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  1. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    haha i dont play kitty, but im sure you're telling the truth
  2. Changelog v 2.8-2.10

    planned.. it's been that way for a long time
  3. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    Karak- maybe limit the amount of arduants he can cast based on lvl .. maybe he gets 1 at start, gets another at lvl 11, another lvl 16? its op that whole team is disappearing in team fights.. in all diff parts of the map Penthos (think maybe 3 ults is the problem) Corona - reduce dmg or move speed kitty- solo boss at 6
  4. Fix Veil

    Move speed should b a unique not part of the item... ppl stacking and getting +20% move speed at start
  5. Changelog v 2.8-2.10

    just a thought separate from this debate, if we're going to continue w/ this mechanic can we get an item similar to whale breast that gives instant energy? Today I was running for my life w/ energy pots and kept taking 1 hit every few seconds and was unable to counter attack enemy as he pew pew'd me to death.
  6. Old Faces

    well i'd like to report there were 3 aos games in progress today at the same time
  7. Old Faces

    Where you guys at?
  8. Changelog v 2.8-2.10

    Nerf to Immo? Pyro? both still very strong imo

    Where's everyone??
  10. anthrax

    Ult has a delay, and no where in the ult does it say so :(
  11. Starcraft/ broodwar

    Recently pre-purchased the digitally remastered sc1/bw and have been playing it... it's currently free... anyone else??
  12. too many on mumble, can't login
  13. Lord Zyron

    lz is op dude.. lz op as main tank, or bruiser dps... taser on tank lz bro :) solves your problems... as long as ur team brings the damage
  14. sharin, while I don't think you're wrong about the decreased emphasis on teamfights ... I don't know that the lengths that you're looking to go are necessarily the answer. Recently experience yielded by jungle camps were decreased, which should encourage jungler to gank earlier/more frequent in the laning phase. In terms of the split push, often a team needs to designate 1-2 players to carry transport and to b responsible for it. If a team is committed to preventing the split push, and does a good job of it, it will allow the rest of the team (with better team play) to get an advantage. If someone's allowed to split push all game and farm.. they're not only building up their cs, but probably taking towers as well. Another thing about split pushing, is it's the teams dps doing it, which means you have a massive advantage in the damage department and should look to push the pace, and pressure the other team into taking a fight. if you wipe or kill 2-3 while other teams dps is split pushing, you can definitely make them pay, and maybe make them think twice about split pushing.