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    Old Faces

    Hey Sav, if you can read this: Miss you bro! pm me your Facebook details, I would like to add you ^^
  2. - create a free imgur.com account - upload image onto imgur.com - right click on imgur image and select "copy link" - forumn: click "image" icon and paste link into "url" field i'm typing this with my right hand while holding burger with left - im op that way
  3. Some people have transitioned over to HOTS because they believe there is too much emphasis on farming in AOS and not enough team versus team action. Said players convinced me to try a few games in HOTS then I played the game below and although I'm a massive fan of AOS, I have to agree. In the game below we won even tho I fed and we won zero team fights. I don't think there was a single 5v5 team fight for the entire 1hr duration. Now look at the farm on the tass, shadow and zera. These guys just farm and split push all game ftw. The losing team had much more assists, won almost every team fight and a conventional draft of tank, support, int carry, dps carry and jungler. Our team had 3 junglers that farmed and split push and we won comfortably. If the community is fine with this then so be it but I personally would prefer more incentives for team fights from the get go and farming creep to be a less viable strategy. e.g. nerf reward for lane and neutral creeps, buff reward for bosses and hero kills and assists. This will sound drastic and will be met with some crying/ridicule but indulge the idea of replacing the two mid T1 towers with another boss camp. That's right, team fights from the very beginning for mid. The reward for taking this mid boss can be money/buff but can also be taking control of a temporary tower that deals massive damage to enemy towers or a few waves of ultras/archons. Thoughts?
  4. Timeline for Interesting Events (SC2 clock): Rory Jackson Ulties Wombo combos: 32, 36, 51, 53min, Other highlights: 27, 45, 49, 57, 59, 1hr.05min Replay Link:
  5. When you get "Wicked Sick" "Wicked Sick" it means 7 kills in a row!!! 1. Duration: 23 Minutes (Youtube Time) 2. Timeline for Interesting Events: ~20:00 Wicked Sick! Wicked Sick! 3. Brief Summary of the Match: Pub League Heroes! First Ever 7 kills-in-a-row WICKED SICK!!! Feat. Dark, TinyToaster, Enryu, KinkyFlip 4. Replay Link: If you ever see 8 kills in a row pls send it to me!!!
  6. Dafuq

    Changelog v1.358-1.364

    <3 those alt skins! especially the psionic and toxi!
  7. Dafuq

    Inhouse Replays

    Sharingan Casts NA Inhouse Youtube: OK guys, it's time for a cast off between Sharingan and Dafuq. Sharingan will have the advantage of casting an inhouse and posting in this thread. Hopefully I can beat Dafuq's cast of pub games with no AOS forum links? Also, I've asked Mother and Adam to remove my Shout-out on the loading screen so please be aware that the admins and my channel will have no affiliation. Any rage/hate posts belong on my channel, not here. The AOS staff only ever supported "Sharingan", neither of us predicted the rise of "Dafuq". This will be my last post with a link to my channel thus severing the ties between my channel and these forums. I wouldn't recommend hassling the AOS staff, I suggest you take it up with Youtube instead. Might be worthwhile Youtubing "Russell Peters" to see where they stand on "racism" https://www.youtube....v=k2W8aGgmn1A To forum admins, I would ask you for one last favor and that is to please close this thread. To any Dafuq/Sharingan fans thanks for your support, this doesn't mean there won't be making any more videos so keep an eye out for those new clips! glhf! <3 Your below-average youtube uploading Pubber, Sharingan.
  8. Dafuq

    Inhouse Replays

    Lol Whale you missed out on all the drama
  9. Dafuq

    Inhouse Replays

    Soed, no point getting the entire Super clan to spam this thread, it doesn't change the fact that you bm a lot of ppl on mumble and in the forumns. Idk why you like to go to all that effort for a massive critique only to insert an insult or personal attack in the middle. Do you find this works for you in real life? I upload these vids during my own time so I'll be honest, I got annoyed when you and Zera spammed me videos then nagged me on mumble about uploading the 2 "EU VS NA" games - I mean not only did you ruin the ending for me, you're also nagging me to do something in my own time. I felt you were rude to me on Mumble and I also held you responsible for Mother leaving EU during that time. We had a very nice non-toxic IH scene before your arrival. I know now, you're just a rager. So anyway, because of the above, I naturally assumed you were fair game. If you can dish it, you should be able to take it. As far as warnings go, I don't bm on this forumn, but you do. As for zera, apparently you're a serial rage quiter on NA, I mean there's 9 other ppl that invested their time in a game, why rage quit as soon as things aren't going ur way? Dafuq has further evidence if you need. People lose a lot of rating for rage quiting yet this guy has a grandmaster badge but is renowned for serial rage quits - it doesn't quiet add up. I liked how you were friendly but I realise now you just wanted me to upload videos of you/EU winning? I mean winning isn't everything bro. Also, I think you took that EV vs NA nonsense too seriously. Also, why does zera have a grand master badge from god knows when and Apache is Bronze after winning the latest 2 tournaments? Dafuq may be a troll but he doesn't mind shining the limelight on serial rage quiters like you and ragers like Agamemnon and Soed - but at least it has entertainment value... I still find it hillarious that Soed's Erekul raged at Dippa's summers when the Erekul turned back round to suicide 1v3 and summers was about 50 units away. Dafuq has had a lot of positive feedback from NA pubbers which make up about 90% of the AOS player database. Whatever the case, Adam and Mother you shouldn't be bothered with nonsense like this. Thank you for your support, it is very much appreciated. However, please remove the Youtube Shoutout on LoadScreen so Zera, Soed and his entourage might stop hassling you. I thank you for supporting Sharingan and understand that you can not support this controversial character "Dafuq" (who was only meant to last for 1 video but has stolen all my viewers). I mean, this is racist... Dafuq just has a lisp? =P Someone pointed out the obvious that Sharingan is a below average pubber, I think he is quoting Dafuq from every vid. Guys if you can't have a laugh at yourself, pls stop clicking on my vids. Soed and Zera, what happened to not commenting on my topics anymore? You promised to snub me... please keep this promise because I don't know how to block. Maybe forum admins should just close to end this useless loop? I reported Dafuq to YouTube but they just sent me a Youtube link to some guy called Russell Peters.
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    Inhouse Replays

    Ya, gtg back to doing overtime working from home. This is intriguing but distracting and puts exactly 0 bread crumbs on the dinner table and more importantly 0 rice grains on Dafuq's dinner table.
  11. Dafuq

    Inhouse Replays

    ? Pls stop watching - concerned for ur health.
  12. Dafuq

    Inhouse Replays

    Thank you very much.
  13. Dafuq

    Inhouse Replays

    You're right, here's hoping it will stay on top but idk: No 1. I cast your vid: 142 views after 3 weeks No 2. Dafuq's debut cast: 124 views after 4 days It seems the people would rather have a laugh than learn from pros.
  14. Dafuq

    Inhouse Replays

    I wouldn't hold my breath. Sharingan + Soed cast Tier 1 inhouse: 57 views after 1.5 weeks Dafuq casts pub: 62 views after 14 hrs. RIP wp Dafuq, wp.