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  1. Indeed I do have Sotis 2.0. And yes even more convenient it does have pirates of the Caribbean theme music to it. As far as i remember sanctum relic was the only item that disappeared when you bought it (probably more) and I think shadow's w and ult don't work as well as cyprus' terraform ring prison possibly multi shot as well.. Awhile ago i was able to tweak numbers around and add new abilities, but i don't remember how to anymore nor do i know how to fix these abilities/items. If Whale or Wrath want to debug it further if they have time I can hand the file over otherwise you can play a decently bugged, but not as buggy as when i got it version. Edit: Or if Adam would like to i can pass the file on to him.
  2. Revolution

    zara even stronger than before now

    It was changed because it caused a lot of lag. And he's trolling you.. He's played RoA plenty of times lol
  3. Revolution

    zara even stronger than before now

    I personally didnt agree with the Zeratul rework. I don't think either Zeratul design was/is healthy for the game. What I meant about the cloak is that even if you're attacking him he can just cloak away, which is beyond retarded. He shouldn't be able to cloak in combat. I personally think he should be an assassin, so I would agree with a targeted Q again for a reliable gap closer/ less mobility. If that were to happen i'd like to see his W changed into being a slightly more bursty skill instead of an execute or at least his ultimate. Whale likes planar void to much to get rid of that ability. So I think his Q needs a slight change and either his W or R need a rework.
  4. Revolution

    zara even stronger than before now

    You're right now he has insta cloaking and insane mobility. Any hero can be "countered" by teamplay... That isn't an actual counter though.
  5. Revolution

    The Golden Age..

    I believe it was early 4.0? I could be wrong, but I believe that was the time Tassadar was shap and EU still thought he was OP so NA crushed them every inhouse... ALSO I don't remember names other than DaStarz, but I'm pretty sure multiple great NA players started playing over in EU, which lead to NA's decline vs EU in inhouse. Its vague so I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this occurred.
  6. Revolution

    Wut happen to Core?

    Well core died too...
  7. Revolution

    how should we deal with rqers

    Harry you've quit RoA inhouses a few times without warning or explanation..
  8. Revolution

    Im still banned from ih

    How famous is dragon? I used to watch pro SC2 a lot and only watch it here and there if im bored, but i've never heard of him. And yeah nano sounds familiar.
  9. Revolution

    Im still banned from ih

    The guy they were talking about (not sure if he was a SC2 player, sounds familiar though) was known as a scammer. Whether or not he was no one knew for sure. The TL forum post was just a post on how and why the guy thought Core as a whole was a scam project.
  10. Revolution

    Im still banned from ih

    Talking about their SC2 and LoL teams... the guys you named weren't actually the "Pro" team.. they were just a team.
  11. Revolution

    Im still banned from ih

    The funny thing is the "pro" core teams were just a bunch of no names.
  12. Revolution

    where is the map with narud in it?

    Skittles told harry the narud thing, then harry comes into our channel asking whale about it and swearing that skittles wasn't trolling him, so whale thought harry was trolling and now harry thinks adam is trolling. What the actual flob is happening.
  13. Revolution

    Explanation as to why I've been away

    Game is to ez.
  14. Revolution

    Explanation as to why I've been away

    Wait you play AoS? I've never heard of you in my life.
  15. Revolution

    Im still banned from ih

    Axis without a doubt was the worst thing that could have happened to AoS Mumble. Especially when it was already so fragile.