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    Love Aeon of Storms :)

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  1. SpookyGeorge

    Aeon of Storms IH games.

    Yes every Friday and Saturday we get games.
  2. SpookyGeorge

    Aeon of Storms IH games.

    I have been wanting to get IH games going again but as we all know we have lost most of the old players and now we only really have pub players so i am going to try and set up some IH games that will happen every Friday and Saturday at a certain time i still need people to tell me what time they think would be best so if you could do so that would be great!
  3. SpookyGeorge

    Old Faces

    I'm hoping to get this game active again!
  4. SpookyGeorge

    Changelog v2.11

    loving it :D
  5. SpookyGeorge

    Old Faces

    I mean I want to come back but star craft won't update I tried uninstalling it and re installing it still won't work so idk what to do.....
  6. SpookyGeorge

    Old Faces

    im coming back :)
  7. SpookyGeorge

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

  8. SpookyGeorge

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Sup.. I just wanted to say what you could do with a new hero.. So ye we got corona its a adapt yes? You could make the skin a little different and make it a DPS hero but keep corona just name this one adapt and change skin a little bit. Just some idea's for the spells, Q could have a range on it i don't know how much but yes.. its E could have the same type of spell of the real adapt as it goes cloak and gains movement speed for a short time you can decide how long and all that this might be a little to OP but add with the q when you click it you can not take dmg... alt should be like warp type thing you can tp a enemy to you if he is in a radias. Idk i was just thinking of new dps hero idea :D
  9. maybe we can bring this tournament back?
  10. Well my motherboard is dead so I won't be on for another week.
  11. In-game name EU: SpookyGeorge, NA: SpookyGeorge Preferred role: Tanky OR Jungle Need team. Specify which tournaments you would like to join: All
  12. SpookyGeorge

    MISUSE of admin privileges (not first)

    lol whats the point in being so salty nisamja. xd