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  1. accountzZ

    AoS in 2020

    well despite the idea that you likely did more contribution in the past that bile ever did, Bile still really isn't in the complete wrong. Bile has played more recent games and thus more experience with the recent meta while you just came back. Proper judgement takes time to make. Bile may need more time to express it properly, but he still has more experience in the end in this meta. And trust me, the game is much more different than a few years ago when whale was working on the game. Back to the poll, I voted for "others", I would like to cross fingers for a sotis remake so I can get the chance to experience it with what I know from playing aeon of storms, instead of being the mandrake that went mid and died 1 time n left the game.
  2. accountzZ

    Making Narud less clunky to play

    ohh, my bad, I didn't specify what exactly is the big problem with trying to cast Q beyond max range, this is mainly a problem when narud goes into his xelnaga form because, well he cannot move at all.
  3. accountzZ

    Making Narud less clunky to play

    When I came back to play 1 game of aos, first of all, in Supertoast's word, "The only people playing are dicks". But that isn't the point here. When I got rekt on Narud, I remembered a few clunky quirks that he had. First of all, when I try to cast my Q beyond max range, it doesn't go off. I believe it should just instead go off at maximum range, in the direction of where one clicks it beyond maximum cast range even instead of telling me I cannot place it there. It sounds like something one would react in a moment if a loci didn't go off because of it, but because aos is a pretty fast game. that split moment of where you cannot cast Q can cost anyone some potentially necessary damage or even crucial ones to get a kill. Lastly, the same situation happens, but when trying to place loci on top of each other, what I believe it should do instead of telling me or anyone that it can't overlap on another loci, it should instead go off, but the loci is instead placed where it can be. I believe I asked grasshead and/or supertoast about this and if it was discussed before, it wasn't they said as I recall.
  4. accountzZ

    Thanks MOTHER

    First of all thanks for removing my colored name MOTHER, it clearly belongs in the past. Second, maybe I was pretty unfair with my review having 1 star considering I have like been playing aeon of storms (that I know) for four years, I'll change it to a 3-4 star review and pretty unfair of dismissing your development of aeon of storms just because it wasn't the one I knew, however I still have problems with it, crap ton of new mechanics since I was gone, new map, and still seems choppy on my end. However, this means nothing in context of me coming back to play because I want to move on, the idea of playing aeon of storms again seems pretty weird at the moment, I will come back once the dust of the past have dissipate, there is literally one person still trying to invite me to play aeon of storms, I won't say who. However, the next time I come back, it will be to do something about the community, which will be a impossible task to finish, but something I'd want to try to do considering it is definitely the reason I am not playing aeon of storms at the moment because I know I was a bad kid back then, but I definitely took note of how unbearable it is to play with them. Lastly, may I call you by your name when I was active back then?
  5. accountzZ

    Changelog v2.25-2.27

    I agree with Apache, its laggier than usual, I have new computer so I don't slideshow lategame, but its laggy throughout the game. don't like identity of this aeon of storms in general also, me and the people I use to ih regularly with would agree that we prefer whale's aos. Also get rid of my grandmaster/tourney winner badge please. with few games I had recently on a smurf (so I don't get called out on having the badge), it definitely does not feel like aeon of storms we played back then. ofc players like me and apache here will always keep coming back in hopes that you would probably do something like go back in time 3 years ago, but yeah I feel like the problem into getting back into aos is literally the map, minimap is dark and the map itself is feels freakin huge despite all the new features. tldr: game is A$$, like the inside of it, not a good kind either. ofc I would respond this negatively after seeing what I played regularly for 4 years be gone. despite everything I said or what apache just said, we will still come back to see the game, at least theres always a chance
  6. judging from the match histories, 7PM where you at is the best bet
  7. https://imgur.com/a/54ZKWPi yep, same as lvl 4 Raynor talent speaking of bottom of the barrel, Raynor in HOTS just happens to be considered the worse hero in the game that is basically outdated too.
  8. I remember a patch note where you literally replaced Raynor's heroic passive with a talent from HOTS "Confident Aim" which is basically the same idea from hots lol..
  9. Hi, I just want to give at least some reason for the game I played for a few years before, do not try to sway me to play this game even more I do not play this game because of current issues still existing. It turns me down that lag and long games still happen frequently right now. I can only guess the lag is worse due to added effects and just more stuff in general to the LARGE map. Oh and long games that regularly last to an hour really tires and leaves people salty. Large shi- I mean map. I don't remember people calling for a new map at all and I especially do not remember me begging adam for a newly designed map at all (although aos -> roa would be like the best thing ever). This also turns me away from playing the game because of simply learning a huge ass map to play the same game does not sit well with me and people like Apache, who has also stopped playing this game frequently, he does not like the new map at all, but I am sure that's only the beginning of the problems he sees on this map The game doesn't feel like aos anymore. The new particles and sound effects are ni- screw it, it was unnecessary in my opinion to change them as I can remember Raynor's simple "pew" sound from his ultimate and rancor and mandrake sharing the same sound effects for nukes which is simply the good part. Now the characters in aos do not feel the same to me. I'm pretty sure most of the heroes in this game still have the same sound effects they had, but something feels different enough that they are not the same heroes anymore. The game is starting to take dota's elements. Oh man, it really grinds my gears that you really took bounty runes up for contesting and those healing things on the map on each side into this game, when I think about those in the game, I believe the game might has well be called defense of the aeons. The only new hero was Karax. I know that you took a lot of time in putting all the new features in, but seriously? there is no eta on the next hero, karax also has skillsets from dota, Oracle's Q and AA's chilling touch and the rest escape me. It just feels like you are going to take your sweet time of adding dota things into the game or just taking a while to mix some dota skills into a hero. tldr, I don't like the direction of new aos
  10. accountzZ

    Do not kick new players from lobbies

    Does that mean if I get into a aos game, I will be kicked?
  11. accountzZ

    AoS 7.00 Beta Test is Coming

    Yes that ragnaros and please do not put that HE himself cannot be in aos NOT HIS MODEL JUST A HERO WITH A CONCEPT LIKE A RAGNAROS from hots There is sometimes 1 guy that needed a clarifying
  12. accountzZ

    AoS 7.00 Beta Test is Coming

    No new heroes? Need a ragnaros concept hero! Maybe I will come back to test if you are putting a hero like ragnaros into this beta
  13. accountzZ

    AoS 2017 Terrain Preview & Feedback Thread

    Artanis and alarak too, let's not forget them!
  14. accountzZ

    Changelog v1.358-1.364

    1.No Cain skin 2. MK skin(use covert marines or use the Raynor model where he had a bayonetta on his rifle you can find this during the hots campaign where kerrigan and Raynor try to escape the lab) 3.No blue flame pyro skin using the covert model hellbat(make this the new hero to get a themed ability and skin) 3.No Boros skin using vorazun most likely if people dont want more bruisers/bursts or just want a different hero other than protoss 4.No use of heroes of the storm models(I have seen them used,but only on games exclusive on sc2mapster maybe it is possible to use a way to implement them) 5.If you do find a way, then you can probably use the actual abilities of the spear of adun when you couldnt find out how before 6.A new hero Probably next things for a big patch