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  1. Aiur

    Weekly Inhouses

    making a lobby now so come whenever i guess
  2. Aiur

    Weekly Inhouses

    Hey guys it’s been a while, hope we’re all good. I’ve been trying to organize some inhouse games with some of the old guys from aos, we played a couple games 2 weeks ago and it was great so I was thinking if we could meet up on lets say sundays to play a couple games and have a laugh. At the moment we have agreed to meet up on Sundays at 19:30 london time, feel free to come along, the more the better.
  3. Aiur

    Lord Zyron

    Apache, I think you mean my lz
  4. Time splitter and shadowmourne
  5. Aiur

    Lord Zyron

    making heroes go against each other in a 1v1 proves nothing about a hero other than its capability to pick off others. LZ is a tank/support so I don't see why you would find it necessary to play a 1v1 against it. Obviously if you pick a hero thats mega op in picking off heroes, lz will lose as his main role is to capture an enemy hero in order for the ranged heroes behind him to deal some damage, and he gives shield that are more useful than you imagine when it comes to big aoe ultimate's such as vergil and greelus
  6. I'm glad someone agreed with me but I would also like to address that if you are planning to make a tournament like this one, there should be a smaller one before hand with the same sort of layout because you don't know how its going to work out. And with the sort of prize pool available you want a very legit tournament because I don't see anything bigger happening in the near future as this game is losing players on the daily.
  7. First of all, I would like to say thank you African for organising such an event and that you are willing to put in so much for some of us scrubs as well as the ideas that you have come up with. But I have some issues I would like to talk about. For the first day, I don't see the reason behind this, I don't find it fair how, you are getting placed in a team, based on your skill level by moderators. The main problem is, in tournaments, teams are made by people that: coordinate well with each other, enjoy playing with each other and there are several other factors that make these teams. The idea is creative and I see what you are trying to achieve but it's not fair on some people. I mean look at it this way, some people (not mentioning any names) dislike playing with a lot of people, once again due to a lot of different reasons which will most likely make them play worse because of the people they are playing with, automatically makes it harder to earn these 'points' to become the master player. I'll take myself for example, I play with the team I play because they know my types of play style and I know theirs so it makes it easier for us to win games whereas when you are getting placed into a random team which has no pre-tourney experience of playing together it will just make games less fun to watch because of the, lack of communication, team play etc. Another issue with this is whether you end up with a nice number of people, like what do you do when there are 27 players (Zera used my example last night), there will always be a team not playing and 2 players that do what exactly? This is why I don't like this idea, technically speaking they are inhouse games put together by 5 people trying to make teams balanced? Secondly, this whole 1v1 thing is really shap like literally, sorry to say this but I don't know what sort of thought process went into this. AOS is far less developed than LoL and Dota which have specific maps for these types of match ups. My first point is that you start with 3k minerals or some shap like that, this is so unbalanced just think of what heroes such as maar can do with that money, not to mention the 20% buff, they can just get sustain items and sit at the tower, spamming skills until they get '100 creep' without having to engage to the enemy. This has nothing to do with player skill as my nan can flobing sit there pressing w on wave without enemy being able to do anything, because lets be honest how to you stop maar from farming with the damage he can do with 20% buff and 3k minerals. If that wasn't enough, people will just stop playing inhouse and just play pubs instead to find hero that can just win mid lane against anything and not tell anyone about it. And practising for these 1v1's will just give away player play styles. With the sort of game that AOS is this 1v1 thing is impossible unless the mods somehow manage to produce a new mode for the 1v1 thing you want to do. This has nothing to do with player skill because the amount of damage heroes can do in this game is far more superior than in other moba's. The third day is probably the more legit day as it actually has the layout of a normal tournament, but look again. Lets say one player has 8 points after first 2 rounds and another player has 5 points after first 2 rounds and are both on the same team, why would the guy with 5 points want to play with the guy with 8 points ? It just doesn't seem logical to me as everyone will be playing for themselves making games extremely shap to watch due to lack of team play. Every single person on that team will be going for the $1000 cash prize which is obvious so they won't want to slim their chances playing with players that have more points with them, am I right ? Another thing is what happens when two people end up with the same amount of points and finish in first place? I would like to say thanks for the effort, but I won't be participating unless this is changed. And if you're argument is that I should have made a tournament myself then I will tell you that you promised to make the biggest tournament that AOS has ever seen, and this will be far from it. I don't see many people coming back to something like this as to if the tournament was in a normal set up. The amount of people you will get for this tournament will be very slim, and as I said previously, thanks for the effort and maybe I will take my words back if it all goes well for you. But this whole individual prize thing will just make the game even more of a dick size competition than it already was. Forgot to mention how this eliminates players with lower abilities even more because you can't prepare for such tournaments such as this for AOS, whereas in a normal one they can at least gather a team and play stacked pubs or vs normal inhousers to work on their team play and coordination. Also please correct me if I misunderstood what your rules are for each stage.
  8. Aiur

    IH now

    come inhouse ladies, need 2 more
  9. Aiur

    Plz bring back old nova ult

    Black for game balancer
  10. surely moderators and streamers can still play ? I mean if you stream from your own point of view you cant really get done for cheating
  11. Aiur

    IH now

    There hasnt been any inhouses in the last couple of days so lets make a good one, im making one right now
  12. Its comming to this, so called deadline and yet there has been no update and you haven't been online. I guess this was a troll after all
  13. Aiur

    Dewarding #2

    Not exactly, you have scanners whenever you need them and the elixir you have for a certain amount of time + it goes away when you die. I don't quite get how it will make 'cloak' heroes more op
  14. Aiur

    Dewarding #2

    Isnt that a simple solution? Make scanner more expensive ?
  15. Aiur

    Changelog v1.358-1.364

    i agree i think the older one was better including the portrait, but the nova with a jet pack is awsome