly ? It's that hard? In inhouse , good zera players always do that ... it's really not that hard to land a planar , no ?
  14. Misuari

    POV On Balanced . [AGI]

    So, look's like it's finally time for me to come out of my shell , stop the troll and everything . I've decided to release a Balance Thread that is based on Me playing on SEA server . Different region have different playstyle and opinion so i thought that it will be sweet for me to give a fellow sea POV . Pardon me , it's 4am my time so it might not be in tip top form and i will reedit it tomorrow . Below is just my POV for Agility heroes . Zeratul - A little overpowered due to BHM and the 3Movement speed [base speed] , and also his planar which stuns too . Let's talk a little about zera , In a big team fight , all he gotta do is Ulti , Kill kill , Q , Planar anyone who is running . While this happens , he deals almost 50% of the dmg needed to team wipe the enemy . Holy shap there's flobing 4 other heroes to clean up his work. And dont get me started on stun baton and BHM on him . Boros - I've been playing around with Crit Boros and INT Boros alot lately and i find INT Boros a much more viable choice as you can just bola someone out and pick them out , almost like an initiator , but you deal massive damage with the [+50%] INT . This doesn't include your Q and R and ur team . As for critical boros , i find it a little above balanced ? Critical still deals so much damage than what it is meant to do . Grunty - Hmm , what a hero . Played him alot as he is one of my main heroes , he is really a good hero to support and push lanes / ganking because of his river buff. This force enemy to not initiate near river as he can kite ur ass all day with his short legs . As far as balanced goes , he is pretty much balanced. Just that its so freaking freaking annoying to individually click a target after you Q . Does this makes sense ? I.E I see a cain in the middle of the creep wave , I aa him and press Q , it suddenly changes target and freaking attack another hero and/or creeps . Is this a bug or it's meant to be? Nova - Seems pretty balanced i guess . Yes , balanced . lol . With good teamwork and team composition , he is really squishy and hard to kill anyone that has a good team . Tassadar[E] - Used to have a good build of AA on him but never really used much tassadar with the new recent patch . Will edit this once i play tassadar Tosh - Balance on tosh? Seems pretty balanced provided u have CC and target down his spectres or last hit / deny in laning phase . other than that , if he gets farmed and his spectre's doesn't die , it's pretty much gg since his stun is ridiculous stacking with stun baton and FOE. Shadow - Suprisingly , pubbers dont really use shadow , thats pretty odd eh? He is considered one of the easiest carry to play and to kill . But i think his stepping strikes need to be rework because it's pretty hard to target down a shadow with him teleporting everywhere . I don't know how you are gonna rework this , but please do . His ulti is pretty gay almost having no vision to everyone in it . Together with vortex and stun baton , he cna kill 2-3 heroes easily in his ulti with darwin's and high weap speed . Yeah yeah , scream at me you pubbers . Rancor - 1) Why is he in agility when he is mostly an INT Hero ? 2) Cloak last a little too long to what his cooldown on E is . It's pretty unbalanced i must say ? However , did red/ekco buff the AOE on nuke or isit just that my eyes got alot smaller ? Overall , pretty balanced . *Cloaked rancor doesn't die in pool . Voltron.Leo - Why the flob does this hero exist ? LOLOL. i don't really know what's the best build on this tiger but the build i go is barbed , mantle darwins etc. with the extra stun from mantle and barbed and reflect , seems pretty op , no ? I don't really get the point of this hero , is he a tank ? a carry , if yes what kind of carry is he ? or a support with his passive and Q and E . What other heroes am i missing ? ah yes , darpa - Seems pretty balanced now that his dmg amplyfier is fixed . But he seems to be able to spam his silence every 3-5seconds? seems pretty overpowered imho . On average , a goodteamfate usually last 8-10seconds? and thats almost like 2silence 2 Q's and 2 R's . It seems like his Silence's cooldown too short that it can be a permanent silence . Don't forget that he has R to chase and more silence and Q. lol . Cain [E] - Will reedit tomorrow once i am not tired and once i play him a couple of times, didn't try him out in the new recent patches . Vespus - Seems pretty balanced . All about if he gets fed or feed that'll be the deciding factor of the game . Vergil - 1)Put it in INT section . It is stupid to see a vergil slicing someone and go AA when his ulti and Q deals massive INT DMG. Don't see how he is considered an Agility hero , if yes , then his role is pretty flobed up . Crackling - Pretty balanced from what i experienced . All about who gets fed and feed as always . Will reedit everything tomorrow once i'm awake and am full of sense. I'll make another POV about INT/STR/Items once i am full of sense and awake and not trying to stay awake to write this cause after 1053 games , i felt the need and urge to write this so that i can sleep in peace without the thought of all this is my head . Once again , this is my POV and you all are entitled to your own opinions , i might be right/wrong . -Misuari
  15. Misuari

    Levi Lvl 1

    it would since its 5 and it deals extra dps than a 4man party . With right talents / etc , a 5man party can take down levi withno death , ez . We're talking about 4man party that i made and it was suprisingly effective . well...not effective really since we took almost a full 2minutes to take it down with kiting , recover / tychus's W / Egon's ward / pot .