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  1. PlantMan

    What is your Internet speed?

    100/100 since 2005 is impressive as fack. In 2005 I think I was on 1mb/s or 2mb/s? Agree with you on 1000 mb/s being useless, my Uni connection is arounnd 850 mb/s and I don't feel any difference from a home 70 mb/s.
  2. PlantMan

    Forum Upkeep

    Interestingly LoL moved from using a forum to a more reddit-eque boards. IMHO ruins the 'feel' and make everything very fast paced. Decimating a close-knit community; morphing it into some news-reel full of memes/GIFs/dank plays.
  3. PlantMan

    Forum Upkeep

    Don't understand why we'd move onto a Discord server. For one who is running it? Is that person active in the community? From what I gleen the persons in charge do not play this game, have 'resigned' yet are still lingering in the background giving 'advice' in an undiplomatic fashion. Perhaps an inability to let go fuels this mission.
  4. PlantMan

    Changelog v1.352-1.355

    Interesting you are learned in Psychology Jesse, would like to see some psycho-analysis of forum participants. Although I can assume mine would warrant being admitted.
  5. PlantMan

    Gladiator here

    Swear you officially quit years ago? Then again scrubs like you just faceless food to me.
  6. PlantMan

    Changelog v1.352-1.355

    Why change your name Jessika? Ngl when I first saw your new name I thought it was on of the trolls from EU somehow becoming a mod..he was called MOTHER spammed mudafuka all the time.
  7. PlantMan


    Left with an essay. Returned with one. Classic SMN :)
  8. PlantMan

    Can someone make a hero tier list

    T5 (urgent need of buffing): Nova/Darpa/Vergil T4 (weak and needs a little attention): Corona/Kerrigan T3 (average but a little love couldn't do any harm): Tychus
  9. African is the kinda comedian the devs used to recruit to 'moderate' this forum lel. No wonder it was a cesspit of BM. 750 members? What kind of water you drinking? Oh wait :)
  10. PlantMan

    Forum Upkeep

    I wish people still used Mumble. Voice chat is tedious to use and makes me alt-tab IG. It makes forming IHs easier as you can see everyone who is on. I blame certain 'bastions of IH' for letting scrubs escape mumble leading to the IH scene being very scattered.
  11. PlantMan


    I remember 1P auto being implemented.. Swear it originated in EU with you Zeratul being a major advocate. After Qudditch's team used MK + Queen rather effectively. :)
  12. Typical African making crazy demands from the rest of the Western world.. PS: How'd you guess my name? PSPS: Rip the missing Diipa.
  13. PlantMan

    Dev PC Fundraising IH Comp

    I've co-ordinated a great deal with the disciplinary side of the administration in the past. Evidence: Warning list on main.
  14. PlantMan

    Dev PC Fundraising IH Comp

    Make me dev?
  15. PlantMan


    I'd argue but the funky machines and computerised surgery; aka fidgety, painstakingly annoying but 'better for the patient', procedures are the undisputed future :(