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  1. Highwalker

    Why I do not play aos anymore

    I tried AOS ver 6 And if you compare both. 6 It's much better than the new one. * The ground * The map * Mobility * * Everything. Things what I hate on the new one. - Map it's to dark. - Many camps - Creeps to strong - There is a lot of bushes - The design of the new map is very complex - Too many ramps, the same as the space to move inside the map is frustrating - Map its extremely large - Old river was more enjoyable I really appreciate the time and work on the new map but I think the course of AOS has been changing drastically. The game doesn't feel like aos anymore - Agreed with Harryhoot.
  2. Highwalker

    Looking For a Challenge.

    I'm looking for a challenge. Find me on (na) server. Watch me Nae Nae!
  3. Highwalker

    AoS 2017 Terrain Preview & Feedback Thread

    I guess Im going to play every single game mid lane.. Is like the great wall. No one can gank me. #BROKEN. Or can you take a bigger screen shot? Because this lane for real looks horrible for me.
  4. In-game name: pewpewOP - Preferred role:DPS. - Team/Individual: Play on NA Server.
  5. Highwalker

    Alternate AoS Idealog

    Time to rush DST.
  6. Highwalker

    Side Shop Disscusion Thread

    The ground is too dark..
  7. You tried Attach Files?
  8. Highwalker

    Plz bring back old nova ult

    Web > New one.
  9. Highwalker

    AoS 2017 Terrain Preview & Feedback Thread

    Honestly I prefer more heroes than a new map rework.
  10. Highwalker

    Inhouse Replays

    I love AOS drama.
  11. Highwalker

    Who is the Best Troll In the World?

    This is painful to watch.
  12. Highwalker

    Inhouse Replays

    Wow DREX OP Bolas!