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  1. DonaldDunk

    Hi everyone, its Daf!

    I find it funny whenever people have to report Mod/Admin abuse they always make alts. I say it straight up, then create the alt. TlDr: Ares = Dafuq
  2. DonaldDunk

    Donald Duck VS Aldi

    Can confirm I was Yaldi's 6 inch Scottish hilt in kilt.
  3. DonaldDunk

    BM Admins - Hidrater & SCV

    @ Yaldi Again friend I think you have confused 'common' and 'strict' usage of the word country. When googled this link came up: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/guide-method/geography/beginner-s-guide/administrative/the-countries-of-the-uk/index.html Conveniently a government webpage with precise language. I do not like to use weak sources, as you have used, in my arguments. The Blackwell Legal Dictionary you linked to do was 2nd edition; which is over a century old and published prior to the UN's formation. For precise language use the ONS link I gave above. I quote verbatim : The top-level division of administrative geography in the UK is the 4 countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Source : http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/guide-method/geography/beginner-s-guide/administrative/index.html A .gov website for the lay general public often will mix up terminology. The ONS site, is less likely to. Another website to help you get your mind around things : http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2012/01/the-difference-between-the-uk-england-and-great-britain/
  4. DonaldDunk

    BM Admins - Hidrater & SCV

    Yaldi, you may have muddled 'common' and 'legal' usage. The UK is legally deemed a Sovereign state, with Her Majesty presiding over the Kingdom. The Kingdom comprises of countries including Scotland. I have added loose legally definitions for your aid: Country: denotes a region of land defined by geographical features or political boundaries State: denotes the set of governing and supportive institutions that have sovereignty over a definite territory and population. The link you allude to includes the UK as a 'member', crucially not as a 'country' as you have strongly suggested. I think you need alter your argument. I'm not derailing this thread, just helping people understand the truth.
  5. DonaldDunk

    BM Admins - Hidrater & SCV

    1) The United Kingdom is not a country. It is a sovereign state, which comprises of four countries. Yaldi's country is not an 'EU country' per se, rather it a a constituent member of the sovereign state of the United Kingdom which itself is a member state of the European Union. TLDR: Scotland is not a European Union member country in its own right. Before Yaldi says: "EU means European not European Union!". The accepted acronym for EU = European Union. It is erroneous to assume otherwise by deviating from the consensus without clarifying your remarks. 2)I personally said I don't accept Scotland as a country, I did not argue with the fact the U.N has classified it as a country. 3)I did not specifically say that Yaldi lived into Scotland. Please point out where Dresden. I assume Yaldi incorrectly assumed that I used 'EU' to define the continent of Europe. When infact EU was used as an acronym to 'European Union' My son Dresden, ambiguity is the way you save yourselves from sticky situations.
  6. DonaldDunk

    BM Admins - Hidrater & SCV

    I don't accept Scotland as a country. I think of it as as a lesser dominion.
  7. DonaldDunk

    BM Admins - Hidrater & SCV

    Guz would be a decent Admin, in recent times I've turned around on him. He's a nice dude now. The trailer trash from hick land on the other hand..
  8. DonaldDunk

    BM Admins - Hidrater & SCV

    Neither Yaldi nor Strider are EU. Yaldi is Scottish and Strider is African.
  9. DonaldDunk

    BM Admins - Hidrater & SCV

    Admins who have not abused privileges: John Whaletits (threatened to kick me for whooping his ass) Destroyer (debatable) 1 EU, 2 NA. Total number of Admins (including removed): 9 1 EU, 8 NA. I can deduce 2 things. Firstly EU > NA, no need for using next level cheats. Secondly, NA players are filthy, power grabbing, kill joys who cannot be trusted with responsibility - much like their country. It's debatable whether Destroyer kicking people for picking a glitch hero is power abuse. But it is on a whole other level to be kicking people 1 hour into games or switching someone to a hero which scales with totally different attributes. Sorry SCV but this time this is clearly power abuse. Wouldn't expect anything less from the cretin that is Highdrater. Tldr: Cull NA admins. Make Iljahi, Zeratul and Spooky EU admins.
  10. DonaldDunk

    Beta Changelog!

    Pretty sure 'Jessika' once said that he's a dude, and for thirsty plebs to stop thinking otherwise. Also which 'girl' was found to be a dude, was it Zeta or Zeddicus?
  11. DonaldDunk

    NA Inhouse

    I can't even see people in the main AoS groups, once they get big enough you can only view admins.
  12. DonaldDunk

    who has the best computer?

    (Waited 2 years to post this one).
  13. DonaldDunk

    Beta Changelog!

  14. DonaldDunk

    Beta Changelog!

    Considering I'm on the sh!tlist it should be easy to find my EU one..and also remove me from the list. Only because I'm better than all of you NA scrubs, you need to use next-level discrimination versus me, but SCV I can teach you the ways to at least approach detritus level of EU.