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  1. DragonHeart

    Changelog v2.30

    Just one problem with the updates so far. Star Scream no longer feels like a transformer now that he can't move while transforming and W seems to make him take additional damage when he gets hit while the decay tics. Recommend reverting his E and Slowing the decay tic rate.
  2. DragonHeart

    Asuras Guise

    Not all of these are build-able on all heroes without hurting their performance. Especially early game
  3. DragonHeart

    Asuras Guise

    Get rid of that mana drain. Not having mana is bad game balance.
  4. DragonHeart


    This hero should not be able to buy cerebro. Nuff said
  5. DragonHeart

    Old Faces

    Not everyone knows that.
  6. DragonHeart

    Old Faces

    I'm old enough to know the real name of this game. And it is not Aeon of Storms.
  7. DragonHeart

    Going Back in time!!

    Organism CoolNoob misunderstands. Death irrelevant. Only data important.
  8. DragonHeart


    Could we add a backpack like in Dota 2 so we can carry consumables and item parts to be swapped and used?
  9. DragonHeart


    Can we nerf this guy somehow? He tankier than drake and does more dps than shadow.
  10. DragonHeart

    Karax Slow

    Sorry I can't rely on my team?
  11. DragonHeart

    Karax Slow

    Still a very long slow for when you cant afford to buy those items. Some hero's become useless if they don't focus on buying damage items.
  12. DragonHeart

    Karax Slow

    I don't know about you, but a 5 second, near rooting, global slow is a bit much.
  13. DragonHeart

    [v1.351] Hero Database

    Karax not in the pool
  14. DragonHeart

    Changelog v2.18

    Tyde Pods... Really...
  15. DragonHeart

    Changelog v2.11

    Thanks for fixing Electric mantle, now I can KILL EVERYONE AS KITTY!!!