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    Love Aeon of Storms :)

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  1. SpookyGeorge

    Aeon of Storms Social Servers Rules - Updated

    Fully agree 👍
  2. As a few people have been wanting an actual discord server that looks professional i have now updated the original one that we have and added a few things to make it more clean as such, I wouldn't mind having a few "discord mods" to help me keep it up to date and add tips and more. If you are interested please PM me or type to me on discord or in game! Here is the code to join the server.... QgfKB4J
  3. SpookyGeorge

    Ban Gimmetht

    LOL grass your comment, Breathe kitty...
  4. SpookyGeorge

    Current Aos Playerbase

  5. SpookyGeorge

    Old Heroes, New Skins!

    Oooo nice!
  6. SpookyGeorge

    anyone here

    Most people literally cant be bothered to wait for ih, sad times... 😞
  7. SpookyGeorge

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    remove the zoom thing pls
  8. SpookyGeorge

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

  9. SpookyGeorge

    playing AOS

    We are all on NA, games start between 9pm and go on till about 8am next day GMT. Really just depends what server your on.
  10. SpookyGeorge

    Grass Casts

    cigs chatting sh*t about me 😞 its btnet that crashes me and i dont ever lag just crash but hopefully next update i wont crash anymore.

  12. SpookyGeorge

    Changelog v2.49-2.51

    make nova great again 😞
  13. SpookyGeorge

    It's time for Aeon's Fall...

    Love you mother ❤️
  14. SpookyGeorge


    I had a feeling that he could have been an alt account of yours 😄