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    Changelog v2.25-2.27

    think nano should be changed.. if youre going to have the heal and debuff, it needs to have a much longer CD... significantly hamstrings burst/Dot heroes as they use their kit, and once they get em below 30% any DOTS removed and insta heal
  2. DreamCrusher

    Changelog v2.28-2.29

    Im still trying to understand why lifetech has debuff... if i want debuff I should get paralax... but now I ignore paralax and grab the better version of it that not only gives me debuff but heals as well... oh and it's cheaper too
  3. DreamCrusher

    Old Faces

    Where you guys at?
  4. DreamCrusher

    Changelog v2.18

    please fix lifetech, aka back to what it was... item was fine
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    where are these ih's... im looking to take over #lpfb responsibilities
  6. DreamCrusher

    Where are the Dev's??

    Haven't seen you guys, any plans moving forward or is it really that time
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  8. DreamCrusher


    you should all make a return
  9. Could he take over development of this game? would old devs be willing to give up the reins? Not saying I currently know or have one... but collectively amongst the people who still play this game and people they know, we could possibly find someone to continue the good work of past devs.
  10. DreamCrusher

    2 straight days of ih

  11. DreamCrusher

    Where are the Dev's??

    preferably a time when i can one shot w/ cow from across the map
  12. DreamCrusher

    Where are the Dev's??

    Adam I think most would agree with you. I would like to take this time to thank any and all devs who at one point or another worked on this game. It really has been a lot of fun to play all versions from the time i started all the way to this point right now. I've been playing video/pc games for a long time, and to think some sub arcade game was able to keep my attention for so long is a testament to just how enjoyable this game was/is. My last suggestion if this game is not going to continue, would be to upload an older version of the map, and lets have that be the one people play. I know the recent devs worked hard on the current map, but i think most would agree the best versions of this map are behind us, and those or that should be the one that's played.
  13. DreamCrusher

    Just Thought on Op Heroes

    Karak- maybe limit the amount of arduants he can cast based on lvl .. maybe he gets 1 at start, gets another at lvl 11, another lvl 16? its op that whole team is disappearing in team fights.. in all diff parts of the map Penthos (think maybe 3 ults is the problem) Corona - reduce dmg or move speed kitty- solo boss at 6
  14. DreamCrusher

    Just Thought on Op Heroes

    haha i dont play kitty, but im sure you're telling the truth
  15. DreamCrusher

    Changelog v 2.8-2.10

    planned.. it's been that way for a long time
  16. DreamCrusher

    Fix Veil

    Move speed should b a unique not part of the item... ppl stacking and getting +20% move speed at start
  17. DreamCrusher

    Changelog v 2.8-2.10

    just a thought separate from this debate, if we're going to continue w/ this mechanic can we get an item similar to whale breast that gives instant energy? Today I was running for my life w/ energy pots and kept taking 1 hit every few seconds and was unable to counter attack enemy as he pew pew'd me to death.
  18. DreamCrusher

    Old Faces

    well i'd like to report there were 3 aos games in progress today at the same time
  19. DreamCrusher

    Changelog v 2.8-2.10

    Nerf to Immo? Pyro? both still very strong imo
  20. DreamCrusher


    Where's everyone??
  21. DreamCrusher


    Ult has a delay, and no where in the ult does it say so :(
  22. DreamCrusher

    Starcraft/ broodwar

    Recently pre-purchased the digitally remastered sc1/bw and have been playing it... it's currently free... anyone else??
  23. too many on mumble, can't login
  24. DreamCrusher

    Lord Zyron

    lz is op dude.. lz op as main tank, or bruiser dps... taser on tank lz bro :) solves your problems... as long as ur team brings the damage