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  1. DragonHeart

    Jackson's Q

    Tell that to Genoveva who does damage, CC, AND can tank...
  2. DragonHeart

    Jackson's Q

    The Q needs to be reverted back to single target damage, or Ancient Rune turned into any spell damage, as he has no counter to tanks. Spell penetration has no sizable effect on damage.
  3. DragonHeart

    It's time for Aeon's Fall...

    Oh! It looks like your Blue gene is evolving! (Pokemon evolution theme plays) (Pokemon successful evolution theme plays) Congratulations! Your Blue Gene evolved into an Aghanim's Scepter!
  4. DragonHeart

    [Database] Rob.Boswell

    I did, and I was punished for it every time
  5. DragonHeart

    [Database] Rob.Boswell

    Sure, but every other hero can do their main role AND another role for fun
  6. DragonHeart

    Changelog v2.38-2.44

    Glad more on hit passive items can work on Vorazun now
  7. DragonHeart

    [Database] Rob.Boswell

    This hero feels underwhelming
  8. DragonHeart

    Changelog v2.33-2.37

    Also, is buggy at max range. Doesn't cast and takes the cooldown
  9. DragonHeart

    What Do You Think This Should Do?

    Get a flying text that says "MAXIMUM POWER"
  10. DragonHeart

    [Database] Rob.Boswell

    So this is basicly Tychus mercenary cannonball
  11. DragonHeart

    Jakk Mines

    BUT I WANT THE MONEY Edit: Also, thanks for telling me about hatchet
  12. DragonHeart

    Russian Calculation

    This is not as powerful as tertagram counters most of the damage
  13. DragonHeart

    how to fix tetra

    Exactly, it is just an expensive BKB. Nothing to complain about
  14. DragonHeart

    [Database] Matriarch.Vorazun

    Just nerf her end game damage. She only had problems with being at all helpful when forced into team fights
  15. DragonHeart

    Jakk Mines

    I know this is off topic, but since we are talking about hatchet. What about oblivion ward? Even when pinged and texted in chat that it is destroying us and should be prioritized, most people ignore it. What is a way for melee heros to counter it?