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  1. Zorro

    Aeon of Storms BETA-Test Games

    A game is going up right now. Come if you want :)!
  2. Zorro

    Aeon of Storms BETA-Test Games

    +6 Beta-Test Game!
  3. Come online right now and test the new map. +4
  4. Zorro

    IH now

    first inh is up +7 for second
  5. Zorro

    IH now

    So lets make an inh then we need like +2 +1
  6. I don't see any groups where i can see whether i'am in the Gangsta or Rebell Team
  7. Zorro

    IH now

  8. Zorro

    IH now

    Its time boys INH on NA right now!
  9. Zorro

    IH now

    Inhouse going up RIGHT NOW on NA. Come online ppl.
  10. Zorro

    IH now

    How about some inh this weekend?
  11. Zorro

    Talent Tree Rework

    Nice work Mother the new talent tree look rly promising. Only thing i suggest is that you have max. cap of the % you get for the kills/assists on Bounty Hunter. Otherwise i think it would be to strong in certain situations.